Simply Kenna or ‘Cozykitsune’ Being Problematic AGAIN

welcome back in today’s video welcome
back welcome back today with a video we’re gonna be talking about a cozykitsune otherwise known as Makena kaelin otherwise known as simply Kenna changed
your names quite a bit but she released a video where she was diagnosed with
Asperger’s we’re gonna go over that and I found some things that I wanted to
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unfamiliar with cozy consume a she is a youtuber with almost 900 thousand
subscribers also goes by McKenna Kaelyn and also simply Kenna and a lot of other
names she’s changed your name as an attempt to run away from past mistakes
the past mistakes was her committing illegal acts such as plagiarism and just
stealing art from other people in general things like that she was also a
very much in the act of covering those things up trying to make excuses for
them so it leaves the Internet to be extremely skeptical when she comes out
with a video diet talking about her diagnosis of Asperger’s now the
diagnosis is not what’s in question here but the the way she’s spinning the
diagnosis towards her past acts is also if you guys don’t remember I did do a
video in depth about Cozy kitsune that was published on May 2nd of this year
titled the bigger picture simply Kenneth cozy could soon a I highly suggest that
you watch that video for some added context to this video
I was just recently diagnosed with autism spectrum this so as you can see
this is a legitimate diagnosis from Tokyo mental health it was classified as
a das – classification autism she does go over what autism is in this video but
there’s a lot of things that strike me the wrong way I’m just gonna give you a
explanation from Psychology Today as burgers syndrome is an autism spectrum
disorder ASD considered to be on the high-functioning end of the spectrum
affected children and adults have difficulty with social interactions and
exhibit restricted range of interests and or repetitive behaviors motor
development may be delayed leading to clumsiness or uncoordinated motor
movements compared with those affected by other forms of ASD now compared to
those affected with other forms of ASD those effective as burgers do not have
significant delay in language or cognitive development cognitive
development is the construction of thought processes including remembering
problem-solving and decision-making from childhood through adolescence to
adulthood but some of them do have an advanced form of vocabulary and just
overall come across as very intelligent at a very young age the thing that
really does strike me isn’t all about this is in this video it’s almost like
she’s very excited to sort of since she has thick snake notices it seems like
she’s pushing that on to it saying oh this is the reason that I’ve done so
much wrong that being said is very vague a very common is the
inability to understand other people’s emotions and your own emotion so people
on the spectrum are usually considered very blunt rude insensitive robotic all
of which I am called on a regular basis I do want to point out that she says
people with Asperger’s have an inability to understand others emotions and that’s
just simply not true even in the screenshot that she posts on
here to understand as you see here it says even after taking in consideration
McKenna’s cultural background her social interactions use of language and
structure of conversation reflect abnormalities associated with autistic
spectrum disorder this affection is stronger in areas of empathetic guest
use unusual eye contact perception of others emotions quality of social
overtures and facial expressions so someone with this might have difficulty
doing that but they will not have an inability to do that keep in mind with
Asperger’s cognitive development is a construction of thought processes
including remembering problem-solving and decision-making from childhood
through adolescence to adulthood meaning that she does have the ability
to tell right from wrong has no problem remembering or problem-solving now of
course I do not have ASD so I don’t completely understand it from her
perspective I’m sure having Asperger’s does make it at least a little bit more
difficult but like I said I don’t understand it from her perspective but
if you have ASD and/or you have a better understanding about this I want to hear
from you in the comment section below so let me know but another thing that
sticks out to me and just strikes me as an odd is that she literally blames her
past illegalities on ASD blaming it literally on mental health this has led me to many many of
misunderstandings in my life and even some of my hottest scandals when people
would ask me did you paint that picture I would say yes because my brain was
like yes the kind of you didn’t physically paint that picture with your
hands and it never crossed my mind that they were implying did you create the
concept because my brain is like what they wanted to know that that’s what
they would have asked lots of misunderstandings and all that jolly old
stuff at this point it does appear to me that she is trying to place blame on her
past illegal acts such as plagiarism on the autistic spectrum disorder this to
me paints a misunderstanding with mental illness and introduces sort of like a
misplaced fear and it does nothing to help the stigma around mental health but
I want to hear from you guys about that psychology dot-com states that while
there are times when people with mental illnesses commit wrongdoing it is the
exception and not the norm they are most commonly the victims and not the
perpetrators now just looking at it at face value I personally believe that
Kenna needs to stop trying to justify ur past mistakes and probably needs to go
back to just owning up to them and certainly not trying to blame them on
mental health but that being said and as interesting as scissors are sometimes
more interested me that’s right you guessed it I want to know two things
much greatly be creative under a traditional responses in the comment box
like since always brothers and sisters I will see you in the next video
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100 thoughts on “Simply Kenna or ‘Cozykitsune’ Being Problematic AGAIN

  1. ARE YOU READY for late nights with the Repsquad who just happens to be the BEST squad!!!!! 😍💜 *Q&A on Instagram! road to 15k followers! -*

  2. I have ASD and I would never use it as a complete excuse for bad behaviours or treating people like crap. Like yeah, sometimes I do say insensitive things but I'll feel bad about it after processing the situation – she's had time to do that with all the scandals she's caused. Autistic people do have empathy, maybe not to the extent of neurotypical people but it's NEVER an excuse, we're able to apologise just like everyone else and not use our aspergers as the scapegoat

  3. This shit makes me so mad!!!! I also am on the ASD spectrum and this bitch out here making all of us look bad. I have to put forth so much focused effort into trying to be a good person who can function with everyone else and this woman just wants to be like “hurr hurr I have aspergers and I can’t act right 🤪🤪🤪”. Like. This is why no one wants to take us seriously!!! God.

