Suddenly Communicating Better!

(upbeat music) – [Asa] Hi, the six day weekend is over. Time to go back to school. (upbeat music) What is that fruitilicious breakfast? – [Priscilla] Great yogurt bar. – [Asa] Mm-hmm, I just want you to know that the reason why
you’re not having cereal, it’s because you want cookies. Just putting that out there. A big old milk mustache, that’s on you. Come sit down gotta
finish, gotta go to school. – Come sit down, you gotta
go eat your breakfast. – [Asa] Girl, she’s wound up. Come on. – [Priscilla] She hasn’t
been at school for weeks. – [Asa] I know, whoa, whoa– – [Priscilla] She’ll be
transitioning all over again. – [Asa] Goodness sakes. – Are you ready? I’m ready. – [Asa] Let’s go. Say goodbye to your girls. It’s not hot out. – Oh, it’s not, it’s supposed to be– – [Asa] It’s fallish out here even. – Don’t get excited. I don’t think it’s personal. – [Asa] I am excited. She ain’t tell me not to get excited. Bye, I love you. You want music? Music, alright. Love you guys. – [Priscilla] Love you. – I apologize to Walmart. It is not the worst place on earth. This is the worst place on earth. – Oh my gosh, come on– – Tax Collector’s Office. It’s not a tax thing. This is where we get our driver’s license. We have to get our
driver’s license changed to the right address, ugh. So Priscilla says to the lady at the DMV. – All these feminist women and not one person has
picketed about this issue, like that’s not my personality but this is a bunch of crap. – I said the DMV is sexist. – Y’all aren’t grasping this. My name on my driver’s
license is Priscilla Sue Maass not my maiden name. Oh, I know but we were
more lenient in 2010 when we gave that to you. What? – She has to have our marriage certificate in order to get the
gold-star on her license. She hasn’t had her license
updated since 2010. That was a federal thing,
when they updated it for the Patriot Act and all that to prove that there’s a chain of events that occurred that we’re actually married. – I’m like, here’s the proof,
like he’s standing right here in front of you. Take a picture. – She was so mad. She’s like, but because he is a guy, he doesn’t have to have… The other guy was like, “Well his last name didn’t change”. – I know, I know, I
should’ve been more powerful and said “No, I’m not
taking your last name. “You deal with this crap”. It’s a bunch of crap. I’m so mad. – Okay, so here’s the worst part about it. You can go get a passport with your invalid driver’s license, it’s not expired but it
doesn’t have a gold star, you can go get a passport– – With that driver’s license.
– With that driver’s license, then come back use the passport to get a valid driver’s license, but you can’t get a valid driver’s license with the old driver’s license. – I don’t have to have
a marriage certificate to get my passport. – How dumb is that, how dumb is that? – And guys, I have every
other piece of everything. – Priscilla’s one of those people, like she’s uber prepared for everything. She has like six manila folders walking in there and stuff, but they told here she
didn’t have the right things. I thought her head was gonna explode. (laughs) – We always have a Karen, right? Shut up, Karen. What is a guy’s name, Bob? Alright Bob. – I think it’s Frank. – He was like, a-ha gotcha. – He totally was. He was like, do you have
your marriage certificate? Like, do you have a marriage certificate? What, no?
– What? Like we’ve been married 18 years. I don’t think I ever got one. – I mean I have a wedding band on. – Right? I got this guy. That’s what I got. He’s my marriage certificate. – She’s so mad. – I’m so mad. I could understand if it was like me getting a new driver’s license, like when we first got married, you know? Like I could understand that, but I’m like, no, it
doesn’t have my maiden name on the driver’s license. I know, like no you don’t know ’cause you didn’t even
know my maiden name. You didn’t ask me. You don’t know, Bob. – Frank.
– Frank. We’re calling him Frank. You can shove it, Frank. – I’m a go get pretty. See my boys here. (knocks) Do I look handsome? – [Priscilla] Oh yeah, you do. – Yeah? – [Priscilla] Leave the hat off. – Oh okay. – We didn’t pay for a haircut for you to put a hat back on it. – Shut up. I love that place. It’s full of drama. Everybody’s talking trash about
