Stossel: The Science Around Male Brains vs. Female Brains

Have you heard? When it comes to how we think, gender doesn’t matter. There seems to be no purely male brains versus female brains. There is no difference I’ve been skeptical of that claim for years. Aren’t women in general, better nurturers? No. Next question. When Google engineer James Damore merely suggested that gender differences might explain why we don’t have 50% representation of women in tech he was fired. In the culture war, those who claim total equality are winning. There seems to be quite a lot of you Professor Gina Rippon just wrote this book, that says “ Neuroscience has shattered the Myth of the Female Brain” I’ve certainly been talking to full houses. In Denmark, there was 1,200 people and 500 people on the waiting list. In America too, people crowd into auditoriums to hear Rippon explain – Just how different are the sexes? Sex isn’t an important differentiator? With respect to brains and brain structures, it doesn’t look as though it is. It’s important to get that message out, says Rippon, so people don’t mindlessly follow stereotypes. You don’t want an idea that this is something that’s natural It’s not natural that in school, more boys want to play football and more girls wanted to do ballet? Well I want to run and bang into people, and I’m bored by ballet. Well, I think actually girls might want to run and bang into people, but because there’s an image that girls don’t do that, they’re stopped from doing that. So thank you very much for listening And that’s what today’s audiences want to hear. We must fight it together, thank you [Applause] But in my reporting, I’ve covered research that shows big differences. For example, tests show most men have better spatial awareness. [Music] Students are blindfolded and then walk through the maze of tunnels that run underneath the campus. When the women are asked where a college building is Can you tell me where Wilson Commons is? They’re not so sure That way? Men, however, retained a sense of what direction they’d moved. Go through the next doors, take a left [Knock] Women on the other hand, have a better memory for detail. Students are asked to wait in a cluttered room while an experimenter gets something ready. How much of the room will she remember? On the right hand side of the desk right here was a briefcase with your initials at the top. Women typically give answers like this In the middle there was envelopes here, university envelopes. There was a thing of Clearasil, a Bazooka Joe comic. Men were more likely to say, “I don’t know, some stuff.” I don’t have a very good memory. Of course they might’ve been molded by our sexist society. Except that tests on infants also find differences Baby boys look longer at objects, like tractor parts. Infant girls stare at faces. Girls looked at the face and boys more likely looked at the object If you look very closely at the data, a third of the girls actually seem to respond more to the tractor parts than the boys. A third. A third. But two-thirds didn’t. So let’s do it again with a bigger set of newborns, a better controlled set of stimuli The media are clearly on Rippon’s side Seems like we’re just not that different after all But many scientists will tell you Our brains are not basically the same. You can tell, looking at brains, whether or not they belong to a male or a female, 80% of the time. Evolutionary psychologist Diana Fleischman Cultures around the world show very similar differences between men and women. Men are more likely to seek status, women are more likely to take care of children. Women are more likely to stay in the home. Men are more likely to do dangerous, aggressive things like go to war. [Thai boxer grunt] Because we men have been socialized, work’s important and you women have been told by your mothers, say, take care of the kids. Why would you see that across every culture in the world? Maybe because cultures have always encouraged men to behave this way We are the same until society influences us. Even, if you look at nonhuman animals, if you look at monkeys, they don’t have culture, and yet there’s still these very large differences between males and females. Among scientists, that’s majority opinion. Neuroscience cited 70 studies that found differences. Boys are more likely to be autistic, color-blind, and have speech problems. I stutter. Most stutterers are boys. It’s not a brain difference? That there are those kinds of brain differences and I’m definitely not a brain difference denier. It’s kind of how you’ve been presented by much of the media. Indeed, indeed. Perhaps they haven’t read the book. I bet the headline writers didn’t. On the other hand… Gina Rippon seems to be a sex difference denier depending on kind of what audience that she’s talking to. They’re thinking there’s differences between men and women. People like me stand up and say “actually no there’s not” It’s an incredibly alluring message. It’s really sad that it’s not right. Is this a really good message that we should be sending out to everybody, that there are profound or fundamental differences? It shouldn’t matter whether it’s a good message, it should just be science, what the truth is. But science is not as neat as people like to think. That hasn’t stopped politicians and businesses from demanding gender equality BBC announced it wants an equal number of men and women We reaffirmed our commitment to advance gender equality. Because politicians say that men and women are the same if women are paid less, it must be sexism. Unfortunately, a lot of scientists, people like Gina Rippon, have made it seem like, yes there should be gender parity, but, you do see that men and women have different interests. By arguing this, you perpetuate stereotypes. Sexism. Saying that men and women have different aptitudes isn’t sexism. It’s actually a statement about the true nature of the world. If we keep saying that those differences in what men and women choose to do are because of sexism, nobody’s going to end up happy with what they’re doing and we’re going to keep making laws to remedy what’s actually just the result of freedom.

