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Shout out to all the people who can understand
this reference – you guys are my friends. Hey Everyone, it’s Katy and welcome back to
my channel. So if you’ve been watching my Pain Management Vlogs you will know that I
am feeling a little bit under the weather. I have got a cold and a feel a little bit
like death and this lighting makes me look really pale so this is just going to be a
great video all round. Yeah, I’m not feeling great but I did want to come on here and film
just a really quick video. This isn’t going to be a proper sit down video, I just wanted
to talk about a little change that’s happened on my channel recently.
So if you follow me on Facebook or on Twitter then you would know this – if you don’t follow
me on Facebook or Twitter, why ever not?! Link is always down below, you should follow
me over on there. You will get the 411 before anyone else! You may have seen that i’m in
the process of subtitling trying to get closed captions for all of my videos. I just had
a shed tonne of requests to do this recently. I got a few on my previous YouTube channel
but never loads and then all of a sudden when I started up Invisible i, loads of you guys
were saying that you love my videos but there not accessible to you or that you used to
watch my videos but now you are hard of hearing or you are deaf and it really broke my heart
knowing that so many people out there enjoyed watching my or wanted to watch my video and
I wasn’t making them accessible to you guys. I think that’s so important, my channel is
talking about invisible illness, it’s talking about disabilities, it’s talking about things
that people don’t like to talk about and I was completely ignoring a massive side of
our community which are the deaf community and the people who are hard of hearing and
I just felt awful about that. So I am trying to make my videos as accessible as possible
and I want so badly to have these videos be for everybody and be available to everybody.
But I wanted to talk about it for another reason because even when I was on my previous
YouTube channel, I got a lot of comments and I still get quite a lot of comments saying
about how fast I talk and I totally understand. I’m an aspie, my brain goes at like a thousand
miles an hour and my mouth can’t keep up and because of that, I speak very very quickly
a lot of the time. You guys know I love a good ramble and that’s fine but it would be
made so much easier if I spoke slowly and I know that I don;t speak as slow as a lot
of people and I am very very fast with my words. Subtitling for that reason is another
major thing for me because I do talk fast, I know sometimes it’s very very difficult
to understand what I’m saying because I talk bloody fast! So that is the other reason why
I wanted to subtitle my videos because being an aspie-headed person, I know sometimes I
can be quite difficult to understand. A lot of you guys just bear with it and you don’t
say it but I know a lot of you think it and some people comment below and say ‘why have
you sped up you videos?’, ‘Oh my God, do you really talk that fast?’. I have had so many
people thinking that I speed up videos because I talk so fast. So that is the other reason
why I wanted to subtitle these videos. So I just wanted to come on here and just
tell you guys that that is the plan and that I really want to make these videos accessible.
So if you are watching a video like this now, if you look in the description box, you may
see a little note from me saying that closed captions are available on that video. So you
now know that if you see a video and in that little description box, you see that little
message from me, you know that closed captions or subtitles are available for that video.
I haven’t got round to doing it for all of my videos but the most recent ones, I think
the last 4 or 5 most recent videos, I have closed captioned. So I’m trying to do it as
fast as I can. I may upload a video and not be able to closed caption it but I will get
round to doing it eventually so if you are someone who relies on subtitles and closed
captioning then just know that all of my videos will eventually be accessible to you but I
might be a week behind or it will be a bit of a delay. Hopefully when I upload this video
for everybody – or any video for everybody – it will automatically have closed captioning.
I’m trying to fit it in to my editing schedule so that I have time to sit down and closed
caption all of my videos before I upload them to the general public.
My camera is about to die on me so I am going to just leave it here, especially because
I’m not feeling great. Hopefully next week, I’ll be feeling right as rain and I can do
a proper sit down video for you guys.But I hope you’e had a really good day, I really
hope you that you guys will like the fact that these videos are now going to be captioned,
let me know in the comments below if that is something that really appeals to you or
just let me know if you have anything else that you want to be accessible on this channel.
This is a 2 way street, let me know! So yeah, like I said, hope you’ve had a really good
day and I will see you soon, bye guys!

13 thoughts on “Subtitling my Videos | invisible i

  1. Also, you could ask some of your audience to help in the way of picking a video, then sending you the transcript of it. Might help you do it faster! I've seen several YouTubers do that method.

  2. Could listen to your videos for hours – My fascination for the British language absolutely loooves the way you talk =D I even told people in my therapy session about you. Now I begin doing "homework" like you in pain management class. Such inspirational!!

  3. Hey Katy, I came across to this video on Facebook shared by A.I media. Adding subtitle to your videos have caught my attention because I love viewing almost anything in english subtitle. So you've gained a fan to watch your channel! Go you 🙂 You can talk as fast as you want (if that how you speak naturally) because I can hear and understand you as long as I read/follow caption fast as you speak, haha. Captioning is the best guide to hearing. I hope your deaf/hard of hearing viewers agree with me too because I am a hearing impaired with hearing aids. Thank you for your effort to make caption available to your videos. Cheers from down under!

  4. You are so cool thanks for closed captioning your videos because me and loads of other people are deaf and love watching your videos-#NORMALPEOPLESCAREME!

  5. I am non-native speaker of English and I have no problem with understanding what you are saying. Moreover, I do not know how, but your fast speech makes my English-speech faster . To my point of view, it is very beneficial for non-native speakers. By the way , if you want I can translate some your videos in Russian. I find them very informative and inspiring

  6. i know this is kind of an old video, but i have an auditory processing disorder, which makes it hard for me to process things that i hear. there's nothing wrong with my hearing, there's something wrong with the way my brain processes it.

    But, subtitles are a life saver, and make it much easier for me to understand movies and youtube videos, so thank you so much!!!

  7. I have no problem following your speedy speech. I actually find it refreshing because I live in an area of the U.S. where people talk at a slow rate, and I sometimes want them to just spit it out.

  8. Thank you for captioning your videos! The majority of the time I can understand you because you articulate very well but captions are always good for when I miss something! Captioning takes extra time to keep up with and a lot of YouTubers don’t take that time—thank you for doing them! 🙂

  9. Yep, I have the hoody that also says normal people scare me. I have Asperger's. English is not my native language and I can follow just fine… The other video about work was interesting btw. Very relatable

  10. i can so relate to the whole normal people scare me cos the neurotypical community do scare me not to be mean thanks for the whole caption thing cos my hearing is not great even though i am not deaf . i think with us being british is just something we do in talking fast or maybe it is just an aspie thing i mean I am an aspie but just a thought u know

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