everybody and great haircuts but the hot towel with
the neck massage thing. – I wanna go in and get a hot towel. – [Asa] It’s amazing. Let’s get sushi, I know you want sushi. – What? – Yeah, come on. Priscilla has to get any of her sushi with light rice, but
it’s easy for her to eat. She doesn’t get any sick
feeling or anything like that, ’cause there’s been a few foods
that we’ve struggled, right? – Yeah. – Dense meat, like pork, messes you up– – Anything except rib eye. I don’t know, I’ve been
having a hard time. Even flavored milk, which you would think, like I’m gonna (background
noise drowns out speaking). – Well, it’s too dense. – I can’t do it.
– Too rich. And now we’re headed to
retail heaven, Target. – It’s so funny. We’re not even Target shoppers. – We are now. The thing about Target though,
especially for Abigail, is that it’s much more sensory-friendly, and we’ve known that. Priscilla and I don’t have
sensory processing disorder, any orders with sensory at all, so I need to hear from autistic people and people with SPD out there. What is it about Target that makes it so much more
comfortable, over say Walmart, because Walmart’s terrible. But I think most people
can confirm that, right? When you walk in Walmart,
you feel a certain way. Target, totally different. I got my duster. – I’m so excited. – [Asa] Me too. So we have all these
plantation shutters, blinds, what are they called? – Plantation shutters. – So we have all of those in the house, and I can see them from my
desk that they’re dusty, and it’s driving me crazy, so then I’m like I need
other housecleaning tools. (sighs) Full disclosure here, so every two weeks we
had our house cleaned. They would come in and
clean our house, right? I don’t want them to. They don’t do as good a job. Priscilla’s not on board. – Because he’s gonna do it
like a couple of times– – I’m gonna do it. – And it’s not gonna happen, and I’m the type of person, I’d feel bad for saying anything, so I won’t say anything – And she’ll do it herself. – And I’ll just hire a cleaning person. – No, it’s not happening, I’m
doing it, I’m cleaning it. – The first time it doesn’t happen though we’re getting a cleaning person (laughs). – Why do you doubt me so much? Gimme some credit. Come on guys, back me up, #teamAsa. See I’m already saving money Cilla, if you buy three Swiffer
items, you get a $10 gift card. How good of a deal is that? Saving money.
– Saving money. – [Asa] Basically, this
Swiffer duster is free, basically free. You expect what? – A cleaning vlog. – [Asa] A cleaning vlog? – Yeah, comment down below if you wanna see Asa do a cleaning vlog. His new adventure is here. Asa’s cleaning service. – Challenge accepted. – Like a real vlog, not
this fancy water, no. Like actual cleaning vlog, if you need to watch
some other ladies do it for some inspiration. – I’m ’bout to change the game when it comes to cleaning vlogs, y’all. Changing the game. – So, we have a special
visitor coming tomorrow, the Brazees. So, I’m buying these for Ella, because she thinks I
buy her all the things, so anytime she gets something, she’s like, Priscilla buy it? So, yeah, Priscilla’s
buying it, girlfriend. I’m like, we should get her a
gift card at Little Caesars. – [Asa] You need to find her a pool toy. – We do, yes. – How does that happen? One minute you’re walking into Target to buy a Swiffer duster, the next thing you know
you’re looking at fake plants in the clearance aisle and throw pillows, like you don’t have enough
of those in your house. How does Target do that? I wanna know if there’s
any superheroes out there that are capable of walking into Target and only buying what they came in for. I wanna know who you are, ’cause you’re the strongest-willed
person I’ve ever met. – [Priscilla] I thought I heard you. – [Asa] Are you having fun? – [Priscilla] Hi, how are you? Aw. – [Asa] Hi, say Hello. – [Priscilla] Happy Friday, huh? – [Asa] Hey Boss lady,
can you come and inspect? – Stop. – I’m not giving you a hard time. – You are. – I wanna make sure. Obviously I’ll improve with practice. Bathroom number one, this is arguably our most used restroom, so what do you think? – Looks good. – [Asa] Look good? Look, I even did behind the door. Cleaning people didn’t
