She’s Coming Home Finally

– [Asa] Are we playful this morning? – [Priscilla] Super playful. – [Asa] Good. Hi there. Oh my goodness. Okay, hold on, I got to get socks. – Here, here, here. – Okay. (chuckles) – Eat that. Here Ab, last bite. – I know, I know. It’s so exciting. Shoes are exciting things. Okay. Come on, we gotta take the puppy in before we take you to school. Okay, shut the door. Shut the door. Come on, puppy. – [Priscilla On Phone] Hello? – Hey. – [Pirscilla On Phone] Hey. – So she is negative for distemper. – [Priscilla On Phone] She has it? – Huh? – [Priscilla On Phone] She has it? – No, she’s negative. – Priscilla On Phone] Oh, good. – Yeah. Isn’t that awesome? – [Woman On Phone] That’s so good. – So she’ll- – [Prsicilla On Phone] All
that came through was distemper and I was like, “What?” – No, no. No, she’s negative. She’ll be coming home with us tomorrow. She’ll be staying home tomorrow. – [Prsicilla On Phone] Aw, yay. – Yeah. I told her she’s doing
much better and stuff. – [Priscilla On Phone] (sighs) Okay. – Yeah. – [Priscilla On Phone] That’s so good. (sighs) I want to cry. – Aw, don’t cry. Everything is good. Everything is wonderful. – [Priscilla On Phone] Yay! I’m so glad. – All right, I got to
get the girl to school. – [Priscilla On Phone]
All right, I love you. – Love you too. – [Priscilla On Phone] Bye. – (sighs) That’s good news. That’s really good news. Priscilla and I had already decided that if she had distemper or parvo or whatever that we weren’t gonna try to return her or anything like that because I don’t know what would happen to a puppy
with an illness like that. I can only assume the worst,
like she’d be put down, and we couldn’t let that happen so we would have to deal with it. But that’s good. It’s good news. See? I should have drove my truck. It has four cup holders in the front. Truck’s better. Anna and Nathan, thank you. – Yeah, thank you.
– We appreciate it. – That’s so sweet.
– It means so much. And I love cookies. (chuckling) – We are on our way to
go get Miss Abigail. It is so gross out. – I know. – It’s cold. Well, I hate saying,
– Coldish. – “It’s cold,” because people are like, “It’s not even cold.” But it’s cold. Like look at how gross it is. – Yesterday it was in the 80s. Today it’s in the 60s. Tomorrow the high is in the 40s. – [Summer] Holy guacamole. – It’s like we’re back in New York. (laughing) Might as well be in New York. – [Summer] Kind of not really. – [Priscilla] There she is. Aw, she looks so cute. – [Summer] She’s waving. – [Priscilla] Look at your hair! Girl, hi! – You gonna say hi? – [Priscilla] Hey girlfriend! (chuckling) – [Woman] Come on big girl. – [Priscilla] How are you? (grunting) Hi. You didn’t say hi. Did you have a good day? – She’s like, “Yeah.” – [Priscilla] Well, good. That hair. Mrs. Brandy’s coming today, okay? Mrs. Brandy will be at the house. Ready to see Mrs. Brandy? Mrs. Brandy’s gonna be there. You can show her your new room. – [Summer] (gasps) She would
love to see your new room. I feel like that’s definitely
a Brandy kind of room. Don’t you? – I do. – [Summer] She’s been
super chill in the car. – [Priscilla] Yeah. So you said she said- – Yeah, so whenever I pick up Abigail she is not this chill. She’s yelling, she’s asking
for music to be changed. This whole time she gets in
the car Cilla she’s just like, “Hey, what’s up?” I’m like, “What?” Even with Becca, if it’s
just Becca and I and her, she’s still all rambunctious. Maybe she’s just excited that it’s us, but (sighs) – [Priscilla] Mrs. Brandy’s here. Yeah, that’s what I’m sure it is. – Yeah, it’s just so funny
to see the difference. Like, oh, okay, you’re
not gonna yell for mom but you’ll yell for us. That’s fine. (chuckling) – All right girl, here we go. (vocalizing) Here I come to get you. Girl, that hair though. That hair though. Hi, sugar. Get your backpack and your shoes. (groaning) What happened to your shirt? What’d you eat for lunch today? Spaghetti probably, huh? Smiley. Come on, get your shoes. – You need a snack? – [Man] Look who’s here. We were just talking about
Brandy yesterday actually. We were just talking about
where you’ve been, Brandy, with the … But we were telling people some days we don’t vlog when you’re here and you’re only once a week, so. – [Brandy] Right. – [Man] And if you have a case
that requires more support, something like that. – To say the least. – [Man] Hey, Ab? – Like literally to
the moment I pulled up. – [Man] Look, a subscriber sent us treats. – Do you want one of these? – [Man] Yeah, you want one? Want a cookie? Here, why don’t you sit down? Oh, watch out, you’re in the way. Wait a sec. They’re kind of little so
I’ll give you a couple. – [Brandy] Will you do the option of the strawberry versus the
cookie so she can sign? – [Man] Yeah, mm-hm. I got it. – [Brandy] You know the
