Shyness vs Introversion

Welcome to Psych I.R.L. My name’s Donna and I’m an introvert so that just means I need to socialize less with others Imagine the game, the sims In this game you have an avatar and this avatar needs to fill up on socialization Just like in real life People get lonely People are social creatures Studies show that that both introverts and extroverts are happier after talking to someone The difference between introverts and extroverts is how much socialization they need if introverts and extroverts were sim characters the introverts socialization bar would would fill up faster than the extroverts bar when engaged in socialization sometimes the only socialization I need is literally this Donna: and umm 1 number 2 Cashier: okay what kind of juice but a lot of people equate introversion with shyness literally I kid you not, look it up on google So because of this I actually got in trouble for being an introvert You know I wasn’t told to sit in a corner and think about what I did but i was lectured by my parents and told not to do this anymore Right here I have my report card from the 2nd Grade and this is a bunch of my teacher’s comments umm and I’m going to read them to you Donna continues to progress in her work She is beginning to play a little with others but mostly just watches Yes I do play games with others but mostly I like to draw and just imagine I’m in Some far away land 2nd quarter Donna has been playing with others more often this quarter She has been progressing well in all academic areas Donna has been a joy to have in class awww Third quarter. Donna is progressing well in all areas She is beginning to play and socialize with others at recess so yeah after my parents lectured me obviously, I tried to correct my behavior and socialize with others more so i wouldn’t get a lecture the last quarter Donna continues to progress nicely in all areas she is again not preferring to play with others at recess *laughs* so i guess at the end I was just like you know what? whatever. I give up Because of that I was always equated with being shy so I thought Spending alone time is wrong I need to change my behavior Hey people are calling me shy So, I must be shy but research has shown that introversion and shyness are different dimensions Shyness is the tendency to feel awkward, worried, or tense during social encounters especially with unfamiliar people and with that definition I felt like I wasn’t scared of interacting with others I just preferred to draw and be in my own wold so it was once thought that 25% of Americans were introverts but new studies show it may actually be up to 50% and it may be because of those clearer definitions and yeah for the longest time I did think I was shy because people were calling me shy and they didn’t understand introversion but back then it made me feel like something was wrong with me that I wasn’t supposed to feel this way and now knowing these terms I’m happy with it it’s okay to be an introvert. its okay to need alone time so that’s the end of the video hopefully you learned more about shyness and introversion if you like it share this video with an introvert an extrovert or just anyone that needs to know more about this if you like it again, give it a thumbs up comment and subscribe for more videos

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  1. Great video! I love the dragon! Questions: is it possible to have a personality change from an extrovert to an introvert?

  2. Great video Donna. You did a really great job on explaining the differences between introversion and shyness. I remember getting similar comments on my report card. "He's a great student, does well in class but he needs to come out of his shell." Smh. The part at 0:36 was hilarious btw lol.

  3. I'm the opposite – my progress reports usually complained about how I wouldn't shut up most of the time (my favorite teacher was very polite about it and called me "exceptionally expressive"). Extrovert problems mostly happen when your friends get exhausted and you NEED the social interaction, but you can't get it because strangers are all wearing headphones (I haaaaate headphones because of this), so you're stuck on your own. That's why I started YouTube. To have a camera to talk to when nobody wants to hang out with me.

  4. That McDonalds drivethru, haha.

    I love the production value of this video. I also really enjoyed the fact it was more personal than just an educational video.

  5. I wished people knew more about the difference of shyness and introversion. I was always told to stop being so shy when I was younger, and I have slowly become less and less shy but I am definitely more towards the introversion side if we were to place introversion and extraversion on a spectrum. Thoroughly enjoyed this video and cannot wait to hear more from your psychology IRL series 🙂 keep up the great work girl x

  6. hiyeeee new subbie here! WOW I absolutely loooved this vid!! I am a introvert as well. I completely get it … I am actually shy tho… But for some reason people dont think that I am.. your channel is soooo freakin cool!

    ~BB~ BTW hope you can stop by my channel also

  7. Love this series! The drawings go so well with the explanations and they're not overbearing! New sub for sure!!

  8. This video helped me not only realize that I am an extrovert, I am also a shy extrovert. Lately , I've been trying to give it my all to be my free spirited self without holding back. It's totally working so far…

  9. i'm both,to some degree.Oral presentations in class made me feel really bad and i usually don't talk to people first,i wait to be talked to.But i'm not anxious at parties,so long as i'm not the center of attention.Great video,thanks for sharing something more on the private side!

