Sleep Disorders Center: What Happens in the Sleep Laboratory

the usual way that patients end up in the Sleep Lab is that
they’re not sleeping well. the Sleep Lab has … we actually have
twelve rooms in two different locations. there as much like hotel rooms as we can make them; the rooms have their
own bathroom there’s a cable TV you know there’s a
big bed. obstructive sleep apnea is by far the
most common ailment that we see and the population of patients that have
sleep apnea far outnumber all sorts of other ailments. however we are able to diagnosis various other sleep ailments. We see problems with daytime sleepiness for
unknown causes we see people who don’t sleep well we see people who do funny things at
night they may dive into the dresser or
they may sleepwalk, they may scream and yell at night things like that. they make kick
and jerk their arms at night. the actual study involves measuring a whole bunch of
different things that a person does throughout the night when the patient is in the room sleeping
with all this apparatus on them technician is across the hall and
monitoring all these signals. they come and they have a study and
then these, these are long studies are eight
hour studies each computer screen like this is setup so its thirty seconds. and so you have to go through each thirty
second period and say is a person awake, are they
asleep, what stage sleep are they then you have to go back and say are
they breathing or are they not breathing why are they not breathing. is it a brain
problem? is a throat collapse problem? and so you do those two
things and then the computer puts it together it spits
out a report after that’s been done I look at it and I say, yes, this is right I’m worried about this it’s only
happening on the side its worst this way or that. Sometimes will initiate treatment
the same night sometimes the patient will have to come
back and have a second sleep study with that treatment.
this is still a new field to and there are lots of places where
it’s ambiguous and that’s where experience comes
in and helps out almost universally what people say, is
wow, you know, this really helps tremendously.

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