  4. I don’t know I kind of get the painting one. If they truly did ask about if she painted it then I can see her answering yes truthfully because she takes things very literal. But she still should’ve known that it was wrong to straight up copy other art. But she does have a point. Taking things literal is very common and creates miscommunication. But even with that, right and wrong should still be known. I don’t think it’s an excuse to get out of trouble, I think it’s a explanation as to how she got herself into trouble.

  5. I have Aspergers, and i would say i'm very sensitive to other people's emotions. I have had a hard time all my life distinguishing others emotions which has led me to be more cautious!

    We can see others emotions, we just have varying degrees of difficulties distinguishing them, so it's definitely not an excuse! She's just morally corrupt and too proud to admit to her lies/mistakes.

  6. Let’s not lie to ourselves, this behavior is a very common one among humans , wondering for years what the hell is wrong with them , finally getting diagnosed, being excited, mhh so that’s why I did that and that and that …basically putting out all their bad behavior on their desorder while not understanding their desorder properly yet !

  7. I hope this is not the case but knowing her past, I really wouldn't be surprised if this is just another 'edgy' thing to make her 'different'. Kenna has always screamed BPD to me, not being on the spectrum. I also find it very strange that this is only coming about since she moved to Japan, a country where the medics know nothing of her character or her past health, only what she is telling them which is probably a lot of cringe edge lord stuff about how she's sooooo different and unique and how she doesn't fit in anywhere 🙄 None of it seems genuine to me, sorry.

  8. As someone with ASD. It should not be taken as a mental disorder, it can lead to mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. However, something very interesting with women. Most of the time, women can go years without being diagnosed and sometimes when they are diagnosed it could be a false diagnosis where they are labelled with mental illness instead of their right doing such a personality disorder. I was diagnosed at nineteen, I am now twenty-four years old. However, Aspergers in women is very, very difficult to tell because women Aspergers, they 'roleplay' in real life. They watch other people in social situations and they began to act like those people to fit in. Survival of the fittest you can say.

    Yes, she is right where she says sometimes we do not understand other people's emotions or our own, for I tended to use wrong emotions at very serious moments of my life. Although I would never use my disorder if I have done someone wrong or hurt them, that is rather a childish way to think. "Such as 'you can not be mean to because i have ______ . " However, when people use their mental disorders/learning disabilities, to defend bad behaviour, it's very wrong.

    Also a reminder, no two autistic people are the same, they can be very different one can be very smart the other might not be and be average smarts. They also become obsessive with their interests and that's where most of their facts can come from, say if someone was interested in anime with Aspergers, they might be able to tell you the episodes in order just from memory.

    With me, I had signs since I was a child, however, I was hiding under the bed about it. Everyone thought it was 'oh it's Lydia being Lydia, blah, blah." I would never look anyone in the eye, I would cover my mouth when I spoke, I also was a mute until was five years old that soon became me having a speech problem where when I spoke no one understood me, even till this day sometimes people have to pay attention to me. It might because I am British but my inner fear is because of my voice.

    My mother when I was diagnosed did a lot of research on the disorder so she could help me since I was nineteen and she was mad that it took me this long to get diagnosed over the past things I had gone through. However, Aspergers has good traits and bad traits. In the media, people have started the trope of a super-genius autistic dude. It is rarely like that.

    Last bit, I do not agree with her using Aspergers for her bad behaviour, because you're right we do know from right or wrong. Yes, we can't understand others emotions that well, however, I'm sure if someone said you 'stole this art.' is very blunt that you understand what they're saying. People autism you just gotta be blunt with them or they might misunderstand. We aren't the best with sarcasm and some sayings that can lead us to confusion, etc, etc.

    The one thing I will constantly hate about telling someone I have autism is the saying of 'you don't look autistic' no shit, it's like my brain has the disorder, not my outsides.

  9. Kudos to you for making such a sensitive, thoughtful video on this topic! 2 technical clarifications: first, ASD is technically a developmental disorder, not a mental illness. Second, and more importantly, ASD folks usually do not have INITIAL cognitive development delays, BUT they tend to have a variety of other cognitive issues, e.g. executive functioning and memory problems.

    I have really mixed feelings about the situation. I’m aware of but have no strong investment in the drama; however, I myself have ASD, know multiple others with ASD, and have researched ASD extensively. It’s vital to note that symptomatology varies wildly between people, and ASD in girls/women is still very poorly understood.

    Anyway, I find it quite plausible that some of her naïveté and inability to think through the consequences of her actions could be caused by ASD. Re: knowing right from wrong, most ASD folks actually have a really strong sense of justice, but by struggling to understand more nuanced social rules may make mistakes that harm others. We may also get defensive when attacked for said issues (the reasons for this are too complex to get into here), but once we process and work through what happened, many of us can take accountability and apologize.

    I agree with others – mashing her diagnosis into a semi-apology video was a poor choice, and it would have been far better to split the topics up. At the same time, although I can see the ways in which she’s treated artists really poorly and have no desire to justify her behavior, I am also able to see her perspective. I feel that the mental and emotional processes she describes in this video ring true to me, and provide at least some explanation for her insensitivity and inability to fully take responsibility. As an AFAB person (women are frequently misdiagnosed or missed altogether) who was also undiagnosed until my twenties, I often look back at my behavior and cringe! I think that it took a LOT more experience than it would have taken a neurotypical person to understand how to adapt in ways that have made me a better person, even though I never had any intention to be unkind or obnoxious. She is not me, I am not her, I am not a subscriber or even a regular viewer of hers, but I tentatively think that maybe there’s more value to what she’s saying than others can acknowledge (especially strangers on the Internet). Which still doesn’t excuse her behavior, and I hope that she can learn and grow instead of getting stuck in her own perceived rightness.

