Soma – Creepy brain scan Ep. 1 (eng sub)

Hey, hi, hello, you drink to much you go woozy (it rhymes in hungarian…) I’m here… At this beautiful game Dont know how to pronounce it The guys from Amnesia made this I dont know much about it so ill jump right in, i shouldnt talk needlessly Its kinda creepy right away Dammit this game looks gorgeous! I dont wanna get hooked. Where did you put it? I hear a party going on somewhere Somebody can read it if they want to What happened to me? Gezus what is this? It has been send Okay random pictures all around, and some legs… 🙁 If only i knew the source of this pulsation I hope it’s not bugged or something Where the hell did i put that shiet But where is it?! That looks pretty cool over the bed Thanks for the info, let’s go! What’s my stop? It’s still pulsating. I came to a place like this to… to… to scan my brain? Fantastic Some kind of code? He left a thing somewhere Maybe this? Mmm so sexy 2501 yipeee OMG what is this place? I would take this chair. How was this? oh right And i come to a place like this to scan my brain, and its barely finished. I’m brave… I’ll just check around, dont think i’ll find anything Whatevs, lets do this. That was a little loud, and too sudden. And its still pulsating I am totally not there, what the… I thought those were robots What’s this omnitool? Is it here somewhere? Finally The fuck is this place… So i was closed in there, nice. The shit is this? Nothing happened yet but the atmosphere is… I’m getting goosebumps Did something broke out from here? *Checking time* Alrighty i think this should be enough for starters Dont know how the save system works… Whatever i think this is the first part.

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