sign for strawberry? You can point if that’s your choice, Ab. Which one do you want? – [Man] Good job. – The cookie, awesome. What are you thinking? You’re doing a great job
keeping your hands to yourself. – So did we tell you about
how she’s asking people to move out of her spot now? She tells you you’re all done. – Yeah, you guys mentioned
that last time with Summer. – Yeah, so Isaiah was
sitting here last night, she got up and he was
sitting in this spot. She came over, and she
gets frustrated at first, – Yeah. but then she signs all done. I wish she could just do- – [Man] Or if you’re sitting
there and she doesn’t want you to sit there anymore
she’ll do that as well. – Yeah. – [Man] Yeah. But it’s good. – Yeah, it’s communicating. – Good direction. – Ma’am, ma’am. (cat crying) – Oh my gosh. So Abigail’s frustration has increased. Just being kind of moody, not frustration. Pinching people. Little bit meaner than usual. It could be med change related. Slight med change we’ve done could have something to do with that, so we’re talking to
Brandy about that today, work on that aspect of things. – [Man] Hi, ladies. – Hi. – [Man] What you guys doing? – [Priscilla] Just finished therapy. – [Man] Are the kids still
out there making TikToks? – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Man] They are. (chuckles) I love hearing their voices, you know? They just enjoy the
heck out of each other. – Abby did so good. – [Man] Good. – Yep. – [Man] Sorry I couldn’t
be there for most of it. – That’s okay. She let us put the ear thing in her ear. We had to put the tourniquet- – [Man] Oh, with the doctor stuff? – Yeah. – [Man] Nice. – She had to put the
tourniquet on her arm. She did her back tack. Huh. You did so good. So next week we’re planning on going to do dinner
– Good job. – With Brandy – [Man] Yeah. – So we can make sure she
doesn’t steal food from people. – [Man] Gotcha. – Yep. – [Man] Cool. You’re doing great, Ab. – [Priscilla] I know. – [Man] Good job. – So we talked about it and
you and I haven’t had the issue with her stealing food from us anymore, but she is still having the
issue with school, and then- – [Man] What about when she
goes out with friends and- – Sometimes with friends. Huh? You’re stealing food from
your friends sometimes? – [Man] Where you taking her? – So, yeah. – [Man] All right. – [Priscilla] So we’re gonna work on that. – I’m almost done, I just got to put the cards in on the video – [Priscilla] I don’t know but – and I’m done for the day. – But it’s okay. – [Man] Oh, Isaiah, can you watch Abby? – When? – [Man] Right now. – Why? – [Man] Right this second. We’re going to get the puppy. – Oh, okay. – [Man] Yeah, she requires two people now. – Yeah. – I feel like that’s just a choice. – No, it’s not. When she was lethargic and
just didn’t want to move- – Now she’s hype all the time. – [Man] Yeah, yeah. She tries to climb on you. – [Priscilla] Hey, we’ll be right back. We’re going to get the puppy. – [Man] We’re not? No, bye. We’ll be back. (grunting) – [Priscilla] Do you want to see her? – [Man] No, you sit. Oh, you want to go? You can go. Yeah, come on, you can go. – That’s so cute. – [Man] Yeah. – [Isaiah] It’s like, “I
want to go with you guys.” – [Man] Come on, put shoes on. All right, nevermind. – All right. – [Priscilla] She just
went to the bathroom. – I’ll watch Summer, don’t worry. – [Man] Watch yourself. – (Chuckles) No, I’ll
handle Summer, she’s a mess. – [Man] She’s so excited. Is Maverick wanting to go too? – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Man] Oh my goodness. We’re so excited, I know. – [Isaiah] Do you want Maverick? – [Priscilla] Hey, girlfriend. Yeah, that’s because
Abigail got into the bag and was throwing them at me
and Summer on the way home. – Oh my gosh, that’s dangerous. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – That’s a can of food. – [Priscilla] Look at you
and your bouffant hair. (chuckling) Brandy said she looked like, look at these two. Oh, wait, you missed it. Brandy said she looked like
a boy band from the ’90s. (chuckling) With the part down the middle. – You gonna sing a ballad? You gonna sing a ballad? – [Priscilla] Look. – You see what I can do? Here you go. (laughing) – [Priscilla] There she is! Hi my sweet girl. You look tired. – She’s excited. They gave us her cone as a souvenir if we need it for anything. – [Priscilla] Oh my gosh,
they had to shave her leg? – Oh yeah, yeah. They had to shave her leg. – [Priscilla] Aw. – But it will grow back. – [Priscilla] Hi! – That’s where they put the IV in at. She’s got a couple treatments
that we still have to do. They want to do a week’s
worth of treatments with her and still on the pills, but she’s good. – [Priscilla] Yeah? She had a good day? – Yeah. – [shave] Hi sweet girl. She looks tired. – She was just bouncing around in there. – [Priscilla] Yeah? – Yeah. – [Priscilla] Hi! That’s sweet.