    To anyone who actually reads this, I’m sorry about writing a mini-essay!

  10. I have aspergers as well, was diagnosed two years ago. I've been following Kenna's drama for a while now and I think her chalking everything up to her having asperger's is bullshit.

    It still doesn't make sense that one of her fans asked if they could get the same plagiarised tattoo that she had and she said no, implying that it belonged to her and was her own artwork. This isn't taking things literally, this is trying to take credit for someone else's work.

  11. Hey 👋🏼 Rep~Always happy to get your Notification 🔔…. Before I start listening, I did read the intro to the content, I have to say Asperger’s is something that has an onset of before 2 years of age.. So, I’m more than a little skeptical of her claims~ EDIT: She apparently didn’t do any research before claiming to be “Diagnosed at 24” .. As of 2013 the diagnosis of Asperger’s was removed from Daignostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders & people are now included within the Autism Spectrum disorder, along with autism pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified I know about it because my Stepson is.. It’s nothing to “throw” that word around when you need a reason for the way you’re acting 🤦🏼‍♀️

  12. As someone with Autism and an M.A in Clinical Psychology myself, she doesn’t come across as Aspergers to me. By the looks of it she got diagnosed in Tokyo and their cultural perspective of disorders is different than ours.

  13. Thank you, Rep, for explaining this, much better than I ~ Just an fyi, my stepson that was diagnosed at around 2 years old is now in the Air Force & married with 3 little girls 🙏🏼

  14. I’m loving getting your Notification 🔔 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Thank you for all the great videos 🤗

  15. "using mental health as a method to justify illegal and just generally bad behavior"

    Oh so she's like every person online ever

  16. It doesn't justify her behavior but if she's telling the truth (maybe) then that Would explain Some of her issues. People with asperger's don't typically have boundaries as an average person does in terms of right and wrong. Not that that again excuses anything. Most people in the world have a basic sense of right and wrong.

  17. Finally, someone spoke up about this.

    Someone on instagram asked her if she has ever gone to a beauty con. Her response was "No I am autistic, lol"


    a simple no would have been fine (even though that's a lie). Why did you need to bring up being autistic?

    That is just one of the many examples recently of her using her autism as a crutch and it's disturbing.

    It's so sad that now she is going to use being autistic for any future action she makes. We've already begun to see how she's using it to justify past actions.

    Also, I thought her legal last name was Suman? why is she using Kaelin on a legal document….?

  18. Here’s the thing: I’ve known people with Aspergers/Autism my whole life and, from what I’ve personally witnessed, they do in fact fall into the pattern that Kenna has done time-to-time. HOWEVER. It does not justify their actions! The matter of fact is that if they won’t own up to their mistakes then it’s more than a cause of a disorder. Case closed.

  19. She probably doesn't even have aspergers and just plays it for brownie/tumblr/special snowflake points lol
    This goddamn tumblr romanticism that uses mental illness as an excuse to be shitty, just hurts people who actually have autism & aspergers or any other kind of disorder. Good and honest people don't deserve to get lumped together with this dumb cow.

  20. every time you get something off the dark web you kill someone and they blame it on you .do my deeds but your the one whos shamed.nobody and im still waiting for a steamed brocolie and brusleysprout vid

  21. I'm extremely passionate about defending those with Aspergers because they're always given a bad name. This is literally no exception. I too have asperger's. And I do stupid things. But I don't use it as a shield to explain my fuck ups. I own up to my mistakes. Kenna is literally saying "oh yeah I plagiarized but it's because of a mental disorder so you can leave me alone now ty" like what? This is just immoral and she really has no idea how to grow up and face that she screwed up. People with asperger's should not use it as an excuse and this just makes me so angry and disappointed.

  22. Hype for Rep! So glad to see you back at the daily grind! You brighten the Repsquad's day, each and every time we see you. 🙂

  23. I don't see ASD as a mental illness. It is just another way someone thinks. Neuro diversity is still being understood. My son is on the spectrum, and he has never been "ill" to me. He is just different. But he is happy and I do hold him very accountable for his actions.

  24. You can't be diagnosed with Asperger's anymore since 2013. There are no 'different forms' of autism (anymore). It's just 1 heterogeneous disorder: ASD.

  25. People who have asperges still take responsibility of their own actions for the most part. I dated someone with Aspergers. Some girl came up and hit on him, and he was kinda like “ya I kinda got that vibe but I wasn’t sure and I didn’t know how to handle it. I’m sorry. I love you.” He wasn’t like “oh I’m an aspie and I don’t know any better” like he’s justifying a 3 year olds actions. Which I feel is what she’s doing.

  26. I didn’t realize she was even still around. Last I heard of her she and her horde was bullying someone she stole art from who called her out. That being said I find this hard to believe. Sounds like an excuse she’ll use for her terrible behavior past and present

  27. She's using all the negative traits and doesn't fully understand what these traits even mean. She's an idiot. It's not hard to get diagnosed something that you want to be diagnosed with. I've been diagnosed with schizoeffective disorder and I do not have it. But at the time I was convincing myself that I was schizophrenic.

