100 thoughts on “SixBlindKids – EXTREME Hi’s And Lows In a TYPICAL Day – Autism, Sleep Disorder, And New Bed Reveal!

  1. You are the best Mom EVERRRRRR! These kids are amazing and your love is insurmountable. Love & hugs for you, Karen, for being the most loving caring hardworking Mom. I hope you feel better Jesseeee!!!!
    Hi Abi!!!! You are incredible. Xoxoxo ♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦋🦋🦋🙏

  2. My son is not blind but he does have nonverbal autism and we are going through the same thing right now hes covered in head to toe with bruises and it's the same things transitions mabey anxiety I have no idea I just feel so bad do they take medicine for it? I'm seriously considering it edit: I get that guilt when I have to call him off school too! lol you are so relatable and I wana say you are a super mom

  3. Obed’s smile could cure all illnesses! Also your level of knowledge on all your kids disabilities is amazing! You’re an amazing mother! Constantly doing your best you which is the best you can do! Yay

  4. KAREN: Have you thought about having Bethanny being paid from SSI for part time care for Jesse and Obed as a part time job at home? Just from time to time. Xoxoxo ❤️🦋🙏🌼

  5. Oh boy, I know this too well. Autism and sleep problems. Me one is hard enough but for you it’s times that by six. That’s like climbing mt. Everett.

  6. I really give all my respect and admiration to you and your husband just because i wouldn't be able to do what you do. Your kids are so blessed to have you both in their lives💜🖤♥️💙

  7. You seriously can do it all momma! You could have your own interior decorating show the room looks so good. The details are amazing, I love the birdcage.

  8. I am my Mom’s PCA! We’re searching for an additional worker right now because her hours were extended beyond the 39.5 hour cap I have. It’s hard to break down and allow a stranger in your house and trust them with your loved one, I know. I am looking forward to having additional support though! For peace of mind more than anything.

    Have you tried the Walmart pickup service?? As someone who is also always low on time, it’s a lifesaver. I do it weekly now! There’s an app you use to pick out everything you want, divided by department. You pick a day and time, go to your Walmarts designated pickup area and they bring your groceries to you and load them in your vehicle for free! It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me… Top ten, at least 😂

    Sending love to your amazing family all the way from northern Maine 💕

  9. You know what… I don't mean to be offensive or anything but I have been scared of blind people, but watching you guys has overcome my fears of them and I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! the kids are so talented even with their disabilities

  10. I think it's always so weird how schools have rules about how long a child is allowed to be absent.. I understand that you can't just keep a child out of school without a reason but sometimes even a simple flu can last for two whole weeks and to then also have the school on your back because your child is STILL sick is so stupid.

    In your case it's even more stupid since these are special needs children. I am sure having autism is hard enough bu to also come down from being very sick and not being able to truly express how you feel must be very hard on her. School needs to calm down.

  11. I love Bethany! She is my most favorite,of course all the six of them are my fave💕 but i must say, Bethany is the caring sibling of them all! She is so kind and sweet. I’m so happy for her new daybed. Thanks mom and dad👍🏼

  12. You are beautiful! Your children are beautiful! And Bethany's new room set up is totally beautiful! You are all so blessed to have each other. Big fan from Boston!

  13. A few years ago the only other family vlog I'm subscribed to Kevin Chapman seeking help had documented their autistic son's downward spiral and how for a whole year they could not get him to school it even resulted in the school fining them for so many absences when its something that is obviously beyond anyone's control the dad kicked up a fuss and asked one of the most profound questions why are we being punished for our son's autism? Especially when it was issues at school that caused the downward spiral in the first place it has to be all so exhausting for you guys you obviously want her to go to school to get her services and learn but autism is unpredictable and you think the schools would expect and understand that

  14. You got this mama and I love their bedroom poor Jessie being so sick as for the school they're idiots she doesn't have a choice in what she's dealing with none an no your not over explaining

  15. My mind still boggles as to how anyone could have an issue with Abi. I mean, look how happy she was to be having a sleepover in her sister’s room. How could anyone take issue with someone so cheery? Hope you had a good sleepover, girls!

