Hello guys welcome to my channel so today’s video is kind of like a review demo video of the Spectrum Brushes the Perfect Blend 8 Piece Eye Blending Set I ordered these a few weeks ago I got them from Beauty Bay but they are also sold on the Spectrum website and also Pretty Little Thing sell them I believe of course everyone loves the Spectrum Brushes anything unicorn or glittery at the moment is just the best so I thought I’d buy my first set of brushes from Spectrum I have used them a few times before I thought I’d film how I use them what brushes I use for what you know and just show how they work really I think it’s good to see demos with brushes you know you might not be sure what kind of brush to use and you know what one you’d like to get they also do sell each brush individually they also do this 8 piece set and they do another set including more face brushes with these as well I’m more of a eye kind of person so I thought I would definitely invest in some more eye brushes so I’m just gonna film myself using these what I think of them if you wanna see how I create this eye look with these brushes then please keep watching so the first brush I would ideally like to use out of the collection is the C06 Tulip Eye Contour Brush I wouldn’t say I contour my eyes with this I do like to set my eyes with it it’s like a fluffy brush but very dense, so it is good for packing things on so if I wanna prime my eyes I’d like to use this to set my eyes before I start adding any colour from the Morphe 350 Palette I’m gonna go in with this neutral shade here just to set my eyes I have primed my eyes I just wanna set them just so that they’re ready for some colour and I think it really it’s really good for this because it covers a lot of eye area and it’s very soft so it’s really good for packing on really good brush so that’s the C06 the second brush I’d like to use is the B06 so this one’s called the Tall Tapered Blender it’s like a blending brush it’s not as dense as the one I used before it is like slightly slimmer this is really good for your transition shades it’s very soft and light, so if you wanna use some light tones but then build on it afterwards really really good brush for that what I wanna do for my transition shade is use this orange here from the Morphe Palette and I’ll go in with this brush just to show how it works so I wanna just go into my crease and just work my way in and as you can see it’s very soft it’s not as dense as the first brush that I used so it is really good for just making sure you buff out and blend out the shades that you want and you can build on it as well it’s really good for going into the crease with and especially if you use it very lightly it works really well so now I’ve got my transition shades all blended in with the B06 brush so next I’ll be using the A12 brush which is called the Fluffy Pencil brush so I’d like to use this for darkening up my crease slightly so what I wanna do is go in with this more of a darker burnt orange shade and then follow it with this brown shade just to darken up my crease slightly so this is more to pack on into my crease and add a little bit more definition so not blend out as far as I did with the other brushes but just kind of get in there a little bit more just to darken up smaller areas so I’m gonna take the burnt orange shade and just go into my crease so as you can see it is darkening up my crease really well coz it’s so small you don’t have to worry about going over too far so this is good if you’re gonna start a cut crease as well before you’d cut the crease if that makes sense just to define your crease a little bit more I think this is perfect for that and it’s… it is small it’s tiny but it is like a tiny little blending brush at the same time so you can buff out the edges a little bit as well but this is more for a little bit of precision so this is more for just kind of placing where you’d like to darken up your crease just placing the colour and the product so that’s what I feel like this brush is perfect for this next brush is the B04 this is called the Small Angled Shader so it is an angled brush so what I’d like to do next with this shade is then go in with the darker tones maybe some browns and I’d still be able to go in my crease, it is slightly more fluffier but I can really target my outer corner with this brush coz it’s got that angle and that really works well and it’s also good to blend with too so I’m gonna go in with these darker browns and start defining the edges of my eye just like the outer v of my eye start to darken it up a little bit you can even create like a good halo effect with this brush I’m gonna go in with some more darker browns so I’ll probably go in with this darker shade here very dark, like a coffee brown very softly though I’m not gonna use too much of it I’ll tap out the excess of what is on the brush and just slowly darken up the small areas you don’t wanna go too harsh especially if you wanna go for a soft smokey look don’t go too harsh with the colour you can always build on it it’s better than having too much on so now you can see I’m really starting to darken up the eye by using this brush and you can kind of target the areas that you want to shadow a little bit more it’s really good for the outer corner coz you can really shape as you can see quite well, repeat for the other eye outer v again what I’m gonna do is go in with that very first brush that I used which is the C06 and I just wanna buff out all the edges and all the colours that I’ve blended and kind of try to blend them in together and make it look a little bit more seamless this helps finish the look a little bit easier as well so now I’ve added the colour to my eyes I’m going to conceal under my eyes and add a little bit more and show you ways I use the rest of the brushes just to conceal I’ll be using the NYX Face Duo in the shade almond, so the lighter shade now I’m just gonna set under my eyes with the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder now I want to add some pencil to my waterline so I’ll be using the Rimmel Soft Kohl Liner Pencil in black what I wanna do is add to my waterline and go slightly further down as crazy it will look to start with I am gonna smudge it out with the brushes so it will all make sense in a little bit looks like I’ve got panda eyes but I will smudge it out now I’ve added the eye pencil look a bit crazy but next I’m gonna go in with the A16 brush which is a Precision Crease Brush it’s a very tiny little flat brush good again for cutting the crease but it’s good to go onto your lower lash line and just kind of start buffing and placing a bit more colour maybe spreading it into some other areas so you can start to smoke it out slightly and coz it’s so thin and small you can really get into those small areas with it when you add pencil it’s always good to smudge it out coz then it looks more sultry looking and you feel less crazy I’m then gonna go in with the A13 brush which is a Short Smudge Brush it’s really small and really good for buffing out so I’m gonna really try and buff out that black a little bit more like so… and once I feel like the black is buffed out a little bit more I’m now going to go in with this lovely burnt orange shade that I used on my eyes and buff that out with the black on my lower lash line for that I’m going to use the A12 brush which is the Fluffy Pencil Brush really small this is one I think I used on my crease as well to buff out that colour just so it ties in well with the colour I have on my eyes this is actually my favourite thing to do I love adding shadow on underneath and I really like to go quite far down with it as well It’s very vampy My Chemical Romance kind of vibe oranges are actually… probably one of the easiest shades to blend and they looks the best you can see I kind of join it in with the outer corner as well so it all ties in well together and now it doesn’t just look orange I’ve got the pencil in my waterline which has helped it blend out as well using eye shadow on your lower lash line helps stop your under eye from creasing your makeup because it’s technically like powder as well so after setting your eyes and using some eye shadow it really helps under your eyes and it looks great, so two birds one stone I’m pretty happy with it I’m gonna go in with this lovely shimmery highlight shade and I just wanna highlight my inner corner and my brow bone with the A13 brush which I used for my lower lash line as well and highlight those areas this is such a good shade to highlight with and this is really good for packing on colour as well this brush now onto my brow bone ok so in terms of eyeshadow and highlighting my eyes are complete so now I just want to add some liquid liner, some mascara and finish off my face and I’ll get back to you okay, so that is my lip complete using the Spectrum Brushes so all my eyeshadow was used using them and I just finished off my look with my favourite things I hope you guys enjoyed this video It was kind of like a little demo for you and how I’d use them and how they work for me I just love the way their designed I love that they’re pink and they’ve got kind of a black spectrum on them and the brush itself is ombre this is my first lot I’ve ever bought and I am really happy with them so I just thought I’d show you guys how I use them I hope you enjoyed this if you did please like and subscribe thank you guys so much for watching, I’ll see you soon bye


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