  28. My sister has aspergers and she is a fantastic artist. She draws very well and composes her own music on piano. But even though she has the ability to produce her own art she is captivated by the works of others and constantly draws cartoons by other animators and puts her own spin on it, a lot of times adding herself in as a character. She also loves to play Commercial jingles along with other well know classical piano pieces. While she knows she cannot claim these arts as entirely her own she is always quick to point out that they are her renditions and that she enjoys rewriting well known shows and stories. Now, I have two points to make here… people with aspergers tend to share this trait, so I do not think the girl in the above video is simply making excuses, this is just something that they do. I feel like in a way it gives them a sense of belonging, like my sister lives through her art. When she includes herself in a piece that she loves it makes her feel like she belongs. When in some other aspects of her life she feels like she doesn't fit in. And the other point I have to make is that we caught and diagnosed my sister's aspergers very early on and so we were able to shepherd her more and teach her right from wrong in a way that she could understand, we explained to her things like plagiarism and why it's wrong to use someone else's work and call it her own. So now that she's 18 and still doing recreations we know that we can trust her to always be honest about them, that she is simply using it in a therapeutic way. The girl in the video above did not have that early guidance customized to her condition due to her late diagnosis. I feel bad for her. She is misunderstood and even tho her behavior is wrong and needs to be corrected, I don't think the internet has a right to tear her apart. She is likely fragile person and not entirely responsible for herself.

  29. If she was using BPD as an excuse that would be equally as fucked up. She's pointing out all the negatives like as if that's what the doctor said to her haha. I'm sure that the "doctor" said 'you only plagiarized and lie constantly because your autistic' mmmmhm

  30. The experience I've had with personal time spent with another on the spectrum has really not much in comparison to this video of which the in which I never ever have not been given more genuine love and care by someone whom despite socially being very obvious with deficits, justify his mistakes made which are more direct with not awareness of social norms including inability to talk about a subject they passionately will loudly only speak in more rapid and the awareness could.eliminate the facts like yelling in middle of public areas, not realising his yelling or be consumed by a passion topic he realises his public physical place which may also look rude when unaware to any other person whom may need to pass next to you, he cannot feel or hear their polite excuse me which of course, these behaviours look to others as rude, as harmful EXCEPT awareness is pointed out to his voice and the person passing by simply if you tell them very basically of what is their awareness only then to these things and INSTANT realisation of their own inability now known they accept and apologies are given genuinely but having a lack of awareness is not anything which is equal to being intentionally with lacking emotions and empathy, more so it is not ever as awareness gives that blind spot vision if you simp,y accept and recognise because you know fully there is nothing inept about their inability, they are simply lacking this awareness of which perspective outside may look or appear to violate as a wrong doing, but that moral right or wrong is not applicable when there is nothing of being aware to intentional choice then accept and with nothing blaming them for doing wrong, but simply bring awareness to what they may be perceived as wrong or harm, psychpathic inability is aware of wrong as consciousness allow them perfect awareness of wrong or right and choice to wrongdoing intentional due to no ability to feel any emotions such as guilt or shame, this is as opposite the way which is feeling far too able and aware making a video of past wrongdoing due to being mentally as aware of which always full guilt and responsibility due after you inform them of their voice loud or to let pass the other person, they hold themselves with full intention to accept their awareness of which no one needs to tell them wrong is their own selves to have and they gain awareness, you show simply and no judgement of blame, they always and instantly realise really wrong or right and take by never intended to ever do harm nor are fully aware and show sincere apologies to all, it's literally a blind spot which never would they think to blame on their own condition as guess what, the same thing of emotionally being as deemed unaware to this, is equally as their own emotions show, they lack the awareness to know what they are feeling but only by not being aware to why they may feel this, not what they feel, they need someone to ask why and often it is people whom they have really valid reason to another's wrongdoing intentionally to them, so they need to link their feeling of upset to then be why and aware of them being treated by someone whom example is called them insultingly they need to link often by then they can understand it is this reason which awareness of others wrongdoing intentionally is the missing part of perception, not ever the emotions of others as they are fully emotional as anyone else without the exact same emotional range, they struggle to know what is wrong by needing it instantly be said those dots link, and then they are valid in not feel sad now known by them, you give validation to their emotion as valid and also, they never validate as soon as you need to say if you feel them yell to say very simply not judgementally they accept instantly your emotions with full validation. Past wrongdoing then is never to think how to get rid of responsibility as that is intentional wrongdoing not being fully aware of anyone emotionally be valid but key is aware by this video showing truly beyond anger I feel and I know why, pure blame to deliberate make their awareness shift onto excuses and always play the mental health game of blame when so clearly and hopefully my really long explaining here can give others insight to clear manipulation, use the things which are always seen in conveniently the now blame mental illness conditions or anything related with my intent be my acceptance of my wrong, I'm not choice of use the thing which never would be done by anyone with these actual real things. As manipulate needs one thing to blame shift which rules out the entire belief of knowing no condition or mentally related ill health is at all present, it cannot be when show the one video in not proving awareness and choice to still blame self, yet nothing is pre meditated like blame by use of excuses to invalidate all responsibility is not a real condition in the claim to have such direct contradict the ability to clear look foolish as condition stated knows this act making the video to pre meditate you are are invalidating your self in claim anything. You show the stated condition clearly by wrongdoing, chosen as you blame it. That needs first to know of how you can make others feel, which therefore by default you're aware 100% of the single thing that reality they cannot do. Awareness of blame shift is manipulation for be aware motivations exactly rule out the claim to why. It's impossible by proxy. Stupid and cowardly morally wrong is this video, more confident to claim this fully, and nothing of anything medically claimed is self aware to know this is me stating fake. Faked and morally cowardice is this person as taking blame needs strength, weak is cowardice to excuse wrongdoing by blame anyone but inability to look like a real wrong corrupter person whom also too immoral to even be able to say anything sincere in sorry. Medical deficiency is nothing real except for clear diagnosed as moral wrong be egotistical narcissism by not blame for valid reasons, able to say I'm seeing pure moral cowardice by protection of which is narcissism related, however this is not clinical npd nor am I a doctor in any way to professionally claim this, but it is fully existent outside of medical use, by my reason here be allowed validation by really well done to show narcissism by doing everything corrupt of wrong doing, but not want to even show anything of responsibility like every single person on the Internet in every one apology videos be exact theme of blame all my wrong on anything but me, showing so obvious and clear to what is nothing but real clear coward. Few and rare but human mistakes we all do, acceptance of blame without excuse is found rare across this platform, so rare in fact it shows whom is real life saying genuine sincere a words, by really taking responsibility fully, nothing on top of words why at all, nor error human made do deserve fully me see them change afterwards too, this to anyone morally who tries to do good, as given my own ability to understand my capacity to do wrong, it must be then chosen if I do or don't and choosing to not let myself do harm infentionally as I live, that to me is truly definition of strong, and that is I know my own ability to be as wrong as evil is, but choose to live intentionally by not ever wanting to such, is modality which improved it daily as no one is human and by default flawed and with error. I fully know I can possibly do harm, but not would it not be taken full responsibility for my own actions as daily I intend to continue improving and be continued in learning daily my self in intentionally be morally good be with its daily need to improve as still I will not be doing that on the last day I'm here to try, so if anything, I intend fully to say this wrongdoing but I accept it this is awareness of intentional insult by wishing that she just can F*ck off now. And with that, I'm not sorry but accept fully my choice to say it to her with no remorse, I wish she did. 🙂