  16. I don’t think I’ve seen Bethany’s room much until this video! It looks gorgeous especially with her new day bed! I’m glad the girls are starting to like it!

  17. I'm high functioning. Sleep is sometimes nonexistent for me. Melatonin doesnt work at all. I take lunesta. But I go through spells as long as 72 hours straight with no sleep.

  18. I agree with you 100% on the aggressive behaviour being a way she’s communicating. Maybe she had a headache, maybe her stomach hurts, maybe she doesn’t feel well and that’s the only way to get her point across

  19. Omgosh the day bed is awesome with sll those pillows. And Bethany and I have the same favorite pillow! I looove soft and fluffy. 😃

  20. Has Jesse tried taking Hetlioz for her disorder? I am sighted with Non-24, and I have never used that one. But I remember when it came out it was a big deal.

  21. I know it's frustrating when the school bugs you about attendance, but when my son was pretending to go to school while I was at work, and the school didn't notify me until he had missed 20 days in a row. I will probably get bashed for not realizing that he was skipping but he had his siblings lying for him.

  22. Hard to believe Jesse acted like that. She always seems so sweet and happy. I’m sorry everybody has been sick for so ops so long. Jessesaying yes and high was the cutest thing ever!!!

  23. Hello there I do watch your videos on a regular basis their interest ordinary videos you're both you are amazing parents to these wonderful kids I don't know anyone who were done that strong winded the amazing kids and you can tell them hello from the UK we will always will raise the flag high up

  24. One of the things that struck me was that I was trying to do it all a few years back, for my sick elderly parents, not kids, and do a part time job too. I didn't want help because with husbands help, 'I was coping' and wanted to do it. I wish someone had told me to stop pushing myself BEFORE I needed it and accept a bit of help before i needed it too! I ended up with CFS or sometimes called ME! A condition that is for life and is not always fun. Not saying this to scare you but to warn you that if you push too hard it can happen to the healthiest and I wish someone had told me that but I was/am stubborn!! So do think about the PCA Before You Need One!!! On another note, you are a wonderful mum, and I think you missed your vocation, you would have been an amazing interior designer! Wow, your house is gorgeous, love your colour combinations and decor in Bethany's room. Stay well (even if the others don't) and have fun all of you xx

  25. I just found your page and I think you and your husband are just incredible human beings. Love your family and I admire your patience and sense of humor. You are beautiful inside and out 🥰

  26. You poor Mama, you deserve that lunch and alone time! Obed's smile changes my day. He's so cute. Bethany has the cutest room. I love how you've decorated it

  27. i imagine her blindness doesnt help the condition either
    and yes i well know the drop in the cup that overflows times bless you.

  28. You seem like a truly wonderful woman and mother to your babies (am sure that no matter how old your children get they will always be your babies) much love and respect

  29. Bethany's bedroom looks so cozy! You all did a beautiful job decorating it! I love the night stand in between the two beds! The whole room looks straight out of a movie! Love it! 👍💙

  30. You guys need to be careful with this new corona virus going around. That "simple cough" might be something a lot worse than a simple cough. Take everyone in for an exam.

  31. Good gosh, poor Obed! At the residential facility I work at, our kids are feeling the winter sicknesses too. We had the flu, strep, and vomit/diarrhea taking down our kiddos like flies 😅 I hope he gets better soon!

  32. I (rather UNFORTUNATELY) really understand the over-telling of explaining things, because I do that, too! I take an hour to explain a 5 minute thing. It’s usually quite annoying for my adult kids, but they’re used to their ‘ol mom 😊😊😊

  33. Bless your heart, I honestly don't know how ya do it! As a Senior, it just amazes me. & bless poor Jessie's heart for having such a rough time. Poor kid. I sure HOPE she is feeling better by now.

  34. Oh my goodness, I sure HOPE Obed, Joe, Jessie & all of the rest of you all are better. A sickness like that can just keep going in a household & that is NO fun AT ALL!!! You did a beautiful job with Bethany's room!! You all have done super things for all of your kids!!! What a passel of blessings!!!💞💜💞💜💞💜💞💜💞

  35. I wonder what CBD could do to help you and your family? Not meaning to be rude, just knowing how it greatly improves my seizures and is super relaxing… Idk.

