100 thoughts on “Shimmer on Vellum – Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens & Wink of Stella Glitter Pens

  1. Jennifer, thank you so much for the honest review and for taking the time to do these types of videos. I really appreciate it as many of us don't have the money to buy both sets of pens so I like to do my due diligence before purchasing any craft supplies. I can't tell you how many times you have helped me decide which products are most suitable for my use….THANK YOU!

    As always, stunning cards too! Oh, and it looks like your daughter is taking after her Mom…seriously, I couldn't believe the results of her coloring for such a wee one!

  2. The sparkle is beautiful on all the cards!! I've worked with vellum a little….this project is awesome and looks to be a good one to try!! Thanks Jennifer!! 🌺

  3. I kind of feel like too much product comes out of the colored Spectrum Noir. I LOVE the clear Spectrum Noir pens I think they are great but the colored ones are hard to control. Hooray for long videos!!

  4. I forgot to ask Jennifer, are those the "super sticky" full adhesive post-its? I just wanted to be clear because I don't know if the "super sticky" would leave a residue on the card? Thanks Jennifer

  5. The cards are really pretty. I don't use vellum as much as I would like, it really adds so much to the card.

  6. Awesome looking card…you did a great job on them….Thanks for sharing your view on both pens….Well done Jennifer

  7. Love theses cards. It gives me a push to use more vellum. Thanks so much for the information on the pens.

  8. great video, Jennifer! so much detail! i love it. i cant wait to get some of the colored pens. i love your cards! hugs, treen

  9. Beautiful cards as always. FYI, they just came out with 12 new colors for the SN pens, called Vintage Hues, plus a metallic set that includes gold, silver and black, just last week, I think. I find these pens are a bit like Distress inks, they remain "movable" for a very long time, which has both advantages and disadvantages of course. But they're a lot of fun to play with, by themselves or with Wink of Stella, Zig clean color brush markers, or pretty much everything. As for the long video, don't apologize! It was fun and informative as always!

  10. Just wondering I get a lot of my stuff off of e-bay and it never says what weight the velum or card is, how else could I find out?

  11. how cute! You see her little hand then you see her walk off with your pens :3 It's so cute!!! Thank you for not editing that out. My daughter loves to use my craft items also and she's all grown up!

  12. Hi Jennifer ~ I am so glad you've done this compare/contrast video with the Wink of Stella & Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens. Awesome information & I LOVED seeing Lila's sweet little hands sneaking in to grab the pens! I never really thought to use the Clear Shimmer pens to blend out with other colors; I've just used them over other colors to add the shimmery effect. As always, your cards are beautiful and you always make things look so simple! I'm looking forward to your review of the new Fiskars cutter as I'm in the market for a new/better cutter. I've purchased several (okay…..MANY) of the items you've recommended and you've never steered me wrong. You are definitely my paper crafting guru! Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Thanks for comparing the two pens. I had no idea they offered so many colors! Very nice! I loved the cards you made, too! One of these days Lyla will be making her own videos displaying cards she has made! I will be sure to subscribe to them, too! πŸ˜‰

  14. Love your little ones colouring, so cute. Thank you for the demo I've recently invested in a Misti, my Best Buy ever. I have the spectrum noir but not really used them much, this has encouraged me to get them out and get on with using them. Enjoy your videos. X

  15. I love using vellum on cards! I've never thought of cutting the vellum like you have here. Brilliant. Love both pens, can't wait to try the spectrum noir shimmer, though. Love love love your work!

  16. BEAUTIFUL card designs, Jennifer, and I love how you demo products with tips and techniques!!!πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’•

  17. The colours of the spectrum noir pens are gorgeous 😍 rose quartz and pink champagne especially!

  18. Beautiful cards as always! Thank you for showing the differences in the two pens! I don't own any of either one and I have watched other reviews on these pens and your review seemed more thorough.

  19. Never make excuses for your videos being too long. They are so helpful and informative!! And NEVER TOO LONG. You always give great and clear instruction. You have helped me bring my paper crafting to a whole new level.

  20. I love all the detail you give in your tutorials! I'm new to stamping, card making and integrating into my handmade jewelry classes that I teach. So, your products and techniques as well as color lists are valuable! Thanks!

  21. Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for the comparison at the end! I've used wink of stella and just received my first Spectrum Noir sparkle pens in a card kit. And I love your videos – the longer the better!

  22. I love your work on vellum. I have a question. Several times the embossing powder has crumbled off the vellum. I've been using WOW powders. Is it due to too much heat? Thanks, Carmen

  23. I love all your cards, but, most of all, I love how you explain your personal techniques, thanks for always sharing useful tips you get from experience.

  24. Thank you so much for doing this video, I wanted to know the differences between these pens! Now off I go to buy some spectrum noir sparkle pens!!!

  25. could you use just a regular market and then the clear wink a Stella on top and get the same result?

  26. Beautiful cards! Guess I will have to get some Spectrum Noir Pens I already have 2 of the Zig ones. Thanks so much for sharing these and your great technique!