  31. In addition to my other statement, regarding my sister again. She in fact does have trouble understanding the emotions of others, she is not incapable of understanding rather things just don't come off to her the same way they do to you or me. Like for example, if someone says they feel fat, my sister will say "you are fat" she's not being mean, she's simply stating the facts. People with aspergers are indeed very blunt can come off a rude and have trouble with sarcasm. My sister takes things very literally. Like if you say "oh Annie you're crazy!" In a playful way, She'll say "no I'm not" she'll then tell you she has aspergers. Thinking you made a misdiagnosis.

  32. My son is on the autism spectrum and he has a really hard time understanding emotions and facial expressions belonging to those emotions. We have to say to him that we’re mad or happy and in turn he has to tell us. If I raise my voice and he doesn’t understand that I’m angry it’s overwhelming for him and he’ll usually break down and cry.

  33. Love some daily uploads, but don't want you to get burned out on it! Maybe every other day? Or no weekends? Either way, it's great to have you back! Love your content!

  34. I’m definitely considered rude and have difficulty realising if I have upset/hurt someone but when it is explained to me why I am wrong I will absolutely know and understand what I have done. Some of the other things she described as “misunderstandings” are complete bullshit. Autistic people still know when they have plagiarised something. She is 100% using this as an excuse.

  35. Her “excuse” is 100% valid.
    To talk that down is shitty..
    You have to be weirdly specific whit some people who have Asperger.
    She made a mistake and now she’s explaining why. Not everything need a sorry whit their explanation.

  36. It’s like she’s purposely not looking directly into the camera on purpose…look at her other videos, she’s very well spoken, and has absolutely no problem looking into the camera directly. But in this video, her eyes are wondering and she hardly looks into it….to make us think she can’t do that….girl, BYE! love you, rep! ❤️❤️

  37. As a person who has Asperger's syndrome, this is just disturbing. Using a disorder such as this for an excuse is NOT a good one. As an ARTIST too, tracing and stealing ect, is not a logical correlation. You CHOOSE to plagiarize. You DONT CHOOSE to act differently towards others and not understand social cues and the likes. Just because you have a disorder doesnt meant you cant do anything wrong and say "Oh, I couldn't help plagiarizing, I have ASPERGERS!"

  38. Does she not know there are varying degrees and symtoms of autism and it’s possible to have some traits but not some others???

  39. As an autistic adult, the incapability of understanding other people's emotions does not come from a choice. It's literally not understanding. For example, saying good morning to a coworker at work makes me absolutely cringe because it makes me feel awkward. It's a social norm and other individuals see it as polite, it's impossible for me to follow because it makes me so incredibly uncomfortable. I dont understand why someone feels the need to say good morning every day. I just saw you 8 hours ago.

    Another issue I have a lot is making jokes about things other people dont think is funny. I dont understand the emotional attachment so someone has to correct me and let me know I hurt their feelings.

    When my father in law died, I was sad for my husband and for my son who hadn't gotten to meet him. I myself personally dont understand people being upset about death. I get that they do and I will support them because I know they are upset… but I myself dont have the same attachment in the same ways.

    It's really not as simple as saying, oh, if they WANTED to understand, they COULD… it's like telling a colorblind person that they are failing because they must not WANT to see the color blue.

    That being said, her blaming autism on her not answering a question correctly is bullshit 🙄🙄

  40. Her reasoning behind how her illness caused her to plagiarize is a little flawed. When she talked about her plagiarisms in the past she never said she thought people were asking if she "physically drew" the picture. She even accused the original artists of being the ones who copied her. Meaning she knew full well what people were implying, when they asked if she drew the pictures. Also didn't she already upload a video where she actually owned up to a lot of her mistakes? Because then it makes absolutely no sense to now come up with new reasons why she did things wrong. I'm not saying she doesn't have Aspergers. However, I think she is exaggerating the effect her illness has on her and also now uses it as a convenient way to excuse her wrong doing in the past without having to own up to it.

