Spectrum M4i.22xx 8 Bit 5 GSs PCIe Digitizer with 1.5 GHz Bandwidth

Welcome to Spectrum In this video we will introduce spectrums new M4i.22xx series of digitizes The M4i cards are based on a state-of-the-art PCIe platform and deliver high samplerate and wide bandwidth digitizer performace The digitizes are available in nine different models allowing you to select the performance characteristics that best met your application modells offer one, two or four channels and sampling rates of 1.25, 2.5 and 5 GS/s If you need more channels you can link up to eight cards together with Spectrums Star-Hub system allowing you to build instruments with up to 32 fully synchronous channels at 1.25 GS/s 16 channels at 2.5 GS/s or even 8 channels at 5 GS/s The fast sampling rates are matched with high-bandwidth front-end signal conditioning circuits that allow you to adjust the signal amplitude over four different input ranges from +/-200 mV to +/-2.5 V full scale Variable gain allows you to utilize the full dynamic range of the 8-bit ADC maximizing measurement accuracy The ADCs are also clocked synchronously by a flexible and precise time base so the timing measurements are accurate and cross-channel phase errors are kept to a minimum The combination of fast sampling rate and bandwidth up to 1.5 GHz makes the M4i.22xx series cards ideal for the capture and analysis of signals that contain sub-nanosecond edges and pulses or with frequency content into the GHz range Let’s take a look at a typical example Here you can see a M4i.2234 digitizer sampling at 5 GS/s and acquiring series a fast pulses the card includes a massive 4 GByte of on-board memory so long complex signals can be captured with ease zooming in on one of the pulses we can quickly determine its key parameters: rise time of 640 ps and width of 8.5 ns For any high performance digitizer you also need to consider its dynamic performance how well does it work under changing conditions and near the limits of its design range To get an idea consider the units critical specifications of SNR and SFDR Here the M4i.2234 series card can be seen capturing a pure 70 MHz sine wave and delivering a SNR better than 46 dB while the SFDR is an excellent 55 dB Good SNR and SFDR along with low distortion and an accurate time base are all essential if you wish to capture small signal variations with the best accuracy and precision The outstanding performance of the M4i.22xx series cards doesn’t end there They come with advanced trigger circuits including edge, window, time and logic The re-arm time between triggers can be as low as 80 samples or 16 ns if you’re running at 5 GS/s This makes it possible to capture and timestamp pulses and signal burst even when the events are extremely close together The cards also include a variety of powerful acquisition modes Use “singleshot” mode for transient capture, “FIFO” for streaming signals directly to your PC, “multiple segment” for acquiring numerous signal bursts (complete with trigger time stamps), and “gated sampling” for time specific acquisitions. The M4i series incorporates on-board FPGA technology so that functions like signal averaging and peak detection can be performed on the fly Pre-processing waveform data reduces transfer times and can speed up measurement speeds greatly The interface of the M4i cards is PCI Express 8 lane Gen 2 so it works with most modern PCs Together with spectrum’s optimized drivers data can be transferred from the on-board memory to the PC at a blistering rate of more than 3.4 GByte/s Now you can stream your important data into the PC faster than ever before Speed up your testing times, increase your measurements throughput and stop missing critical events The cards come complete with drivers for Windows and Linux operating systems as well as programming examples for C++, LabVIEW, LabWindows, Visual Basic, and other popular programming languages. Furthermore, while the cards have been designed using the latest technology they are still software compatible with the drivers from earlier Spectrum digitizers. For users not wanting to write their own software we also offer SBench6, Spectrum’s control, display, storage and analysis software. For more information on the M4i.22 series digitizer cards please visit our web site at http://www.spectrum-instrumentation.com

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