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  1. But science is not as neat as people like to think… wow science that is based on political & emotion is called religion

  2. A Woman’s brain is 1/3 the size of a man’s. That’s Science.

    Making a distinction between sex (biological sex) and “gender” (defined by ideologues as the set of norms, expectations, and roles “socially constructed” around sex or for each sex) is pointless. By this definition there is indeed an extent to which “gender” is socially constructed. But that doesn’t mean it makes any sense to invert or ignore it. We need men to act like men and women to act like women. Even if different cultures might define that a little differently, someone who just ignores that, or rebels against that, to do what they they want doesn’t do anyone, or society, any good. They’re just being an entitled and self centered little bitch. Hey, maybe it’s not about what YOU want? Get over yourself.

  3. Unpopular opinion: Every westerner who is born in the west needs to go through a truly hard time to reset the stupidity of what this society has become. Struggle is missing, and therefore people want to create one. Sue me

  4. Women want to claim that they have better emotional intelligence but then say that doesn't make them generally better nurturers? How idiotic. Women are biologically programmed to nurture.

  5. Women earning the same as Men ?!?!?!? whaaat? … forget that… what about MEN earning the same as other MEN ? … i would love to earn exactly what my german college earns… AND WE BOTH DO THE SAME SHIT ! … Gender Gap more like If-You-Have-Good-Contacts-Or-Parents-GAP ! jeez!

  6. I believe I saw a Time magazine special issue a few years ago (2007?) and showing all of the medically and scientific proven differences between men and women anatomically and neurologically.

  7. Humans are sexually dimorphic species. Male are on average taller, stronger, etc.. Females are on average smaller, more flexible, etc.. If we know there are differences between the rest of our bodies, why wouldn’t there also be physical differences in our brains?

  8. People punishing people for not believing ideology is a human behavior as old as time. Mostly religion which this wave of Leftism closely resembles.

  9. What is this new data from neuroscience? I have read articles how the female brain is different from the male brain even physically and not just how men and women use their brains. For example, the corpus callossum is narrower in the female brain it was posited that this is the reason women can multi-task better because both brain hemispheres can be used.

  10. If there are no differences why does the blue brain spend it's life trying to get inside the pink brain…

  11. I saw a video clip on young male and female apes interacting with toys. Girls went for dolls and boys when for lorry’s. Then the research’s got excited when a male picked up a doll, then the male proceeded to use it to hit something like a hammer. Researchers were speechless guess what their agenda was.

  12. Except that women still don't do the heavy lifting. Women don't plow snow, fix power lines, haul freight, pick up trash, fix sewers etc. If all women went on strike for a week it would be inconvenient and some men would get a lot of overtime. If all men went on strike we'd be back in the stone age in 3 days.

  13. Funny how science is an absolute when the left wants it to be (environmentalism) and not an absolute when it gets in the way of their agenda (gender issues).

  14. Their message is always," women can't succeed in a certain career unless we all tell them they can succeed in that career." Sounds like a gender difference to me.

  15. If there’s no male and female brains, how can transgender people be born in the wrong body? At least be consistent.

  16. Males and females are different. Some tasks are easier for males, others are easier for females. That doesn't diminish either of the genders.

