Should I Wear This?

– My ride has arrived. There she is. – Hi! – Hi! Hey guys, welcome to the vlog! I hope you’re having a great day so far. Do you wanna go shopping with me? – Shopping. – I have to go buy clothes for Vegas. There’s like a dress
code thing for the panel, that I did not know
about until the meeting. – I told you it was
gonna be business casual. – Yeah, well, yeah, but I didn’t think about like I have to go on stage, so. – No shorts and T-shirts there, Mr. Moss. – No shorts and T-shirts. Hey, my hair is done. Relish the shorts and T-shirts. Why will I be annoyed? – Because of my poinsettia
sales that I’m doing. I’ve made it into a Moss
Squad carriage project. – So Abby’s school sells
poinsettias every year. – [Priscilla] You have
to give me a minute. – If you follow, (laughs)
if you follow, hang on. If you follow Priscilla on Instagram, you post it on Facebook as well? – I did, and Instagram. – So her Instagram wasn’t
popping off enough, I guess, so she put it on the
Fathering Autism Facebook. They sell poinsettias as a fundraiser, and Priscilla thought it’d
be a great idea to post that. – It was! – Okay, babe, but here’s the thing, we have to deliver all those poinsettias. So people are buying poinsettias for us to donate to other places, right? – Yeah, I’m gonna do women’s shelters. We’re gonna do hospitals, nursing homes. – Somebody requested a
domestic abuse place. – Someone asked to do a pink poinsettia for breast cancer
awareness, for a hospital. – So, she’s like, oh Asa is
gonna be so upset because… – I’m like, worth it! – How many do you have? – It’s over a hundred now. But if you get to a certain point, I’m gonna need y’all’s help. If you get to a certain
point, it’ll just– – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, we’re not doing more poinsettias. – Yeah, because then they’ll just deliver it right to our house and I can, that can be my like, staging area. And I’ll have, I’ll have
a whole staging area. I just won’t park in the garage and then I’ll hand deliver
all these poinsettias. I’m so excited about this project. It’s gonna bring so many
smiles to people’s faces. – Don’t worry, none of the poinsettias we buy are going inside the house. – Nope, they’re going outside. – We know they’re poisonous to cats. They’re poisonous to everything, but our poinsettias always go
outside on the front porch. – So excited, look at
all these names, Asa. Look at this! – ‘Cause what we needed is
more, is more volunteer stuff. – Asa, it’s the giving season, be happy! I’m pretty sure there was a vlog… that you said…
– Look, – Look, my, my ideas, no, no. My ideas, so if you missed the
vlog about how you’re gonna get free stuff for the holidays, and be part of giving to
people who are, who are needy, other than you, if
you’re needy, obviously. The vlog for that, it’s right up here. You can go check out
what I’m talking about. But my idea, like, like we literally do giveaways on Amazon so it
ships directly to people. You realize that? Like we’re not storing them in our garage and parking outside because
we have over 100 poinsettias. – It’s gonna be so awesome. – You know you’re gonna
have to water all of them. – Sweetheart, I’m doing this quickly. – Oh. – Like it’s gonna be within two days. – Okay. – I’m gonna deliver them all. – Alright. – Yeah. – It’s for a good cause. It’s for Ab’s school. Hey, I have an idea. What do you think of this idea? What if we got all the local
subscribers that can make it to come over to the house
for like, a little lunch, and then send them out,
like our little army, out to deliver all the poinsettias. – Oh, that would be fun. – What do you think? – That might be a good idea. We could like, have lunch
for ’em and then say okay.
– Yeah. – I don’t know. – Would that be fun? – Okay, we’ll see about that. – We might do that. We’re gonna talk about it. It might happen. Oh my goodness, shop with me! ♪ I wake up, flex ♪ ♪ Thumb down that, check ♪ ♪ No drip this, wet ♪ ♪ Tell ’em run it up ♪ ♪ No sleep no rest ♪ ♪ Might crash might wreck ♪ ♪ But first I stretch ♪ ♪ Tell ’em run it up ♪ – [Asa] I’m thinking, I’m
thinking like I need to pop. – You need to pop. – [Asa] Do I need to pop onstage? – Yeah. – [Asa] Really? – I mean this is a little much. – [Asa] It’s a health conference. – [Priscilla] You could pop. – [Asa] Yeah. – It’s all in how much you wanna pop. – [Asa] Alright, that’s the
most important thing right. I wanna pick the stage outfit first. – Asa’s in trying on all the things. I’m super excited. He hates this part, but he needs some nice clothes. Like he doesn’t, he wears
T-shirts and shorts everyday. So, we’re gonna be doing
fun events, nice events, and it’s perfect ’cause it’ll
work for our cruise as well. Let’s see. He’s gonna do a little
fashion show for us. Woo, I like that. – I feel like I’m going to
a Miami night club. (sings) – I really like that.
