100 thoughts on “Spicy Food Ruins Your Body. But What About Your Brain?

  1. Well, it looks like these guys answered the question in this video's title. What other questions should we have asked them?
    See even more dangerous spicy games here: https://bit.ly/2VEAIs7

  2. 7:11 welcome to the joke, Jon. That’s the point of the joke.

    It’s suppose to be for chocolate milk, but he put water instead.

  3. I live in Australia, Melbourne, and the correct answer is ACT which stands for Australia Capital Territory which is located in Canberra

  4. Me- Hears what is the capital of Australia
    Hears Sydney and Melbourne
    Cringes slightly but does not blame them as they are probably the most known cities of Australia
    Hears the man mispronounce Canberra
    Tick mark appears on forehead

  5. How can you make the spice in the ass blaster hot sauce unlike you other products like your Carolina reaper powder or burn or bliss how do you get the spice in that? I'm just wondering how in your spicy Candy's you get the spice in it like the toe of Satan

  6. The capital of australia is not Canberra. It’s the Australian Capital Territory. The capital is literally called the capital.

    Also “Canberra” is pronounced as “kanbra”

  7. Ok ok ok I’m an Aussie and a tip I guess Canberra is also known as the ACT ( Australian Capital Territory ) and it’s said as can-br-ah

  8. Jon- It's A Nibble Of The Carolina Reaper–
    Jamie- NO FK THAT.
    Eric- Alright, We Have A Clear Fk That.
    😂😂 I'm Dying

  9. Tbh Jamie is probably my favorite person from the show. He gives off a strong ‘friendly and funny boss’ aesthetic.

  10. Spice really doesn't make you dumb, your brain receives from your taste receptors, and makes you feel like your mouth is on fire, in which makes you focused on the spice, not the question and your memory. Thats the answer to can spice make you dumb.

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