  41. My brother is autistic and he does have problems telling others emotions like whether someone is joking or serious or being aggressive with him

  42. My boyfriend and father to my kids has ASD and he is amazing! She made it look like an an excuse to all of her bad behavior. He is loving and loyal and is the one who stays home w the kids while I work (he does have issues w social stuff) and he can function just fine. He is obsessive w the things he has interests with but wouldn’t create something that wasn’t his and say he made it up. 🙄

  43. Many of the comments in kenna's video say tht she's not using this as an aesthetic although she is using it as an excuse to cover her past mistakes and I don't think thts okay

  44. Hey Repzilla I sent you an email on a topic I hope you can look into and discuss. I used an old email account so the name might sound like a fake email but it's not. The subject is "Hunting the dead" I've tried to contact other YouTube channels to look into it but no luck. So I hope you can bring light to this. Thank you

  45. I went to school with an individual with Aspergers for 8 years. I was his best friend. He is extremely intelligent, aware, and most people bullied him since they found his triggers and would continue triggering him. I stood up for him. Anytime that I could. He has never let his diagnosis and the way people treated him stop him in any way from doing what he loves nor did it affect how he behaved towards others. He goes to school for art and he does amazing.

  46. I work with special needs adults. Including autism(high to low functioning). One of my friends has two Asbergers kids. None of them act the way she does as far useing the autism as an excuse. I'm so sick of some youtubers use ing mental health as an excuse for their behaviour. Including but not limited to Amberlynn Reid & Bigbeautifulme. I have mental health issuses as well and I feel I live a fairly normal life. I certainly dont use it as an excuse for my behavior. It certainly doesnt do anything to help mental health awareness. Just because you have a mental health issue doesnt mean that it controls your choices and actions.(but yes I know there are special cases where it is a major part of poor behavior, but those people wouldnt have the compacity to have a youtube channel. I know I work with them almost daily)

  47. A 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 of applause for Rep! As a former special eduction teacher I find Kenna’s excuse of her diagnosis of Asperges to be the sole reason she has made past mistakes. My hope is that she gets the counseling she needs and learns to live a successful and happy life.

  48. I have been diagnosed with PUWPS (putting up with peoples stupidity), so I can't be held responsible for anything I might say or do to someone I feel is being stupid.

  49. The condition is what doctors call a "high-functioning" type of ASD. This means the symptoms are less severe than other kinds of autism spectrum disorders.

    The DSM-5 also includes a new diagnosis, called social pragmatic communication disorder, which has some symptoms that overlap with Asperger's. Doctors use it to describe people who have trouble talking and writing, but have normal intelligence.
    So, it’s not called Aspergers anymore and it’s a form of autism which is usually diagnosed very early on because the symptoms stick out. Symptoms

    They start early in life. If you're a mom or dad of a kid who has it, you may notice that he can't make eye contact. You may also find that your child seems awkward in social situations and doesn't know what to say or how to respond when someone talks to him.

    He may miss social cues that are obvious to other folks, like body language or the expressions on people's faces. For instance, he may not realize that when somebody crosses his arms and scowls, he's angry.

    Another sign is that your child may show few emotions. He may not smile when he's happy or laugh at a joke. Or he may speak in a flat, robotic kind of way.

  50. My friends sister had Aspergers and only talks about movies and she is the highest functioning person with Aspergers I’ve ever met but she cannot drive and has to live at home and is on tons of meds and she would NEVER ever tell someone she has it. She is trying to find a disorder to cover her mistakes. Fuck people who use things like self diagnosed autism to justify being a shitty person. And by fuck people like that I mean, fuck her because I don’t know anyone else that has ever stopped this low to try and cover their ass because they’ve been called out for being a bad person. She is on the “I am a victim!” train and taking people who actually suffer with this along with her to hurt them. Also my friends sister I’ve known for 20 years and has never lied to me that I know of however, ASD usually causes her to be to truthful if anything and she will outright tell me I look beautiful in my dress or that my shoes look like I found them in a trash can behind a strip club. But she laughs about it and so do I. She has never said “sorry i did so and’s not my fault it’s my ASD!” She takes accountability and she is really cool. Diagnosed as a young child because they display symptoms early on WAAAY before puberty!!

  51. It infuriates me that she's using Aspberger's as an excuse for her toxic behavior. A family member of mine as it as he is extremely thoughtful and consider of the feelings of others, just a bit socially awkward (nothing wrong with that, I am too, to be honest).

  52. I have ASD. I am not unable to understand other people's emotions, I often have trouble distinguishing what emotions you might be feeling. And If I can figure out what emotion you are feeling, I may not know how to respond. She wasn't quite correct with saying that we have an inability to understand other people's emotions. Sometimes it can seem like it, though.

  53. As someone who is currently in therapy and is also going through treatment to possibly diagnose asperger's, asperger's is not a mental illness. A lot of people who have asperger's DO often struggle with mental illness alongside asperger's but it is actually more of a developmental disorder. I am by no means excusing her behaviour but I do understand how she has made some mistakes if she wasn't aware of her condition, I'm really glad that she is getting the diagnosis and help that she needs. 🙂

  54. literally as soon as i saw this video i just said "what did she do this time?"
    shes always getting in trouble for things that she could've EASILY AVOIDED.
    and as a person with autism, i hate that shes using it as an excuse.
    because no, having autism doesn't excuse her for having such bad behavior
    but i guess theres not much we can do :/

  55. My son has Asperger’s syndrome. ADOS-2 is the test. He also had delays in language and cognitive development. It is important to know rep that ASDs are broad. An adult could easily fake a diagnosis by simply rattling off their symptoms.
    Her description is extremely ignorant and insensitive.
    He knows right from wrong. He does have trouble differentiating sarcasm in language. Asperger’s is NOT a mental illness.It is a developmental disability / behavioral disorder.

  56. People with high-functioning Aspergers are capable of lying just like you and me. But they REALLY stink at it! I have a great friend who has high functioning Aspergers. Very fun. Fun sweet and kind. And incredibly smart! He is a web developer. He has come a long way from where he was to where he is now. He had to teach himself how to look for emotion on people. How to act with emotion himself. And through this, I believe he became the most thoughtful, well-rounded person. Honest and true. He's such a cutie! But I hold him close as my little bro haha!