  17. There are no differences between the sexes, When will you people realize that a vagina is just a shy penis?

    I feel compelled to state plainly that my above comment is sarcasm, i have to say this because the lines of sarcasm and insane beliefs seem to have merged and are not discernible to some people.

  18. Its scary how they twist science to fit an agenda. Anything from chemistry to biology and even history. From the left Its taboo to talk about the differences in biology when it comes to sexes but for example in history it is taboo to talk about 12,000 years ago meteorite that changed North America and created the extinction of the woolly mammoth. The left want the mammoths to be gone because of humans and the right don't want to talk about such because of religious reasons. We are in dark ages where political pressure also from both side holds back space exploration as well. This needs to stop. This is harmful for humanity.

  19. My husband and I fully admit that we are different and we love it!. We love discussing how male and female differences compliment each other in so many regards: mental, physical, emotional, etc,… All this while we do break stereotypes like me loving sports and him loving dancing.

  20. The differences are what make the other sex attractive. I definitely do not want a woman that thinks like a man. Viva La Difference!

  21. Ned Flanders nonchalant condescension is hilarious.
    "WeLL iT would APPear as though woman across the gloBE belong in a Kitchen?!"

  22. Neuro-feminism is financed by…

    … the World Economic Forum … ("We need more women in the labour pool in order to lower production costs")
    Lysenkoism (favouring co-operation vs 'natural selection'), lasted for 44 years in the Soviet Union, stiffling biological research and agriculture, before being abandoned…

  23. Whether brains are the same or different, government’s brutish, dead hand is the WORST choice for how to deal with the consequences.

  24. Actual neuroscientist here: the key takeaway is that there is enough overlap that it isn't rare to find outliers from the norm.

  25. There's obviously differences in the male and female brains. Everybody can see that. I heard of a funny test that women can't draw a bicycle. I tested this with my girlfriend and she couldn't do it. It's not that I have seen more bicycles or even stopped to think about how they're built. I just know it, like most guys probably do. But it's important to think what kinds of conclusions we can draw from this. We shouldn't go back to the old days when girls were expected to be weak and only do girly things. Human society is also so complex that all our behavior can't be explained by genetics. There is no gene that makes men truck drivers or construction workers. Very large portion of our behavior is learned.

  26. Yeah, there must be some difference between male and female, but you need to show whether this is due to nurture or nature before stating a claim, and after that you still need to show difference in the brain because it could still be only an hormonal difference. On top of that you started the discussion in relation to tech, specifically selected the opinion of someone working in a software company, but this ignores that software coding was on its beginning associated with female gender. On top of that your appeal to authority regarding that tech professional is flawed, because he knows tech, not society, for that purpose you would need to appeal the authority of social scientists and biologist, not some tech CEO. Aside from that your "spacial awareness" test is also inherently flawed because of course the gender that has been socially encouraged to participate in activities that train your spacial awareness for years (I. E. team sports) will score better. Reasoning that this test results are due to biological factors when you have an evident social influence is extremely questionable. The debate nurture vs nature has been on discussion for years and the claim of female brain being compromised in certain fields has been proven wrong continuously, they claimed women could not go to college, then claimed that certain professions were just too demanding for their brains yet they do, and if you pick on a getto girl you will discover than they are perfectly capable of exercising violence and violently kick your Christian ass too.

  27. There are endeavors that require brain and less brawn. Why do women NOT match men in math, chess, target shooting, car racing, and so on. Sure, there are exceptions, but I'm talking about the norms.

  28. 😂😂😂 BULLSHIT! There's never been equality in anything. There's always the haves and have nots. Look around you nothing is equal nor the same. Why do people want this so much? Can someone point to a period in history where there was equality? The answer is NEVER!

  29. Differences in disorder rates could easily be caused by other differences, like hormone interactions.
    The presence of brain differences does not imply significant average differences in intellectual ability.
    Basing social policy on inconclusive science is unethical if it involves restriction of opportunity. In America we require proof "beyond a reasonable doubt" before we curtail civil liberties.