even do behind the doors. – Good job. – [Asa] Good so far? – Yep. – You let me know if there’s
any areas I’m not doing good. – Okay, is there a lot to do in there? – [Asa] Not bad. – I just cleaned it. – But I mean all the nooks and crannies. It’s therapeutic, it really is. It’s like blowing off the pool deck, getting the leaves off. Clearance, potted plant, fake. So, the fake plants in our
house have dual purpose. One, Priscilla kills anything green that comes in this house. Two, the dirt doesn’t come out, because that is sensory
heaven, let me tell you. It’s fake, it’s all glued in place, so even with the fake ones, we had to make sure they
didn’t have the little rocks, or the fake dirt, like
stuff cannot be moveable. Look at this. That’s not from the blinds. That’s from over top of the blinds that hasn’t been done in forever. I need to preface this because I don’t want anybody
to think poorly of Priscilla. We hate cleaning, it’s
been like this for years. As soon as we could, we hired someone to come every two weeks. Obviously, every two weeks,
you gotta clean in between, but not like clean, clean. But if you’re new here, I
have an obsessive personality, and it’s something that
Priscilla’s dealt with for 18 years. Ain’t that right, babe? – Yes. – I’ve been thinking
about the Swiffer duster for like a week now, sitting at my desk looking
at the dust on the blinds, and then it became a whole
house cleaning adventure, so it’s just my personality. It is what it is, deal with it. Hi, what’cha doing? – [Priscilla] Come on. What do you want for a snack. – [Asa] Stomping through the house. – [Priscilla] Cereal,
that’s what you want. Hey, this is what you want? (excited scream) Let’s get the other box ’cause it’s open. (claps excitedly) Can you grab the other box? And put that one back. Hand me that one. Gimme the box. Thank you. Here. We’re not having a cookie right now. Put that back, thank you. Here, put that one back. Okay, come on. Shut the pantry. Can you turn the light off? There ya go. Shut it. Thank you, you wanna get a bowl? Get a bowl for your cereal. There ya go. Give it to Mom, gimme your bowl. Nope, the one you have. – [Becca] This one. There you go. – [Priscilla] Thank you. – [Becca] Close this? Just close it, you
don’t have to unload it. (rustling) – [Priscilla] K girlfriend. Here you go. Come sit down. What do you mean no? Don’t push. What’s up? Yeah you are, go sit
down and eat your cereal. Listen, we’re not doing
like milk and stuff ’cause you’re gonna eat dinner. We’re waiting for dinner to come. Hey, do you need a drink to go with it? Okay, go sit down and
I’ll get you a drink. And we dump it out, every single time. You want some orange juice? Okay, come pick what you want. I think you’re looking for milk, but we don’t have milk right now. How about orange juice, will that work? Not sweet tea, let’s not do sweet tea. We’ll do orange juice, okay? Sound like a plan, stan? Girl. What are you doing now? – Babe, can we get a Swiffer sponsorship? (Priscilla laughing) – [Priscilla] Oh my gosh. You know what the problem is? This fan doesn’t actually spin, so it’s just sitting there. – I’m sure it does. We just have to figure it out. There’s a remote control for it. – [Priscilla] The light
works, but the fan doesn’t. We’ve tried all the things, y’all. – All the things. – [Priscilla] Any fan technicians on here? – Look at this, look at it, it does such a good job. This has made my life complete, you don’t understand. I know we got some house
cleaners around there, ’cause you guys tell me all
the time in the comments that you like to put us on
while you’re cleaning the house. So any tips? Housecleaning shortcuts, time
savers, all those things. Comment down below. – [Priscilla] You know
what your mom would say. FlyLady. – What? – [Priscilla] The FlyLady. – Oh, FlyLady? – [Priscilla] Yeah, it’s where
you clean a certain thing every day or every week or something. – Well, you know I talk about that, because I don’t have time
to spend all day cleaning. I just don’t. – [Priscilla] And that’s why
I like the cleaning person, because it’s all clean at one time. – Right, that’s just not life, so there’s certain things