  27. Thanks for the wonderful video and comprehensive review of the two markers. Your cards are gorgeous! πŸ™‚ I think I will need to pick up the clear Spectrum Noir version to give it a try.

  28. An excellent tutorial, always learning from you information I want and/or need to know; beautiful results on your cards. I love the card layout you have created.

  29. You are a Rock Star. Only hope someday I can produce something even remotely similar. Thanks for your videos. They are very helpful. Hope to get this stamp set when it's available. I'm also trying to decide on the Misti….. it would help me tremendously with my projects and my confidence. I'm a little OCDC and struggle with crooked and uneven sentiments. The Misti should help!

  30. I've been curious about Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens, so thanks for the comparison video! Never knew the shimmer between SN and WOS would be cool vs warm which is pretty nifty to know. Do you think we will be able to add water to the SN pens to extend the life of the pen?

  31. Love the cards. Thanks for the comparision on the WOS and SN. I have been contemplating these and wondered what the difference was. Now I know! Thanks a lot for sharing your findings. Looking forward to seeing more videos using these products. πŸ™‚

  32. Another Amazing video and group of cards Jennifer! Thanks for all the tips and info. So happy to be able to watch your videos, they are always so informative and your cards are artwork! Love love love all the cards! Tfs!!!

  33. I have watched many of your interesting and well explained videos, so I am now a huge fan of yours. I do have one question regarding both of these brush/pens. I notice that throughout the video you refer to the brush/pens as "Providing great shimmer." I'm not fond of shimmer but I love glitter, even though I refuse to use the lose glitter since family members in law enforcement said it is difficult for them to be taken seriously when giving someone a ticket when they have glitter on their face. (A little true humor there). Anyway, my question is whether these brush/pens create shimmer or glitter?

  34. Jennifer thank you for your wonderful videos. I have gained so much knowledge between products. Thank you again

  35. Very cool that the shimmer clear pens can be used as blender pens. Very pretty! TFS!

  36. I have The specturm Noir Sparkle Pens but I find the sparkle comes off after I put it on…..What am I doing wrong?

  37. I found that you must store the Wink of Stella right side up. Learned the hard way. Had a black pen in my craft bag, which leaked out and all over everything. Do you think if I were to save the small.ring that you take off, replace it after use you could store the pens in a bag, and just continuously replace the rings, they would not leak?

  38. Thanks for the comparison! The best part of the video starts at 19:43! We had to watch it several times! I'll bet Lila makes a great cookie thief! (She is fast!)

  39. Thank you in advance for doing the trimmer video! I look forward to seeing your thoughts on it. I've noticed that quite a few artists I watch use the new trimmer.

  40. I think I need Lila to come to my house and color my sample sheet! Now that I have these stamps, I want to try this out!

  41. I totally agree with you on how messy black Embossing Powder is. I am new to stamping and I quickly worked out that it was easier to stamp in black and emboss in clear. No matter how much I try and get stray bits of black powder off my project, when I heat it there are always bits I've missed. I've wasted a lot of cardstock using black powder.

  42. Hello hope you are doing well. I had a quick question, i like to draw my images and then either water color or copic color the images…i have been able to find some really nice black color gel pens or super fine tip pens which are water proof could you please point to towards finding white and gold pens which have the same qualities. Thank you, i love everything you do πŸ™‚

  43. Beautiful cards! I love the vellum cards & the way you cut part of the flowers out so that they appear to hang over the edge. Thanks for talking about the shimmer pens. The info was very helpful.

  44. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and skills – I like both brands and was really pleased to see you used them on vellum. I love your work, enthusiasm and clarity of explanation

  45. Good video, can you use the tombow markers on vellum? Will they dry when extending them with the Wink of Stella? Thank you.

  46. Beautiful cards! And the info was great also. I'm doing catch up on the videos. I was going to buy the spectrum noir sparkle markers the other day. I have 2 wink of stella markers I haven't used yet. These cards are so very pretty. I'm going to try make them for mothers day!

  47. Thank you so much for your comparison. It's the best I've seen, as far as uses and plus/minus of each. And of course, the cards are just beautiful. Really like these on vellum.

  48. Being very new to Spectrum Noir Sparkle – which has no directions for use, your video was great. Loved how you explained everything and the interchangeable uses. Trying them for the first time – wow seemed like very little control, but hopefully the next one I try will be better. Enjoyed the carding making, very pretty!

  49. If you replace the rings when you travel you don't have to worry about the product leaking out of the pen into your bag or on your "color on the go" pieces. Thought I'd share that in case people hadn't thought of that. Have a happy day!

  50. I can't help it…I just LOVE your videos. You speak clearly, you don't waste time, you cover excellent points and are a pleasure to watch. This was a great video. I just bought Wink Of Stella for the first time and didn't even know Spectrum Noir had shimmering pens!!

  51. Love your videos. But my cards always seem to be so much smaller than it looks in the video. Trying to figure out why.

  52. I saw a hack that you can use your ink refillers and make your own color refills with empty wink of stella pens. Have you done this?

  53. Thanks so much for the video! Your daughter is super fast. One second the brushes were there, the next they were gone! Love watching your videos, they really do inspire!

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