  30. "Brain and brain structure are the same".

    Sure, maybe the shape and structure look the same.

    But they don't send signals the same way.

  31. One would think that societies would become more intelligent with additional information yet, it appears, that it's regressing to become stupider. In fact, you might say that in addition to ignoring the obvious, societies now militate against common sense. Have a nice trip into the next Dark Age, folks, but be sure to carry your Encyclopedia with you because before long, they'll be burning books . . . again.

  32. People get tripped up on this naturalist fallacy: natural = good, cultural or manmade = bad. It shouldn't matter if women and men are fundamentally psychologically different. Even if we are, that doesn't negate any kind of argument in favor of equality under the law or equality of opportunity. In fact, sex differences bolster an argument *for* equality because it's a given that two things that are exactly the same are equal. The idea of equality refers to values assigned in a comparison of things that are different.

  33. There isn't a major difference between male and female brains, just as there isn't a major difference in Ape and Human DNA. But these small difference have profound changes.

  34. Color blindness (at least most of the time) has nothing to do with the brain. It's usually due to having yellow light receptors instead of green ones inside your eye. This is most likely caused by your mother having additional (nonfunctioning) yellow light receptors. If this is the case there is a chance that she passes these on down to you instead of the correct ones. There are even a few cases of women with both functioning yellow and green receptor but this doesn't have a huge impact. It would only allow you to distinguish yellow light with a single wavelength from yellow light that is a mix of green and orange (red) light.

  35. If she believes that Men's and Women's brains are the same, then there would be a lot more people on this Earth lol. I wouldn't have conversations with my wife like

    Me: Hey do you…
    Wife: NO!!! Is that all you ever think about?

  36. I am a psychologist who taught Psychology of Women for many years. Unlike Stossel, I have read a great deal of the original research. NO ONE is claiming women and men are identical but there is substantial research that makes it clear that the differences are minor. Stossel was on this toot back in the 90s when he had a similar program, with a psychologist on his side and the politician Bella Abzug on the other. Fair much? I actually met him and told him so. Not that he cared or cares. For further information on this topic, see the Facebook page Research on Gender Issues.

  37. So it is sexist to say men are better at computer programming yet if you say women are better at music you are a hero. That does not make sense.

  38. ReasonTV, I'm REASONABLY certain you're an embarrassment to the libertarian cause and have only further proved that by uploading this ludicrous claptrap masquerading as "journalism". Thanks for proving my point that one shouldn't trust your organization but rather go by the Cato Institute's vastly superior essays, reportage, and discussions instead. BTW, the only men out there who would agree with this balderdash are insecure beta men who want false reassurances that they are superior so the self-doubt inside their heads doesn't take over. Real alpha men wouldn't be threatened by the idea that there is little that is different inside men's and women's heads and that women are just as capable as men.

  39. I like how today gender orientation is hard wired and can’t be changed but gender differences are socialised. And let’s celebrate diversity in all its forms – isn’t it great but let’s not recognise differences between male and female brains. The argument changes to suit the political ends and we walk through bullshit piled up to our necks.

  40. While there are a few minor gender differences that are reliable, overall, the differences that do exist are so small as to not even remotely allow anyone to predict any trait on the basis of gender alone. THIS is perhaps the key point. You can't look at a brain and know whether it is male or female. You can't tell from their math or spatial ability scores or their SAT scores. Too many people are obsessed with saying men are from Mars and women are from Venus. I say treat people as individuals. That's what makes sense based on the research as I understand it.

  41. Science, which tells us that a lifetime of hormonal and chromonsonal influences affect how our bodies and brains develop and process the world around us magically reverses all of those conclusions and throws them out the window to assert that there is negligible, if any influence at all, that biological sex plays on the brain and the way it shapes personality, intelligence, interpersonal skills, and every other aspect of being alive the moment a feminist starts talking.