– Why is this so stiff? – Yup, that’s a winner. And you could wear that
with jeans if you wanted to. That could be for a
convention day or a night out. – Yeah, they’re gonna go to our channel… – Ooh, I like that. – once they meet, ya know,
people are gonna meet people in Vegas, they’re gonna go
to our channel and be like, oh that’s not the guy. – Yeah but this — – This guy wear a hat and
T-shirts, so that’s not the guy. – Everybody has to dress
up for special occasions. – Yeah, I don’t like this. – You don’t? – No, I don’t like the sleeves. I feel like a kung-fu master. – The pants look awesome. Okay, okay, you’re too much. No girl does this in
the dressing room, ever. Um, the pants look great on you. – They’re stretchy, so
it matches my sleeves. – Oh my gosh, that’s too much. (Priscilla gasps) – Ready? – I’m ready! (gasps) Ooh, I like it! – So, I have a problem though. – Your arms are too short. So, I feel like you should go
a size smaller in the length. They’re baggy. Yeah, are, you’re tucking
your shirt in right? – No. – No? – No. – You have to tuck your shirt in. That is a statement. I don’t know that I’m
liking that for the stage. – Okay, it’s fine. – I feel like you look like an eggplant. – (laughs) – So you need an outfit for Flo Rida. – Flo Rida? – You know, the Florida rapper? But he calls himself Flo Rida. – Is there a specific
dress code for Flo Rida? – I feel like you need to be super cool. Are you naked? – I’m, no. – Okay, that’s good. – Topless. (laughter) – All we can see if your head. Gosh, I’m like your personal stylist. – Hold on, this is a no-go. I’ll just hang this up over here. – Okay. So yeah, Flo Rida outfit. – I think this is number one. – Oh, okay. Oh, I like that. – What do you think? – I like it. – How’s it look? – It looks good. – Does it look okay tucked in? – Yup, and those pants fit so much better. – Right, I don’t look fat, right? – No. – Suck it in, suck it in. (exhales) – Aww, you look handsome. – Is this jacket too much? – I mean. – It’s corduroy. – Right, like, is that even a question? – (laughs) Is this what
I’m gonna wear on stage? – Is it? I like it. – I feel like it is. – Okay, try it untucked. Let me see. The flip flops are really throwing me off. – (laughs) I think it’s too billowy. – Yeah, you want me to get an extra large? Try it out? – Yeah. – Just to see. Oh! – Is that better? – Yup, much better. – 2X was too big. It looked like a… – See look at you.
– I look like a huge shirt… And little pants.
– Yeah, I like that. – Yeah, this works. – Yup, and the 29s on the length. – Yeah, we don’t need to tell
the world how short I am. – Okay, I’m sorry. (laughs) – (laughs) 29 is short! – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Aww, you look handsome! – So this is my on stage outfit. – I have arrived! – Perfect, huh? – Yup, I really like it. – Cool, I don’t know if
anybody is going to be dressed like this there at all. I saw everybody’s wearing
like, super low-key like… – I know they’re like no ties. – Dark garments. – Well, it’s the medical field. – It is. – You’re bringing a whole new… – Spice it up! – (laughs) – This would go really
good with that jacket. – No, no, no, we’re not doing that. – It would look good with the jacket. – You’re not Miami Vice. – Tell me it wouldn’t look
good with that jacket, come on guys. – No, that would look like Miami Vice. – I got, um, I gotta couple pairs, a couple pairs of jeans too. I’m set. I think I’m set, don’t you? – Yup. – Sweet! – You did good. – [Asa] Hi, how was your day? – Good, they said she was a little sleepy and fussy towards the end but… – [Asa] She got her shot yesterday so that’ll make her a little tired. – She got in a car and it looked like she was literally going to pass out. I didn’t know if she was
gonna make it on the way home, but then she kinda… – [Asa] She’s always tired a
day or two after, so, but yay! Got the shot, high five! Don’t, don’t leave me
hanging, don’t leave me. Hey no orange fingers, nope, nope! You gotta wash your hands
before you go down there. Obviously with having like 20
teenagers from Isaiah’s party in the pool, they had to
come and like shock it and put salt in it and like it
needed, it needed some help. He left a card. It literally says, “You need a new Polaris bag”. The Polaris is the thing that
drives around and sucks up all the trash off the bottom. “Found current bag impaled
by numerous glow sticks.” (scoffs) – That was a fun party. – Impaled, so it sucked up
the glow sticks that it found on the bottom and they
punched holes in the bag. Ya know, any other time he
probably would have been like, “Aww the boy’s are getting in trouble” but little does he know,
Isaiah has cool parents. – How are you? Hi! Hey Becca. – Hey. – How are ya? – We were just going. – You’re gonna go? You just got back. – Where you gonna go? Where though? In the car. Not for a walk? Do you wanna go for a walk? You wanna walk? With your feet? Yeah? – Bye!
