She’s Vocalizing – Nonverbal Autistic

– Okay, so we got a text from Abbie’s speech and language
pathologist, for speech therapy that Abigail was vocalizing today. Like… Okay, just stand up. Just stand up. No, don’t do that. Just stand up and walk. Just walk. (Abbie vocalizing) Just keep walking. Come on. Are you carrying packages? – (vocalizes) – [Asa] Yeah, go help! C’mon lets go. (dog barks) – [Asa] Oh, stop it. Just walk past it. Go ahead. I know, you play too much. Say “Move, puppy!” Go ahead, Ab. Don’t put your hands down
there, she’ll get you. Don’t put your hands down there. C’mon, just walk. (laughter in background) Just walk, come on! This way. Just walk, and then… (chuckles) – [Abbie] (vocalizes) – [Asa] Go ahead. No, don’t put your hands down there. Just keep going. Oh my goodness sakes, just walk. Keep going. Look, she’s not gonna get you. (dog barks) (laughing) – [Asa] C’mon, go this way! Go help Summer, go! Hurry, hurry before she comes. Go. (chuckles) Y’all always playing. Go help Summer! So anyway, we got a text
message from Miss Jill. Miss Jill said that
Abbie was vocalizing… C’mon, come with me. …with significant reinforcement. So an edible reinforcer which she doesn’t do very often anymore, she doesn’t really need them but when you know, to really
get her to do something they’ll sometimes do that. We’ve tried to get away
from edible reinforcers as much as possible cause
it just kind of like, you know, “Here do this
and you get a treat!” It’s not desirable. – [Priscilla] Good job. But it does work to teach new skills. Especially something as challenging (Abbie yells) as vocalizing, which
then leads to speaking. – [Asa] Hey, you’re not carrying anything. Ab, here. – [Priscilla] It’s more your speed, chick. – [Asa] There you go, now
you can see over the box. So Ab, do you wanna try it? You’re kind of in a pretty good mood. – [Summer] Try what? – [Asa] Vocalizing. – [Summer] Oh, yeah, I wanna see it! I got it. – [Asa] Leave her be. C’mon, just keep walking. Just keep walking! (chuckles) No, this way, this way. Go ahead! Just leave it. Watch out. Go that way. Okay, we need something
highly reinforcing. What would be highly reinforcing? – Something out of there. – [Asa] C-A-N-D-Y? – Yeah. Abbie, what’s C-A-N-D-Y? What is it? (murmurs) That’s right. Okay, so if this happens,
I want you guys to know this is the first time that she will have vocalized after us
requesting her to do so. So, this is kind of a big deal. Just in case. It’s a big moment. Really shoulda had her send us a video on how she did it, or how they did it. Okay, look at me. We’re gonna say “E.” Can you do that? “E” “E” Can you make a sound? “E” “E” Do this. “E” “E” “E” “E” So I’m trying to set a
pattern of mimicking. So I’ll do stuff that she knows. Great job! Good job. That is candy, that is what it is. (laughing) – [Summer] Stay here. – [Asa] Wait a sec, wait a sec. Oh my goodness, okay. Ready? Ready? Both hands, both. Good job! “E” That’s close. “E” Ready? “E” Can you do this? “Aah” “Mmm” “E” (doorbell rings) – [Summer] It is Brandy. Ready? (door shuts in distance) “E” Look… “E” (Abbie vocalizes) Yeah, that’s a good sound. I like the sound. “E” Ready? Okay, look at me. (Abbie vocalizes) That’s good sounds! So, we got a text that she was vocalizing. – [Brandy] Awesome. – With edible reinforcers. (Abbie vocalizes) – [Brandy} Hey, Girl! – Say Hi! – [Brandy] Are you talkin’ today? Way to go, that’s awesome news! – So, we’re trying it. Of course I didn’t get to see it so… – [Brandy] Yeah, what
vocals are what she said? – “E” and “Mm” (Summer calls for dog) – Summer, would you mind puttin’ her up? “E” Ready? Do this. There’s a lot going on huh? “E” (Abbie vocalizes) Hold on, hold on. Are you getting mad? Hey, it’s okay. It’s okay. Would you like to be done? Okay. (Abbie vocalizes) Do you want to eat that last piece? Yeah? All right, you ready? Let’s do this, let’s do this. Nose. Head. Clap. Make a sound… “Aaahh” (Abbie makes sound) Good sound! (laughter in background) That was a good sound, good job! Yes, okay we’re all done. We’ll work on it again later, okay? I think we need a environment
where nothing is going on. Just like they do in speech, huh? You have all kinds of stuff on you; food in your shirt, stuff in your hair. – [Summer] Look at her arm,
there’s like orange on it. – I know. (Abbie vocalizes) Yeah. – [Priscilla] Good job! – [Summer] She had a
busy day, it looks like. – Yes, she did some gardening today. – [Summer] Yup, you picked
radishes or something? – Can we show them the
pictures of you gardening? Hey, do you want to show them
pictures of you gardening? Yeah? – [Priscilla] Who would’ve thought Abbie. From starting off eating