that you do everyday according to the FlyLady, right? – [Priscilla] Yes,
which we always pick up, like I pick up every
night before I go to bed, ’cause I don’t like to wake up with my house being chaotic. – Right, so there’s things
that you do everyday, and then you have certain days of the week you do certain things. And then your house is clean. – [Priscilla] Apples with caramel? We have apples in the
drawer if you want some. Do you want apples? Can you ask Becca? Can you ask her if she
can open the refrigerator? Good job. They’re in the bottom right drawer. – You just don’t know
how dirty your house is until you get a Swiffer. I’m telling you right now. – [Priscilla] Maybe they don’t wanna know. – [Becca] Do you want the apples, you do? – Oh my goodness. – [Priscilla] Girl, do
you know what you want? (laughs) – [Becca] No, I’m not opening the pantry. (hoovering) (Asa laughs) – [Asa] Sugar cookies make
everything better, huh? Isaiah, you get some chicken? – [Isaiah] Yeah, I did,
it was really good. – [Asa] Abbie ate up like half a bird, so just making sure you got some. – [Isaiah] She ate what’s left. – [Asa] Did you see all
my cleaning supplies? – I saw that. Are you cleaner now? – [Asa] Dude, I’ve been cleaning
like you wouldn’t believe. Look at the fan, look at that. Nice right? – Yeah. – [Asa] See the bathroom? Bathroom’s super clean. Yup, did all the floors in here. Yeah. If it weren’t for the stripes, you would kinda look like a dancer. – What, me? – [Asa] Yeah. You don’t have any pads
on so you look like… Girl, you gotta get ready for bed. – Yeah, get ready for bed. – [Asa] Of course, it’s Friday. – My sweet girl, gimme a hug? I want a hug, I want a hug. – [Asa] Run Ab, run. – No hugs? What’s up with that? Only when you want something, huh? Yeah? (Priscilla laughs) At least you’re honest. Hey Abbie, we’re gonna have
friends come over tomorrow and spend the night, are you so excited? – [Asa] Ella’s coming is that okay? Hey Ab, did you have a good day? Hi. Leave me alone Dad, I’m on my iPad. So her communication– – It’s improved within the
last week it seems like. She’s fixing her yeses and
nos, like interchanging them. Like she wasn’t doing that before. – Exactly, like you ask her a question, she’ll say no, and you say, are you sure, and she’ll say yes. That kind of thing. It’s been better just recently. Isn’t that interesting? – Yeah. – Yeah, we’re talking about you. – [Priscilla] What do you want? – [Asa] What’s up? What are you asking for? Golf cart? – [Priscilla] Oh, you
wanna go on the golf cart. You haven’t asked for that in a long time. Oh Dad. – I don’t know if it’s out of charge. I’m sure it’s fine. – Right, go get her on the golf cart. – Okay, well I gotta dig it out. Car’s in the way of all that. Just gotta get it out. Wow. You guys have asked about the golf cart. It’s still here. She just hasn’t asked for
it, we haven’t ridden it. – She’s got a pool right now. – [Asa] Abbie, it’s dead. – She wants to get in the car. – [Asa] Golf cart’s dead, oh. I don’t have the keys for it, girl. Oh it’s unlocked, that’s good. You wanna go for a car ride? Yeah, okay, we can do that. – [Priscilla] Are they
all out of your way? – [Asa] Do we need to
do a mealtime soon, Ab? We picked up more packages today. – Oh my goodness, we have
so many packages Abigail. Aw, you’re so happy. (Abigail laughs excitedly) Come here. Come on. Get up there. Come on, come on. – [Asa] Ready to go? Show me go. Ab, go to car, that’s right. I like ending the vlogs when you’re happy. Can you say bye to everybody? Close it out. (upbeat music) What did you do? Did you sucker your mama? – I had no idea that you
already had two cookies. (Asa laughs) Abigail (murmurs). Girl, you just played me. – [Asa] She did. – You played me, you know you did. Abigail, you should be ashamed. – [Asa] I feel like she’s not. – She’s gone… You should be ashamed
to do that to your mom. You’re all smiling, signing
cookie to me all sweetly, and I was like, aww she wants her cookie. (laughs) That is so rude. Girl, you crazy. I’ll take a kiss. – [Asa] No. – Gimme a kiss. Gimme a kiss. Brat, I love you. – [Asa] He’s mad at me. He’s a mad little fella. Did I scare you?