    She, however, I don't think she understands what she is doing. Not that "OH SHE DOESNT UNDERSTAND B/C SHE HAS ASD." no. She is twisting and twisting and throwing in little things to make herself look innocent through as you all say, "mental illness". But ASD isn't a mental illness at all! It is a DISABILITY. And if that was true that she just got diagnosed, a lot of things OTHER THAN WHAT SHE'S LAID HERE BEFORE US would make a lot of sense.

    In high school, I knew a girl. Her name is Samantha. The very first time I met her, we were both riding the short bus, because I have a severe heart condition that made it impossible for me to go on long walks or run period. Anyway…I met her on the bus. She was drawing Inuyasha. Back then, Inuyasha was the new anime on Toonami, and she and I bonded over the fact that her artwork was really, really good! She LOVED Inuyasha. And I'd dare say that she was very much obsessed with it. That's all she would talk about. And back then, ASD wasn't really well known, I don't think. And it is more common in boys than in girls. Facts!! Anyway, years later, I met up with her again. She told me she was diagnosed with Aspergers. Back then, she did have the usual teenage attitude. But she was blunt at times, but usually really shy. But whatever she was stuck on, she talked, and talked, and talked about it. Which isn't a bad thing. That was her Aspergers. It was hard for her to accept that she was diagnosed with ASD. But she got over it. And let me tell you, that girl is an artist! Through her obsession, she got better at drawing every time I saw her!

    But this Kitsune girl, I really don't like how she construed things to make it seem like all the bad things were an incapable-oopsie, and that she's innocent from STEALING ART. You stole it. You can't justify that by having ASD. A very great quality of people with ASD is that they are MOST very honest! They can't fake it to make it! I know it sounds like I am discrediting her disability. I am not. But it does hurt to know that she would go to great lengths to justify what she's done. Okay, I have to let go of this haha. I'm going to start ranting.

    Here's a helpful list of things that depending on what side of the spectrum they are on, they can have the following "symptoms" in ANY situation!

    1. Very kind, very sweet. Almost child-like. (This was Samantha for a very long time, and even now in her late 20s, she's still very childlike and loves toys and stuffed animals) <3
    2. Very trusting, very articulate. VERY INTELLIGENT!
    3. Doesn't really notice that they are being rude by being blunt. But are also very polite!
    4. Can easily get upset by a disturbance in their daily rhythm, or by a sudden change. (Samantha was like this, too)
    5. Any loud noise, sudden flashing lights, big crowds can easily, EASILY make them upset. (Samantha hated crowds more so than any normal person. She despised loud noises.) This causes a SENSORY-OVERLOAD, and they cannot cope with it AT ALL while it's happening. They usually cry or yell because they don't know what to do with themselves while this is happening. They may even ACT OUT. It depends on how severe their ASD is.

    Hopefully, this list helps those who do have ASD. And I am not claiming to be an expert. When I found out that Sam was diagnosed, I went and read up about it. I was also a respite provider for a young girl who also had ASD, waaaaay on to the spectrum and was semi-functioning. No matter what, just because you have ASD, you are you! No one will ever want to change that. I hope that this helps people be more understanding over small children who have ASD. They can easily have breakdowns, and it's no one's fault. It is just how the child's mind works. Everyone is different! As long as no one is being harmed, have some compassion for parents with children with this disability.

    And last but not least, no matter what, be kind to one another.

    Thanks for reading~!

  57. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I just found out that I was considered mentally challenged (developmentally delayed) or “handicapped” or “retarded” (both are words that used to be used for this condition, but aren’t anymore) I wouldn’t be thinking about how I will do my make up and hair and then make and edit and upload a video about how I am the victim storytime true (but mostly lies) story about how I’m belittling people WITH ASD by saying I have it and I am not liable for anything I’ve ever done because look I have a piece of paper!

  58. Does this mean that you’re a bully now, Rep? Because you talked about someone who is currently developmentally delayed? I’m going to have to get twitter or instagram just so I can ask you these things lol. I’m going to talk to my shrink when I see her next and ask her about this exact thing and get her thoughts.

  59. 2 of my kids have ASD. And I'd say ur research was on point. My kids are learning about sarcasm and idioms. They have made leaps and bounds with learning facial cues. N my kids can lie.. but they are awful at it. Lol. N my kids have never ever been called rude. Forward, yes. I can't stand this chick. My kids have been called " helpful, well behaved, thoughtful, caring, loving" and NEVER have their bad decisions or misdoing or social qualms or mishaps been blamed on their ASD… Life is about learning. N mental health is NOT an excuse.. it's all how u are taught. N I am my kids #1 teacher.. my goal: to make their diagnosis as unseen as possible while advancing their quality of life..
    I want nothing more than productive, positive humans in society.

  60. I recently found her channel and fell in love with the aesthetic and her videos seemed really nice. I haven't seen the aspergers vid yet even tho I've been getting recommended it a lot. But as an artist (not a great one lmao, but still) I find it very upsetting that she plagiarized someone else's work like that :/

    I'm not on the autism spectrum but I do have borderline personality disorder and I have to say, mental illness is NOT an excuse for doing shitty things ever. Bad people always have reasons they do shitty things, and while yes people do make mistakes sometimes for the wrong reasons, no one should ever just say "oh it's because I have this mental disorder" and make no effort to correct their mistakes, apologize, or try to be a better person. I've made plenty of mistakes in the past because of my disorders and my upbringing and having not so great friends, but I've learned from my mistakes and am still learning. If I do something wrong, I will own up to it and face the consequences, not pretend to be a victim.