flowers of the bushes to… – [Asa] Right? – [Priscilla] picking radishes. (indistinct chatter) – [Asa] You used to just eat random plants and now you’re gardening! (background conversation) We’ll come back to that. – [Priscilla] She did amazing! – [Asa] So good. – [Brandy] Like just a primary, or? – [Priscilla] Yeah, but they
did thermometer under her arm. – Very cool. – They did oxygen, where they check… – Yeah, yeah. – Right? Isn’t there where they check… – Pulse. At least I think they do both. – Okay, so she remembered the… (Abbie vocalizing loudly) – So we will revisit that soon. I think we need to go in and view. I can even set up a GoPro in there, so we’re not even in there. During speech, and just let it run. So then we kind of see
exactly what’s going on. – [Priscilla] Yeah we’ll get with Jill and see when she’s going next. – I wanna, I wanna witness that. And I’ll share, you know,
share parts of it with you guys so you can kind of see how speech and language works in general. Very interesting stuff. We’ve done a speech video
before but it wasn’t like… The therapy stuff, you know,
wasn’t a whole lot of what occurs in there but you
getting to see it first hand. Just kind of explaining how it all works. I’ll like that right up here. Very informative, very
interesting video but… yeah we definitely need to do that. Her therapist is amazing,
she’ll be up for it. She loves sharing… – [Priscilla] She still
doesn’t like being on camera. – {Asa] No, she’s not a fan of it. (laughter) – [Priscilla] But she loves sharing. – [Asa] You’re in a really
good mood, I’m glad! – [Priscilla] I know! – [Asa] We actually got
good sleep last night. – Mmm, that helps! – [Asa] Yeah, her sleep has been great but night before last, she
really didn’t sleep at all. But she was just restless all night, like every two hours she was awake. Even when she was sleeping
she was movin’ around a lot. Which she doesn’t normally do. You slept good last night didn’t ya? – Did you get good sleep? – [Asa] What do we got? (laughter) – You know, doctor’s office. (mumbling) – A thermometer. – [Asa] Sweet! – Some alcohol pads, that
might be a weird feeling. – So we’re going to work
on this stuff with Abbie so that we can help her
with going to the doctor and things that you need to go through. There’s things that she
might have an aversion to that we’ve struggled with in the past. But you know, she needs
to get checkups and stuff. So, that’s what the
purpose of this stuff is. Um, Imma do a separate
little video on this kind of, you know, help
you guys out with ABA. Because a lot of people
can’t get ABA therapy and we understand that. So we want to be a resource to kind of show you and maybe help
you out with this stuff. All these things… Priscilla, how much did you
spend on all the medical stuff? – [Priscilla] I wanna say like, $30 maybe? – Wow, really? 30 bucks for everything? – [Priscilla] I think so, but like we don’t have the blood pressure and stuff like Brandy has that kind of stuff. (mumbles) – But yeah, we’re going to make a separate video to help you guys. – Yeah. – Yeah, if your child has aversion. And this would work with any kid, like not just autism. Like that has nothing to do with it. If you have a kid that has an
aversion to doctor’s offices and procedures that happen there then this could be helpful… practicing. So 30 bucks, you said you
have in all this stuff? – I think so. – [Aba] So, with a cuff maybe, if you get a cheap one, it
could be a fake one even. – With the blood pressure? – [Aba and Priscilla] Yeah. – I was saying I need
to order one anyways, I think I found one for
like 20 bucks or something. Yeah and it’s like a real, yeah. – [Priscilla] No? How about this way? (Abbie mumbling) Yeah! Let’s go this way. Nice picking, come one. Come on, yep. Come on. (Abbie vocalizing) – [Brandy] You got it Ab, it’s okay. – [Priscilla] Okay you have
to stop and look for cars. – Sometimes we love going on walks, sometimes we don’t want to go on walks. – [Priscilla] There we go! (Abbie vocalizing) – [Summer] I feel like on this one though, it’s more of a transition. Usually, just past this point
even on the cart and stuff. Once we get doing it, she’s fine. But going to do it is where she gets mad. – [Aba] Sorry babe, I
didn’t get that on camera. – [Brandy] Do you want me to
start over like it’s natural? (laughter) It came out so perfect. – [Aba] Priscilla did a great job. – She did, I was just
complimenting Priscilla on responding to the
little bit of a tantrum over going on a walk versus
getting in the C-A-R. And stopping and giving
Abbie a chance to calm down before walking out the
door and offering choices on which way to go. Letting her know we are taking
a walk and following through when she requested that it end so… it was perfect, and Abbie’s
responding beautifully to it. – It’s just a walk! – You got it huh? And I think on days… So the goal was to see
