Spectrum is Key to Wireless Ecosystem

Spectrum’s important to the industry because it’s the basic raw material that fuels our industry. It’s how our mobile devices offer connectivity anytime, anywhere. Maximum spectrum is maximum value. No matter how much they can do clever engineering in the end spectrum dominates my success criteria. Every last drop of that spectrum will get very efficiently utilized. The consumer demand for data is much higher than spectrum which is available or which is on the horizon to be auctioned. The answer to the spectrum question is more is better. We can’t just stop with the bands that are referenced in the NPRM. We need to continue to explore mid and low band options to bring 5G services to market as rapidly as possible. There’s things we can do to use more spectral efficient technologies which we have been doing with LTE, and will continue to do as 5G is introduced. But beyond that, there’s an incredible need for more and more spectrum to meet that insatiable demand.

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