Supporting Our Children with Autism’s Special Interests

Supporting our children with autism special interests autism often bring special interests everything from trains laundry sorting Elmo videos as in the case of my son Lyons first love sifting wood chips his new most favorite thing worse is… The lists go on and on every child with autism a I’ve ever met has one or more things he or she wants to do slash watch slash play over and over again at first have these special interests can seem strange and even perhaps inappropriate I mean should my seven year old still be watching sesame street videos or spending hours moving mulch around the park conventional wisdom might say no but I say yes and I’m not alone in this I’m happy to report that the conversation about what to do with special interests is changing more and more parents are harnessing special interests to help their children with autism learn grow and connect to the world around them last year run Susskind published a lovely essay and book that discusses how he reached his son through Disney characters the vise and Scripps Susskind and his family and braced the child’s passion for Disney and they found tremendous gains by doing so likewise a few days ago Russia Mac are another parent to a child with autism shared her story of using the PBS show Daniel tigers neighborhood to help her son navigate social and emotional situations in each of these cases the parents leaned into rather than trying to forbid or as washed their child’s special interest and that help the child communicate interact and connect I try to do the same thing with Liam although I admit its struggle to just let him sift wood chips at the park it seems so unproductive to me it’s Tsao messy and other kids looks at him as he makes noises and those earth that here’s the thing it’s not about me it’s not about what other kids think it’s about what Liam likes and how he has fun he’s not hurting anyone he’s happy he grins he stems he dances as he indulges in his special interest on her you tube series ask an autistic am a fist Shaber talks all about special interests in this helpful video she’s got a lot of great things to say the two codes always run through my head as I watch Liam have shaver says my mom was always very supportive of my special interests and I love her for that and when it comes to special interests they are not harmful.… Researchers tend to pathology eyes special interests… But the reason it’s so important to allow and encour age a special interest… Is because it’s also a kind of coping mechanism… Indulging in a special interests can be a release can be a Netscape can rejuvenate and so I try to keep that in mind as I watch Liam pickup and dump which it’s over and over and over again unlike other parents whose kids have more sophisticated special interests Liam and I don’t do scripts from Disney or Daniel tiger to make sense of complex social and emotional situations but we do did in the dir together we can sift and sword and laughed and talk and for both of us I think that’s enough at least until his special interests change and I find his ways to support in and connect with them through what he enjoys have have have to have

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