Surviving a Family Trait | Brain Aneurysm Story – Rev. Arlicia R. Albert

(Arlicia) I had headaches for… I’ve always had
migraine headaches I was actually living off a Tylenol PM and thought it was
normal, you know, excedrin migraine was normal for me. That was, pop two excedrin
migraine and keep doing what I’m doing. Aneurysms, uh, unfortunately are part of my family. My grandfather died of a ruptured
brain aneurysm. My mother’s sister, my aunt, died of a ruptured brain aneurysm. Then
August 15, 2011, I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm.
(Wendy) The doctors in Belmont didn’t have the technique or the, you know, the knowledge
to help with the brain aneurysm so she was life flighted to Houston. (Arlicia) I have some memory of
the first time that I came home because the first time they thought they had it
coiled. It was not, they had to actually bring me back to the hospital. I have a
little memory in and out of that. I have little memory of some things that
occurred in the hospital so the procedure that saved my life was a
research, something that they tried. It was a stent-assistant coiling that they
were studying and they tried it and it worked. So, they called me the million
dollar lady because of all the funding that went into saved my life. So I went
home and my mother moved in with us and then I had a physical therapist and I
had an occupational therapist that came. I had nurses three times a day. I remember
there were days when I was trying to walk and I couldn’t this little girl is
out there crying and when the therapist and I didn’t want to do it yes you can
mama yes yes When I found the Brain Aneurysm
Foundation, I didn’t realize it was all this. I thought it was just something
online where you talk to people then I saw later that they were having a
meeting in DC and I said I’m going. I’m gonna go there. I feel that it’s my
responsibility to be here it’s my responsibility to go back and reach back
so that someone else. I took all the research money so I’ve gotta go back and help get
that money in that funding back you

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