Stories With Steve; Episode 2

The Boy Who Cried Wolf As with most Fables and Parables, It happened Once Upon a Time The boy’s job was to watch the sheep. With nothing to do… He would get bored. On the day of our story The boy had an idea to cause trouble simply to amuse himself. So he shouted: Wolf! Wolf! The villagers close by heard the shouting! They ran to help the shepherd boy! Of course, they brought some weaponry… When they got to the pasture It was obvious they had been tricked! The shepherd boy pointed and laughed They shouted, “You fool!” Don’t cry “wolf,” unless there’s a wolf! They angrily went back to their normal tasks and duties. It wasn’t long before the shepherd boy became bored again. Wanting some more excitement he shouted, “Wolf! Wolf!” Once again, the villagers grabbed their weapons and ran out to help. Once again, they realized they had been fooled. They angrily said to the shepherd “Fooling us once was pretty annoying. But fooling us twice? Now we’re mad!” Unaware of the coming danger, he just laughed at them. He felt so clever, having fooled them twice! The villagers angrily stormed off. As always in Aesop’s Fables The third and final incident would teach the troublemaker a lesson. The hard way. Just as the sun was setting A real wolf entered the scene. For reals! The wolf wasted no time… Killing as many sheep as he could! Eating all he could hold! Uhh…yeah… The boy could do nothing to stop the wolf. Even though he shouted as loud as he could Anyone who heard just thought he was lying again. Later as he thought about it, The lesson I’ve learned today is No one believes a liar. Even when he tells the truth. He promised not to lie anymore

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