  10. I love this. This exactly what I went through during my childhood and early teenage years. I still get lectures from my parents to be more sociable and go out more. It's become an internal struggle, but there is no one I can talk to about it, because my family either mistake introversion for a mental illness or shyness…sigh

    Parmi l’ensemble de mes sœurs qui sont 4 et de mes frères qui sont 2, c’est moi qui suis le plus introverti de la famille MOCCHETTI-MOLINARI. Je peux dire que je suis introverti de naissance et dans ma toute jeune enfance, je vivais heureux dans ma coquille, étais je autiste à ce moment la, je crois que oui. Contrairement à mes sœurs et mes frères, je ne parlais pas, je n’avais pas d’opinion, pas de répondant, je devais être ennuyeux pour les personnes qui cherchaient à communiquer avec moi, beaucoup me disaient que je n’avais pas de caractère et cela a perduré pendant des années, jusqu’à l’âge de 28 ans. Scolairement parlant, j’étais très moyen en expression orale forcément et en expression écrite. Au Collège comme au Lycée, je détestais la Littérature et la Philosophie, ainsi que les langues étrangères, mon introversion a été un vrai handicap pour moi. Par contre quand j’ai fait mes études supérieures, je me suis découvert des facultés importantes pour les matières scientifiques et les mathématiques avec une particularité pour les mathématiques où j’ai brillé de la 6ème jusqu’à la 5ème année de faculté (UFR Sciences de Metz). Pour résumer je suis sorti de la Fac avec un Master que j’ai obtenu de la meilleure des façons (mention TB en Licence de Construction Mécanique et mention B au Master). A ce moment la j’avais un faible niveau en expression orale et en expression écrite. Je m’en rendis compte quand je fus embauché à SGN (ex Saint Gobain Nucléaire) filiale Ingénierie de la COGEMA devenue AREVA NC. Comme tout le monde, je me suis formé sur le tas, j’étais Ingénieur d’Essais, puis Ingénieur Responsable d’Unités pour finir Ingénieurs Achats & Marchés en intégrant le projet 2490. Très vite j’ai appris à faire de la rédaction de qualité, et à m’exprimer oralement avec éloquence. En tant que responsable, j’ai encadré des Techniciens pour commencer et ensuite des Ingénieurs d’essais quand je fus promu Ingénieur RU à G27. J’ai calqué mot pour mot la façon d’écrire et de s’exprimer oralement de l’Adjoint Opérationnel de G27 et de l’atelier T1 (UP3 800), à savoir Monsieur Jean-Jacques Izquierdo qui excellait dans ces 2 disciplines. Je dois donc mon niveau actuel à JJ Izquierdo que je remercie au passage pour m’avoir fait énormément progresser. Pour aider ma femme Sophie LARONCHE à s’occuper de notre fils David qui était insomniaque à l’extrême les 10 premières années de sa vie, en plus d’être Autiste et Hyperactif, j’ai négocié un départ de SGN fin mai 1990, pour aider Sophie à s’occuper de David, nous étions pas trop de 2 tellement que David était dur. J’ai donc sacrifié ma carrière d’Ingénieur, c’est David qui a primé par rapport à celle-ci, qui n’aura duré que 11 ans, si je n’avais aidé Sophie à s’occuper de David, elle et ma fille Ophélie auraient craqué en faisant une dépression nerveuse. Quand je parlais de manière très éloquente avec mes amis des Terrasses à Equeurdreville, ils me disaient que j’étais très cultivé. Depuis 2009, j’ai quitté Equeurdreville pour venir habiter à Pont l’Abbé pour me rapprocher de David qui séjourne depuis le 29 décembre 2004 dans la Fondation Bon Sauveur, dans l’Unité Pierre Jamet pour être plus précis. J’ai très peu d’amis et je vis de façon très sédentaire, donc je communique très peu oralement au présent et je n’ai plus l’éloquence verbale que j’avais de 1986 à 2009. Je n’en suis pas sur, mais je me sens de nouveau introverti faute de communication verbale, j’ai l’impression d’avoir fait marche arrière, fort heureusement je ne me sens plus présentement c'est-à-dire au 27 juillet 2016 dans ma coquille d’autrefois.

    Alain Mocchetti
    Ingénieur en Construction Mécanique & en Automatismes
    Diplômé Bac + 5 Universitaire (1985)
    UFR Sciences de Metz
    [email protected]

  12. I'm introverted and shy , but do you think it could be a little chicken and the end that being introvert slowly starts to makes you shy ?
    is they lots most shy introverts than shy extroverts ?

  13. I intentionally try to make my appearance unusual. I like wearing bright clothes and I like when people comment on it. I like speaking in front of people and enjoy being the focus of attention. I like being open about what I do and believe. I actually like to shock people. I am not shy. But I am an introvert. I don't like being in a large unstructured social gathering. I don't mingle well. I prefer to talk to one person or even go off for a walk by myself. I really enjoy being alone, in fact I often talk to myself for a long time when I am in my car, or home alone.

  14. It seems like you are suggesting that shyness is bad and something to overcome, whereas introversion is not. I get that there is a difference between the two, but why should shy people feel guilty about themselves? Why shouldn't they be ok with being who they are, just like you are suggesting introverts to be?

    Sorry if I misunderstood your meaning. A lot of comments here also seem to indicate what a great insult it is to be misunderstood as shy, while actually just being an introvert.

  15. I wish people were more understanding I tried to explain being introvert to my best friend and he said don't hide behind a fucking word that I'm just a dick for my actions of course he is the most extroverted person I know so obviously he will never understand

  16. Now that your older and have some knowledge you can tell your parents whats up and that there was never ever anything wrong with you, all in a loving and respectful way, of course.

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