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  1. The thing that makes target more comfortable (for me, at least) is that the ceiling isn’t “open”. Like even though there’s LEDs the ceiling isn’t 10 ft higher than the lights. Also Target has less open floor space that would reflect the LEDs because they usually have smaller stores or more isles. Target also keeps their lights working. I personally am bothered the most by Walmart when it has it’s flickering lights constantly.

  2. We had sudden gains in communication through biomed Andy Cutler chelation, the group is on Facebook. Our gains came from cod liver oil for 2 months then choline and it was an accident. When I went back to see what I did, it was similar to a Pfeiffer protocol. He still kept the gains forever, and they never went away. He got well enough to live independently. His diagnoses was not autism like your daughter but severely emotionally disturbed and suspecting autism. He didn't go to a special school. He was honeschooled and he was high functioning then went down to two words by age 14, then regained communication and eye contact at 17 through the biomed. Now he is married with a child but claims I poisoned him with alpha lipoic acid and he never wants to talk to me again.

  3. I'm with you on the sexism related to marriage and offical documents.

    I live in the Uk and when I got married and changed my name I had to update both my passport and drivers licence. My passport was only a couple of years old and they have a line on the forms that said that if you still looked like yourself in your current photo you did not need to update it.

    I kid you not the lady on the counter in the post office refused my picture because I quote "your hair is longer" 🙄 if I hadn't have wanted a passport with my new name I could have used that passport for another 8 years regardless of my hairdo!

    I mean really it's not like a grew horns and turned green. If they're going to be that picky I'm going to have to have the same haircut permanently!

  4. Hi! Person with many sensory issues here. Target has many sounds that are toned down- the beeps at checkout (self and otherwise) aren’t as loud, as well as the loud speaker is softer and not as harsh sounding. There are less echoes as well.

    The lights aren’t as white/bright and harsh as Walmart.

    There are less people there usually, and the aisles are more organized and less pushed together. Sometimes Walmart tends to push aisles together and it creates a claustrophobic sensation

  5. I don't know that target is better, per se; it's more that walmart has a oppressive feel to it. And it will depend on what walmart, too. Like different sides of town and those who shop there. Like, she can feel the spiritual side of the people that are there.

  6. Why do I always see these late and then have something to say? Revving up Priscilla's rant I about spit out my gum! I love the chipmunks too! Anyway, my story is similar to yours only it was about a cat of mine. Unfortunately I took her to the vet for treatment, which led to a possibility of putting her to sleep (which I didn't want.) But I first had to prove it was my cat. I've never been asked to prove I'm the owner of any pet. I asked: "How do I prove she's mine?" Answer: "Do you have a picture of you and the cat together?" Well, I never thought I had to carry around a picture of myself and any pet I owned at the moment. That wasn't the only way, but think about it, how exactly do you prove you're the owner of a dog/cat/bird or any pet for that matter? I wasn't able to prove the cat was mine so I left with the suggestion to take her to the humane society and give her away, what kind of logic was that?

  7. I’ve learned my lesson of getting lost in the sauce in target! Now I order online for same day pick up. Even when I do that I still walk around the store thinking I can buy more. Then I’m reminded you have an order waiting for you.

  8. Lol, I'm sorry, but that ID thing is hilariously bad. I showed up to the DMV when we changed states with everything from my old licence and marriage cert to birth cert and both my old and updated social security card. I will do ANYTHING to avoid making a second trip to the DMV

  9. Yep. I went through same things getting my license! And I’m a public school teacher who is fingerprinted to teach but you won’t give me my license without a marriage certificate?

  10. You should get a ceiling fan duster, its circular design fits around the blades so you can do the top and bottom of the blade at the same time, it's really quick & easy. 😃💕

  11. Coming from someone that cleans houses, if you're not happy with how someone else is cleaning your house, you're either A) not telling them what you're unhappy with or B) you need someone different that will do it the way you like it.

  12. At the end when Abbie is laughing, she played her parents and got multiple cookies..You can tell she's saying "Don't hate the player, hate the GAME" . funny girl LOL

  13. Your daughter deserves her privacy. Imagine having someone film you during your private moments for strangers to watch and you don't have the ability to control it because you can't verbally tell them to stop.

  14. For me target is a calming place and then for Walmart there is to many people there and is makes me senses go into over drive

  15. I laughed so hard at Priscilla rant about the DMV. I feel same way! The funniest part for me is grandparents names are Bob and Karen! 😂

  16. My father is one who can go into target buy the one thing he came for and leave without looking at anything else lol he is not a fun target shopper

  17. your fan probably has a remote. Our fans in our house all have remotes. you can turn off light and leave fan on. If you open up where you change the light, there should be a control box in there that has the code to program the remotes.