  42. I'm a progressive, and even I get tired of the bullshit virtue signalling from people that claim there are no gender differences. Or maybe they're simply uneducated, probably the more likely case.

  43. I am female. I grew up with a twin brother. I'm 50 years old now and I can still tell you that boys are different from girls.

    PS: I love my twin brother.

  44. Brains don't do any thinking in any case, male or female. Brains are just meat. Anyone that doesn't think so, go get some brains at the butcher shop or a morgue.

  45. Ugh, this is honestly an irrelevant argument. Yeah, there's differences /in general/. But like it was said in the video, 1/3 of girl infants /do/ stare at objects longer, and 20% of brains /don't/ indicate an obvious gender difference just by looking at them.
    So acknowledge that /in general/, there's differences, while accepting that there are always those who don't fit into the expected stereotypes. Let people do and learn what they want, no matter who they are. Let people work at whatever the choose, so long as they're competent

    And yes, trying to artificially raise the number of women in STEM fields or whatever is foolish. So is the whole wage gap narrative tbh as it's based on data that doesn't even support the idea women are paid less for equal work

  46. I was curious if anyone knows about when one goes in for transition surgery how many genders do they offer you to be able to transition to? I was thinking it was only the opposite of the one you are.

  47. "It's politically correct to say men and women are mentally the same"

    Straw-man. No one disagrees that everyone thinks and acts differently, and that (sexwise) men and women's brains are designed differently. That does not mean these differences are instant determinators for behavioral gender roles. It's SETTLED SCIENCE (meaning, ya know, *Facts and logic*) that most males and females act in the same manners and present having the same interests *because of social biases imposed onto them by outer factors, such as people and advertising, not by their sexual chromosomes*. Right-wing 🄳🄴🅂🅃🅁🄾🅈🄴🄳

  48. the fact that gina rippon later on acknowledges that it is all about sending a good message instead of science is another proof that quick responses keep us from knowing what a person's true opinion on a subject is, or the real purpose of a position is, in particular when it's polemic. if john stossel hadn't kept pushing, we might have not had the chance to hear her say that.

  49. Of course men and women's brains work differently, evolutionarily because our reproductive strategies are different it would not make sense to have the same brain. However, that is not the point. The problem with this is that men care too much about these biological differences and treat them as being deterministic. Biology is not an imperative anymore and it can be changed. Technology is changing and will change it more so in the future. Insisting that women are better nurturers is irrelevant because men can learn to nurture and there are plenty of women who care about status. The differences between us are minor but significant, but that does not excuse men from learning how to take care of their children and of themselves. Nor does it excuse women from learning how to provide for themselves. We are not just animals and it is our job to rise above our nature.

  50. The only messages I find alluring are not politically expedient ones, but those which are based on high standards of objectivity and the careful and unimpeachable use of data. We all have an uavoidable tendency to bump into material reality, so we should make sure our most robust methods of exploring it are utilised correctly. This imperative is completely lost on the mainstream media and, sadly, on some academics who seem happy for their work to be presented by others with poor clarity and to present it themselves with ambiguity in order to curry favour with the supporters of a prevailing trend.

  51. Alright….if there is no difference, lets just send all the wives off to battle, fix all the cars in the garage, and you know, be a man. Then see all the men raise kids, be a nurturer and have feelings. Lets see how that shit pans out lmao. Nothing is wrong with either but you dont hear men on fox news everyday, claiming they can have kids just as easy as a woman, be a top earning victorias secret model like a woman or even be the top dollar earner in the billion dollar porn industry like females are. There aint no equality….only the one you females create in your heads

  52. So science says the majority of humans are cisgendered and follow gender norms. Why is talking about what most people do considered bad? You can still advocate for the freedom of the minority to not follow the norm.

  53. There is a huge difference between men and women. Only an idiot like Gina Rippon would say there is no difference. Why? Because it means more money in her pocket!

  54. the male and female brain might not be different structurally but they both release different amounts of certain hormones that allow the Bessel that they're in to conduct themselves in a certain manner

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