– Bye! – We’re headed to Isaiah’s second to last football game ever, ever. Isn’t that crazy? The last game you guys
saw that was his, uh, senior night game, his last
time playing on his own field. So tonight’s an away game. I’m wearing a hoodie even though it’s 70 ’cause it says Paxon, and I
probably won’t get a chance to wear this much more
so, not to a football, not to football game anyway. So this team is literally
twice the size of ours, like not just in numbers,
actual physical size. – Right? (laughs) There he goes. – There goes Isaiah. – Oh, they’re gonna let it go out. Oh he’s so bummed when they do that. (crowd cheering and clapping) – Hey at least y’all get a
touchdown and a field goal. – Yeah, yup it was pretty good. – [Asa] Yeah it turned out
better than I thought it would so, good game bud. – Thank you. – [Asa] Next game. – Last time we got zero,
so I’m glad we got 7 or 10. – [Asa] Yeah. Boy, are we tired already huh? – [Priscilla] I’m tired. – She’s been in a little
bit of a sassy mood. – [Asa] Oh a sassy mood! – [Priscilla] Sassy! – [Asa] That’s a nice way
of saying it, I feel like. (laughs) You’ve been sassy? You have to be nice to Becca. She’s your friend. Yes, you do. Don’t tell me no. Wipe your mouth! (roars) (kissing) Bye already. – She’s like two people can’t… – She asked me for cookies and I gave her like the little like, they’re like the little just
vanilla like sweet cookies, and she kinda looked at me like, “That’s not a cookie!”. I was like, “I’ll give you milk to make
it seem like it’s real” – [Asa] Basically, a sweet cracker. – (laughs) – Hey remember when we did
the podcast and our plan was to talk about like
preparing to leave the children at home and stuff like that. – Yeah. – And instead of doing that
we just argued instead? We should have talked about
writing notes for people and, like, stuff like that. – Yeah, why are you doing
the friend pat on my back? – Oh, I’m sorry, my bad. Um, I just I texted Becca
Abbie’s morning routine, and I was like, oh, I should
give her Abbie’s routine. Because if, if like we’re,
if I’m off her routine, sometimes it’ll mess her up in the morning and put her in a bad mood She’s not much of a morning
person, like her Dad, so if I throw her off her routine, she, it’s a much higher probability that she’s gonna be in a bad mood. So I tell her like, this is
how we do it in exact order, ya know, it’s like one of those things, would you rather your kid
not require that routine in order not to freak out? Yeah, of course, but it’s, sometimes it’s just the path
of least resistance, ya know? You just like, it’s not a
battle we choose to fight. There are more important things, so whatever she can have her routine. – [Asa] Ab, time for bed. (front door rings) – Come on.
– (gasps) It’s your brother. – The big football player. (Abbie groans) Hey, can you put your blanket away for me? – [Isaiah] Hey kid. – Say hi. – [Isaiah] Hi. Why’d I say hi? – Hey Ab, can you put
your blanket in here? Get your blanket and put it in here. (Abbie groans) (chuckles) She’s like,
you want me to move this? Put your blanket in here. – [Isaiah] Hey vlog. I just bit my lip tryin’ to smile at you. – And then put your toy,
finish with the blanket. – [Isaiah] She said, nah, it’s fine. – [Priscilla] See we
gotta pick up the couch. This is like my thing… – [Asa] Nah, go pick that up, Ab. – [Priscilla] go to bed every night. – [Asa] Help Mom with
the cushion, team effort. Okay, time for bed. – [Priscilla] You’re going with Dad. – [Asa] Come on let’s go! Hey, come on. Bedtime, bedtime! C’mon, itsy bitsy spider, let’s go. – Good job.
– Give me a big hug. – Say goodnight to Mom.
– Love you so much. – I’m glad you had a good day! – [Asa] Say goodnight to Dad. Love you. Hey, say goodnight to the vlogs, say bye. Close it out, what’re you doing? Why are you, why are you
touching it like that? Just click it. (beep)

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  8. I have had a crazy week and am just now seeing this. Way late. Fun post. I am so not wild in my clothing, and hubby is even less wild. He would NEVER wear that purplish jacket. You can pull it off, though. You dress in fun colors already.

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