  36. That is really inappropriate on the school's part. You're her parents and caretakers, obviously you know the most about how to manage her conditions. She's probably not going to learn that much if she's exhausted anyway!

  37. That sleepover looks like fun Bethany. I remember having sleepovers with my sister when we were younger. It’s been so long since I’ve done that. I never was invited to any other sleepovers so it was special when my sister and I did it. I’m glad you love your new daybed, your room is beautiful. Your mom did such a great job with it.

    I’m sorry to hear that Obed is sick, winter is a horrible time for sickness. Hope he gets better soon.

  38. Hi I'm so glad you got the school to get off your back with the kids having to miss extra days. Sometimes you don't know why they don't feel good and they just need to miss extra days and I'm glad they're going to understand that. By the way your house is beautiful in Bethany's room looks absolutely amazing she is so sweet to Obed and Jessie set it just melts my heart you guys have a wonderful family

  39. I work in a middle school SPED classroom and have a girl who reminds me SO much of Jesse, except she has SOME vision and a lot of hearing loss. People can be so judgmental because I'm not constantly punishing her for her "bad" behavior, but dammit, she's not being BAD in a traditional sense! From her perspective, all she's trying to do is get what she needs from the people around her when she thinks that they're not understanding her, and yeah, if she feels her basic rights or personal boundaries are being crossed, she's gonna get awfully mean about it! Fighting her fire with my own won't help EITHER of us grow, not to mention, I don't REALLY feel like getting in a knock-out, drag-out fight with a child half my size! Not exactly a 'teachery' thing to do!
    Instead (and this is probably similar to how you work with Jesse), I constantly work on EARNING her trust (not demanding it), and trying to help her understand confusing situations as best she can so she is WILLING to work with me on them. Sometimes it works amazingly, and I can get her to do things she doesn't really want to do because either she now understands their importance, OR she can trust that I wouldn't be making her do something that's going to hurt her. Sometimes that doesn't help at all and she has horrible days in my classroom where I can't even get her to look at a book w/o me being hit. But even then, that's okay, because it's just ONE awful day in our lives compared to the many good days we've spent learning from one another. And because she does trust me and we've built that good relationship, tomorrow can be a new day and we can both get that fresh start with one another. And that's something that NO ONE without a disabled love one in their life will ever understand.

  40. I have 'high functioning' Autism too and my half brother is severely autistic. I struggle with transitions too. Would using her transport wheelchair to get her from your van to her bus help? Or even being able to use the transport wheelchair downstairs at home if it's flat when she's like that so you don't have to battle with her to get from place to place and then fight with her to get out the door. Autism is hard. I rarely have meltdowns at the moment but when I'm feeling ill I tend to have more meltdowns because my 'people tolerance' (which is normally on the low side anyway) gets a lot lower and things like noise and light seem so much more intense. I find that when I'm ill and feel too ill to do my normal routine that also puts me on edge. I think when anyone gets ill they're generally less tolerant, more sensitive to noise/light, more emotional, tired so doing anything is so much effort that you don't want to do it, more irritable, if your body feels heavy or aches then any movement is difficult or hurts, you feel sad and a bit down because you're not feeling well, being in pain makes people sad, and if you're exhausted or have something like flu or a migraine you might just want to stay in bed and sleep all day. I think with people with autism these things seem to have a much greater impact on their day and how they feel or behave, than someone without Autism. With people who are non-verbal as well as having Autism I can imagine that there's a degree of frustration of not being able to say something hurts, that they're tired or say that they don't feel good and need the day off. For people with non verbal Autism they might not understand why they don't feel good, or if they are more emotional because they don't feel well then it's harder to express that emotion or talk through their emotions with someone. E.g if anyone has a headache they don't want bright lights around them, so if you throw in Autism and sensory overload issues into the mix then the headache spirals into sensory overload and meltdowns. Autism is definitely tricky, but factors like being ill, tired, or having a headache, being in pain, or just having an off day, definitely do seem to have a much larger impact on someone with Autism which generally increases meltdowns, combative behaviours, self injurious behaviours, intensifies emotions, and lead to them refusing to go somewhere or do something.
    I know that you probably know this already but I thought I'd share my insight as someone with Autism in case it is helpful to you! I hope Jesse is back to her normal Jesse self soon and that she flip flops back to night sleeping so you can all get some well deserved rest!! xx