  61. My little sister has Asperger's and she may be blunt at times (she's referred to my husband as an idiot to his face but immediately apologized) but she is INCREDIBLY empathetic…the fact that Kenna made her horde of followers attack other youtubers for something silly means she does not care about others. That has nothing to do with Asperger's and that is her own fault. Since she tried to blame it on her disorder makes me believe that she either does not understand her own diagnosis or she may not have the disorder at all and is trying to use it as a face to blame her mistakes on. If it is the latter then she is incredibly manipulative and doesn't deserve to have an audience.

  62. There are people who are not diagnosed as children for a lot of reasons.

    1. Someone misses it or ignored them as just a bad kid.

    2. Parents in denial.

    3. Certain communities regard any different behavior as bad and don’t what their kid treated special. I knew a mom who didn’t want to believe her kid had adhd and the school and doctors had to show her proof. So yea I can believe at age 24 she can be possibly diagnosed. But that’s her business. People need to focus on actual shit she’s done and can prove.

  63. I live with someone who has aspergers. He is awful. I've never met someone who lies and steals so much. Then always blames it on his disorder. Thank you for doing this video.

  64. As the parent of a child with Aspergers, and someone who works with a wide range of people, this made my blood boil.
    She is using a diagnosis (which those reports don’t look legit) as a scapegoat to gaslight her followers. Even my 7 yo knows his diagnosis is NOT an excuse for bad behaviors.
    What a crappy human.

  65. Hey I usually don’t comment but this seems like a time I should. My girlfriend has ASD and I have come to know many of the strange things that come along with It. It’s not uncommon for her to completely miss understanding something that can have multiple meanings. Complex situations like Kenna’s art work scandal are her fault, however she must be told that it is wrong before she can recognize what she did. Instead of trying to shift the blame it’s much better to accept it and learn for the future.

  66. I have a daughter with ASD and a nephew with severe ASD also I was a special needs teacher and had many students with different ASD’s. This girl is nuts trying to place blame on her disorder for all her wrong doings.

  67. While it can be cathartic and even exciting to finally get a diagnoses to help you understand why your thought processes differ from others, I think she's trying to find an excuse for bad behaviour.

  68. Both my sons are on the autism spectrum.. both know full well that copying somebody's work is wrong, especially as it's a rule drilled into all children from an early school age. My boys are chalk and cheese, but they both love a rigid routine, and are more likely to get stressed when peers around them don't stick to rules, rather than they break rules themselves. I know it doesn't apply to all, but my youngest just cannot lie, even when the truth gets him into trouble, it's like he was born given a truth serum.. my eldest tries to but fails miserably cause he ends up in fits of nervous giggles 🤷‍♀️ In fact, my eldest did a Bachelor of science in computer engineering and gaming software, and when he fell behind on assignments a sn support suggested he copy, and he was so upset that he went straight to his mentor and told on them.
    I don't know about other countries but in the UK, it took 2 years for my eldest to get a formal diagnosis, and a long painful 3 years for my youngest (they kept putting him into social skills group classes to try and change him pre Ados .. it made him feel so bad about himself, it broke my heart… urgh, he's in a much better place now and I'm so proud of both my boys 🥰

  69. This reminds me of the time MomoKun blamed having ADHD for her sexually assaulting/harassing people. Not saying both are equally bad (since MomoKun should get jail time tbh) but having big people in the media who blame their bad actions on mental illnesses/disorders is unfortunately becoming popular. All they do is not take responsibility and push more stigma on people who are mentally ill/have disorders

  70. My friends brother has this diagnosis and he is incredibly distant and very VERY mean. I think that what she was saying isn’t vert far fetched. Is it good behavior regardless? No but Is what it is

  71. My little brother has asperger's. He struggles to understand emotions but as hes got older hes got alot better. He knows right from wrong just as I do

  72. I don’t really know anything about this girl, so I can’t speak to her situation personally, but as someone who is on the spectrum I can say that a majority of what she was saying is true and understandable. People on the spectrum can have A LOT of difficulty perceiving other people’s emotions, so it could be totally true that she just didn’t understand that she was being rude. Her comment about people asking if she painted the paintings is also understandable, I would probably do the same thing. If I did a drawing/painting that was inspired by someone else’s work or was a rough copy of it, and I was asked if I was the one who made it, I would say yes, because it’s not a lie at all. I did create that piece of art. Did I create the concept? No. But that’s not what the person asked. People on the spectrum tend to take things very literally and seriously, it’s also why I have a hard time understanding when someone is being sarcastic.

    I’m not trying to defend what she did or say that using mental health as an excuse is okay, but at the same time it’s important to realize that people who struggle with mental issues or disabilities can’t be held to the exact same standards, because their brains physically just aren’t the same.

  73. The phrase "mountains over molehills" comes to mind when I see this stuff. "past illegal actioins" O yeah, simply kenna is a hardcore criminal. Totes. Me and Bugsy Siegel are going to recruit her to help run illegal henna.

  74. holy crap!! leave this poor girl alone 🙁
    we all make mistakes in life no need to judge people for that! So many rude comments on this video, is that what you guys really want to be know for??
    Mental illness’s are not things to joke about so why do you think she’s using it as an excuse?! she’s human like we are and even though shes done some not so good things in the past we should treat her the same as what you would want to be treated 💕

  75. Who was that one girl who blamed her ADHD or something when she was grabbing people’s butts at anime expos and cons? Lol. That just came back to me.

  76. She keeps coopting things to suit her own ends. Religion, culture…her prior bad acts make it very difficult to believe her because of her affectation and how she’s using a mental disorder as a free pass to be an asshole.

  77. Given the fact that "Asperger's syndrome" is not an official diagnose anymore in the DSM since May 2013, made me really surprised about her diagnosis.

    I am an adult with Autism (31,F), greetings from Germany.

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