100 thoughts on “Smoking Vulture Brains in South Africa

  1. Can everyone reading this just take a second to google South Africa, go across to images and see for yourself. Yes most places in Africa are struggling immensely with poverty but not all of Africa is just crazy poor people running around killing each other. The media loves to portray Africa as one big shithole with no hope there are actually some amazing and first world level cities and great educated people however all the rest of the world is shown of Africa is its problems. This whole smoking of vulture brains, first off is completely illegal, shunned upon and only practiced in the poorest slums by less than 0.01% of the population all of whom being completely uneducated and living on the streets. And to those commenting about the killing of albinos, there has not ever been a single case of this happening in South Africa and is only be found to happen in a handful of tribes in Northwest Africa who are for the most part completely uncontacted by the western world. Yes South Africa has a decent amount of problems especially in case of corruption, which happens in every country, South Africa isn’t just what the media shows it to be. So stop calling every African uneducated and educate yourself.

  2. This is what leftists look like at the end-game. Those pesky conservative conservationists ruining their utopian vision, again.

  3. great idea call a spirit aka a DEMON he comes forth tricks you gets you to do things for it and when he no longer needs to woops your dead lol then your screwed cause the man above doesnt approve of this and you can go to the place below and enjoy that misery for enternity.

  4. i hope all the animals are gone and these asses are going to start offing eachother and smoking their poles LOL go smoke pole pal bet that tastes lovely too LMAO

  5. I scanned through the comments…Really? No South Africans going to say it? I left about 13 years ago as soon as I finished my degree. Whilst studying I heard of two cases of muthi murders of children (rare ingredients that up the power of the spells). That is two murders (just in the KwaZulu Natal area) in four years. One man killed his 4 year old nephew and inhaled his brain fumes for luck, then bought a lotto ticket.

    Pieces of another little girl were found under a female Sangoma's bed after neighbors complained of the smell. I'm not pointing hate or trying to shame, I'm saying ignorance can be fucking dangerous. As a teacher I feel true education is the only way S.A. doesn't end in flames. However, after my mother and I surviving an attempted hijacking in Durban, it won't be me providing that education. I can offer you a brisk handshake and a heartfelt 'good luck'. Hope you make it.

  6. watching this it all makes sense now, thats why africa is so fucked up, they still live in the stone age.
    Religion and drugs were always used as one in the past.

  7. The brains alone is gross but just whatever to me. But what makes it all stupid is the gun powder glycerin and a big ass wad of dirty news paper, i don't know about visions but i know they can get cancer. I have also been to churches here in America in the south and watched people acting just like these people are speaking in tongues and wailing around so i tend to not believe in the fact this does anything profound to the brain. Since honestly i think the people that do that shit in a church are fucking nutjobs.

  8. When they zoomed in on that person holding that vulture, I thought that was an incredibly beautiful bird, their eyes are amazing and it's coat has a purple iridescence. Truly phenomenal

  9. How cute, with freedom now they reverted right back into their primitive lifestyle. This is not saying much for black evolution.

  10. Pause the video at 1:53 and look at what is out of place. These motherfuckers have an ADT security system for their vulture brain shack. What the actual fuck is going on.

  11. "You can't just tell somebody what they should believe and what they shouldn't beleive" – Big paradox think about it

  12. They are witch doctors. The one with the white skirt thing around her neck was speaking English once taken over by the demonic spirit. Re watch if you didnt catch it that was fuckin creepy

  13. You need these birds, if you have these guys and animals sit there and be a giant cuture for all kinds of illnesses. Then when it sits you have a Chance for new diseases to start.

  14. people said, humanity began in Africa, and they're still stuck in that era. Not just the brain, but the entire bird is poison for the human body, the resulting brain-deads can be seen here.

  15. Never know what to expect when a group of 70 average IQ'rs get together and figure out you can kill stuff and eat it.

  16. I always new that black people are able to give something abiding to human civilization. Thank you for this wonderful confirmation.

  17. Oh they're just smoking brains, that couldnt be too bad, "mixed with gunpowder and glycerin" nevermind i was wrong they are all going to get cancer.

  18. Western medical doctors have FINALLY started looking more closely at
    Kampo – Japanese traditional medicine
    TCM – Traditional Chinese medicine
    Ayurveda – traditional India medicine
    Time for them to take a closer look at Muthi medicine, before parts of it goes extinct.

  19. What a crock of shit. It's like belief that tiger bone or rhino horn helps you get it up. i'd rather have the vultures than these idiots.


  21. These people live in the middle ages. They have no planetary consciousness. The world would not be what it is today without the basic contribution of Western culture. Their religion and traditions lock them into stupidity.

  22. I heard that eating cow poop helps your stomach.. also having sex with a goat increases libido.. I should probably move to Africa and become a witch doctor.. "heal" some people with my "powers"..

  23. This is like Vice but without obnoxious hipster reporters saying the ethnicity of their subjects every 10 seconds.

  24. This is all fucking nuts. I practice Santeria. As a VEGAN. I refuse to have anything to do with animal sacrifice at all. I will never make Ocha and I don't care. Times have changed. There is literally no reason to kill animals. Think about this – The animal becomes incredibly stressed before death. I've seen it with my own eyes. It's fucking ignorant and disgusting. These idiots are smoking stress and cruelty.

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