  18. According to my family I'm not allowed to go to Target because I spend too much money 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  19. Target aisles are wider than Walmart in shorter and even though their trademark color is red it's it's a deep red so it's not harsh and I'm pretty sure the lighting in Target is different than the lighting in Walmart

  20. Target upper class working families vs Walmart lower class working families. Each family lives pay check to pay check. One Family saved 30 or 40 cents on each purchase. I'm a Walmart shopper for my every other week check but sometimes when there's 3 pay checks in a month and I get all my income without the insurance coming out I'm a target shopper and I feel like a queen when I can afford to shop at target lol

  21. Harris elec contractors for ThAt non turning ceiling fan n ALL YOUR electric problems cuZ my son in law is probably the best price for HiS services. I thank y'all for the lessons n patience. I love y'all

  22. Pricilla, Abby looks just like you. Just realized it in this video! Both of you are gorgeous, love your channel!

    Target has the best tee shirts for cheap! They last forever…. not Nordstrom quality clothes but definitely better than Walmart. Hate Walmart clothes! Just my opinion.😄

    Where did you get your blue top? Love it!

  23. I struggle with sensory issues. Walmart is really hard for me is because of florescent lights, the noise echo is hard and the busyness. Target is easier for softer lights, noise echo is greatly reduced and for me it not as busy

  24. i have autism. i bit on the lower end of the spectrum. what i find nice about shopping at target (keep in mind im in australia) its alot quiter. the shelves arent so high so its easy to see where your going and what your doing. and its not so packed full of people. i find when i got to do my grocery shopping i will go look around target just to calm down a little bit

  25. 6:40 I have worked at both Target and Walmart and while I don't have SPD I can say Target is more open and calm there is no music playing and its brighter. Walmart usually has music, is more closed in and darker. The shelves are Target are white and Walmarts are dark grey.

    Walmart: Dark, Compact, and Louder

    Target: Bright, Open, and Quiet.

  26. The Targets by us are slowly remodeling and adding led lighting to their special display areas. My daughter can't handle the bright lights and wears sunglasses now when we go there.

  27. The older I get the more I am SO interested in house decor 😅😂😂😂 would you ever do a house tour ?? Your bathroom and kitchen are so immaculate and gorgeous!

  28. I love watching. I have an 11 year old who is on the spectrum. But I enjoy watching the love you can clearly see they all have for abby

  29. I sat here laughing so hard when first you started talking about the gold star on the drivers licence but then when you speed up Pricilla's rant holly wow I cracked up so bad tears are coming down! I mean its hilarious and its so true they shouldn't do that. I mean you've been married for 18 years how has it taken this long before they say anything. I love it you guys rock

  30. Target has lightning that is more even throughout the store and usually there’s less noise. The store is also usually smaller so it’s less overwhelming and it seems to be organized better. My friend who has ADHD and sensory issues because of that and I (I have autism) go shopping together and we always prefer smaller stores

  31. I don't get many opportunities to go into target because I live in the UK, but when I do, I often only come out with what I went in for. I really am very strong willed, so if we had ever met I probably would be the strongest willed person you have ever met.

  32. You guys are inspirational. The days you are having a bad day want to to be able to give you a big hug and tell you how great you both are, as a couple and as parents. I have worked with autistic Adults in Australia.
    Acer show me your cleaning vlog.

  33. 9:13 me. I’m the super hero. How do I do it, you ask? I go in with only enough money that I need to buy what is on my list. Also, my mom waits in the car so she can make me feel bad about making her wait in the car

  34. Your swifter is the best for that tall fan but for fans you can reach to clean use an old pillow case and put it over the blades and drag it off. You don’t wind up with fan dust in your face and then you can just throw the pillow case in the laundry.

    Oh and you guys are fantastic! My favorite family to watch and have taught me so much. Keep being awesome Maass’ ❤️

  35. When Percilla started calling the lady Karen and usually I think they use like Jim for an annoying man…. although most Jim’s I know are really nice!😂 so maybe I’m wrong about that too!

  36. Dust (don't forget the ceiling corners) and then clean/sanitize surfaces and for ease, vacuum last very last. That is how I clean apartments for my housekeeping job. Dollar tree sells brand name cleaners for $1! If you have dollar tree, I suggest most of their cleaning supplies.

  37. my mom and i both agree that target is better because the lights are warmer, more yellow less blue, the aisles are bigger, and its quiet!!

  38. when I clean the house I like to play podcasts and when I am in a hurry I put on a timer for every single room and try to finish within that time 🙂

  39. My secret weapon for any kind of non floor tile is dish soap baking soda and apple cider vinegar mixed together along with a scrubbing brush for all that dirt and grime it also works for showers and bathtubs

  40. The Wal-Mart near my house is always crowded and they always have pallets of food to be put on the shelf that block the end of the aisles

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