– Aw, that’s nice. – Oh my goodness, you’re gonna break the
internet you’re so cute. (chuckling) I missed you my sweet girl. Aw, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Hi, you ready to go home and not come back her for a while? Next time will be for shots. – [Man] Yep. – I love you. Oh my goodness. – [Man] I figured out this is her spot. – Yeah. – Look at the face. Look, she’s like, “Oh, I’m done.” (sneezing) – Oh! Mav! – Come here, hi! Oh my goodness, hi! Are you all better? – [Man] She’s almost all better. – Almost all better! (clattering)
(laughing) – [Man] Careful, Maverick. – Hi, hi, hi, hi. (clattering)
(laughing) – Come on! – [Isaiah] Come on, Mav! – [Man] Mav’s like, “I’m old.” – [Isaiah] That’s all I got in me. (clattering)
(laughing) – [Priscilla] Ready? – [Isaiah] Mav! (clattering) No, this way. No, this way. (clattering)
(laughing) (yelling) – Y’all, it is a zoo in here. Literal zoo. – Come on, Mav! – [Man] It’s a mad house. – Sandy! – Come on, Mav! – Come on.
– She’s tired. – Come and, Mav! (yelling)
(laughing) – It’s like, “Oh my God,
don’t run over Maverick.” – [Priscilla] Get him! – [Isaiah] Maverick’s
like, “She will get me.” (laughing) – [Priscilla] What are you doing? You need to go potty? – [Man] Ab, you want no part of it? That’s okay. You guys might not know this,
but Isaiah is on yearbook. – Yep. I’m doing a Kobe spread. – [Man} A Kobe Spread? That’s cool. – Yeah, Kobe tribute. Made a word cloud, cut
all these pictures out. I’m that guy. – [Man] Looks nice, man. Looks good. – [Isaiah] Thank you. – [Man] I like it. What program are you using, Edesign? – This is Edesign. It’s great. – [Man] Didn’t have Photoshop, huh? – Did you know that you cannot upload raw photos to Edesign? I found that out today. They were mad at me.
– JPEGs? – Yeah. – [Man] Why don’t they
just covert into JPEGs? – They did, but they were like, “You can’t change over
the cameras to raw.” And I’m like, “Oh, I’m sorry,
I didn’t realize we had to “scan in our rolls of film
like it’s 1975 around here.” – [Man] How do you edit
something that’s not raw? – That’s a good question. – [Man] Did you steal that blanket? – No, no, no! Hey, (mumbles. – [Man] Put that blanket back. Put it back. Take it back in there. Thank you. I’m the chosen one. (chuckling) Where you going? Oh, that’s what I’m chosen for. Okay. I’ll take that, that works. Oh, I don’t get the pillow, okay. ♪ Up where they run ♪ ♪ Up where they stay all day in the sun ♪ (singing indistinctly)
(laughing) ♪ Part of that world ♪ (groaning) – Oh my God, this is my dream. (laughing) – [Man] Look, she wants to get you, man. Uh-oh. – [Man] Mm-mm. – Nope, nevermind. Hi. – [Summer] Uh-oh, here comes Abby. Better watch out. Don’t let her bite her. – Don’t bite, don’t bite. – [Summer] Abby, stop it. – Abby, sit. Sit, quick, before she gets you. – [Summer] Smiling that time. – That was good. No, you did all right. – [Summer] That’s a pillow! – It’s out of control. – [Man] She push you over? – She just pushed me. (yelling indistinctly) – I’m not good at this game. – What are you doing? – [Isaiah] She’s all freaked out- – [Man] Hey Ab, is it
time to call it a day? You ready to go- – I think she has a stye in her eye. – [Man] A stye? You have a stye? She’s had them before. – In this one. – [Man] Ah, I see, I see. – On the bottom right here. – [Man] Let me see. – [Summer] She’s laughing. – [Man] Yep, she does. – Does it hurt? – [Man] You got another stye. That sucks. (mumbles) Want to say bye to everybody though? Say bye first. – Get the toy! – Get him, get him, get him! (squealing)
(laughing) There’s a dog on your face. – There’s a dog- (laughing) he bit my face!

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