without pain holding but I think if it’s a day
where she’s more frustrated or more likely to potentially drift off or anything like that. I think it’s totally
fine to take a step back and let her hold hands again, you know? – Yeah. Come one, you got this. – Oh, teenage life. (laughter) – Hey, we can’t sit in the road though you gotta stand up. That’s not safe, come on. – Let’s go. (mumbling) – [Brandy] Can’t sit on the
road there’s too many cars. – [Priscilla] Perfect. We’ve actually been walking all the way to the bridge and back. – [Brandy] Yeah. – We’ll ride the cart to Bloom Park, and then walk the… (car approaches) Oh, scoot over. (instrumental music) – [Priscilla] Hey Ab, you
wanna show Miss Brandy your jumping jacks? Ready? One. Two. Three. Go! Jump! You do it! (laughter) I love you. Hey, jump jump jump. – [Brandy] Good job, Abbie. – [Summer] Look you can
do it, look at me ready. Arms like this, arms like this. Good job! That’s awesome! – [Brandy] Are you exercising? – [Summer] Gotta work on the squats though she doesn’t trust her knees,
she just touches her toes. – Yeah. (laughter) (instrumental music) – So we talked with Brandy about the only thing and how she looks at it as a punishment to go upstairs. This is still a struggle
that we’re having, you know great success the last time we talked about it in the vlog but it’s not fixed yet, you know, she still thinks it’s a punishment so Brandy gave us some good ideas. – [Priscilla] Sometimes. – Sometimes she does. (voices overlap) Sometimes it’s almost
fun for her, you know? (Abbie yells) – [Brandy] We’re staying quiet down here. (Abbie yells) If you wanna yell, you
can yell in your bed or on the couch upstairs, okay? Or you can be quiet down here. – So one way to make that not a punishment is to reinforce yelling upstairs. And as much as we talk
about reinforcements and how, you know – or anti-punishment, pro reinforcement. We didn’t even think about it, we didn’t even think to go upstairs and reinforce that yelling
behavior when she’s upstairs. – [Brandy] Look what I want. Can I show you what I want? (laughter) She’s too excited. (Abbie yells) – So, there’s so much playing into it. So now I almost think its… (mouths word) …where it’s like three of us. (Abbie continues to yell) So I think we just, either we give a gestural prompt to go up or we ignore until she comes back and
then where we’ll block it. You know? (Abbie yells) – You know what sounds good to me? I like cheeseburgers. (laughter) What do you like? Look at all this. (gasps) Which ones do you like? (tablet says “Cheeseburger”) You like the cheeseburger too? Oh bacon and eggs, that looks good too. Where’s your word list? All the food’s out. (tablet says “Cereal”) You know what I like to drink sometimes? (tablet says “Coca Cola”) I like Coca Cola – (tablet says “Cookies”) and cookies, those are good also. What else? (Brandy gasps) Cheese! (tablet says “Cheese”) I love cheese. What do you like? Nothing on this one? How about on this one? (tablet says “Ice Cream”) Ice cream is good too! (laughter) I think I would also pick
ice cream on this one. What’s on this page? (tablet says “Lettuce”) Lettuce! You’re a fibber! (laughter) The orange, that would be good. What about the meat? Look at all the meat! (tablet says “Meat”) Wait, wait, wait! Pick one. Which one would you eat on that one? (tablet says “Pretzels”) Mm pretzels, what about
a big soft pretzel? I think I’m going to have to
go with pizza on this page. Alright your turn, you pick one. (laughter) You pick one. Which one do you like on this page? (tablet says “Strawberries”) I was looking at that too. I also really like… (tablet says “Sandwich”) You want to check the next page? What’s on the next one? Of I know what you’re going to pick here, you better not fib! Which one would you pick? (laugher) You’re going to fib aren’t you? Which one would you eat? – [Priscilla] Pick one Ab! – Which one do you like? (tablet says “Vegetables”) Oh you’re a liar! (laughter) _ [Asa] Said vegetables? (laughter) You’re a liar! I knew you were going to
lie cause you were laughin’. Which one would you pick? You would pick yogurt. Yeah, you just tried to
steal yogurt earlier. You’re such a fibber. (chuckles) – [Priscilla] Vegetables. – It was tomatoes, vegetables, and yogurt. I’m like “She’s totally going to lie.” (laughter) – Hi future Asa. So this vlog really
showcased something awesome that Abbie is achieving
and being successful in. The same day, Isaiah
also extremely successful and achieving and deserving
of a video in itself. And something awesome
happens so I want to share that with you in a separate video. So I’m breaking it up into two. So stay tuned for that one. Bye. (beep) – [Man] Good to have a young man like this making you proud, yeah.

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