  41. I always mention the kids, but I want you to know I think you and Joe are rockstars too. I can tell just from your eyes in this video that you've been through it. It's hard raising one child but raising six! You guys are amazing!

  42. Sweet heart 💓 you got this. You guys know in the end its all worth it. The endurance is hard. The reward is great. Its hard work but its the joy that comes from a lifetime of fulfillment. Im proud of you guys all the time for enduring the trials and hardships. The relationship building and family moments brings the blessings of life. I know in older age it gets harder to take on. Physically and mentally when you guys properly need rest and retirement in the next few years. You can do it even maybe getting home care help when it comes to dawnting. You guys can. Smart people loving and caring don't take anything to personal so what you can however ans what capacitibility you can do it. Im proud keep it up.

  43. I work for a psych hospital and we have a few cases of the flu. All patients and staff are being offered Tamiflu because Missouri is in the red for flu cases.

  44. you are the best mother ever. huge respect for you. Amazing kids as well. been following you since ur family’s interview on sbsk. ur channel is reli awesome. Love from Hong Kong.

  45. I am a new susubscriber, as of this morning, and I could not stop watching your videos. You have raised and taught them so well on how to be independent. I have a friend who had one child and then adopted, over the years, 20 children all with disabilities and handicaps. This was back in the early 80's. They raised enough money to build a bigger house that would accommodate the children in wheelchairs. Special parents, special children, special love. Congratulations on the growth of your channel and I wish your channel much success. ~Joanna♡

  46. Forgot to add…it was so sweet the way dad was saying goodnight to each of his girls that were a part of Bethany's sleep over. So cute and I couldn't tell who was more excited about the bed, pillows & furry throw, you or Bethany. I think it was "the mom", it usually is. Oh how I remember those days. ~Joanna♡

  47. You’re really beautiful I don’t know how you have time for makeup with all the kids! I only have two part time and I just can’t get it done😞 maybe sometime you can give us some tips on quick makeup and self care as a video?❤️

  48. 🙏💚🙏💚💛💜💛💜💙💖💖💝💕💕💓💗❤❤😘🍀🍀🌹✌✌🙏💚💛💜💛💜💙💝💕💕💗❤💖❤💖❤💜❤💜💙💜💙💖💖😘🍀🌹🌹🍀😘🍀💝

  49. Karen I don’t think you know how amazing you are. You’re 24 hours are a lot lot longer than most peoples and you always keep your hilarious sense of humor 😆 you guys really are so inspiring.

  50. Wish I lived closer, I'd apply!!! I work in home health- most of my experience is with hospice and geriatric care, and I'd love to learn autisic/special needs, support care for blind patients, from someone with as much experience as you! I don't care how much classroom education you get, nothing compares to life experiences. And you're FABULOUS at caring for your children!!!

  51. Awe mommas,You’re doing a wonderful job!!! I am like you when it comes to coughing colds I keep my boys home so to keep others safe.When my oldest has to go back after cold/flue days off he is so slow he almost is going backwards just cuz lol it’s maddening 🤪🤪🤪 But has to be done .Keep up the great work hon 🥰 your channel-Poor Obed with the throwing up😕 Best wishes

  52. All of you must be so ready for spring with all the viruses and cold. Poor all of you. I love how you all just persevere through it all!! I somewhat understand the sleep rhythm issues. I work an open schedule. Sometime evenings, sometimes days, sometimes overnights. So even though I have to be up at 4 am. Here I am wide awake at 2 am. But I am not dealing with the issues Jesse has to work through. So I'm just going to keep praying that all of you are all on the mend.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤!!

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