She Thought It Was Funny

– Good morning. Say hi. Hi. Can I have a kiss? (kissing) Wanna listen to some music? Music? Okay. Got to start this off right, huh? Be a good day. (gasping) Everybody is awake. Abbie, everybody’s up, Nana’s up. Not Papa, not Isaiah, though. Maverick’s up. – Maverick! Super nice, I’ve been here 25 years. – [Asa] Priscilla? – What? – [Asa] What happened? – Well. – [Asa] Yelling at coaches too much? – I was cheering for my boy. – [Asa] Cheering, uh huh,
and yelling at coaches? – Yeah! (Asa laughing) – [Asa] Mom said, “Watch out, I’m going.” Okay, Mom’s got her own scooter now. – I thought she was just turning, and I was like, “Oh, gosh.” – [Asa] She got it yesterday,
you got it yesterday right? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Feeling confident? – I am. – Okay–
– Okay, you ready? – [Asa] Yep, we’ll catch up. – This the way we’re going?
– Well actually, you’re faster. Abbie, you hungry? Hey, you hungry, you wanna eat. Yeah? – Not yet.
– Not yet. – [Asa] Okay, well we got to wait, though. I’m sorry, premature there. Sit down, have a seat.
– Let me help you, Abbie. – [Asa] 20 minute wait. This is like your one request, right? – That’s my one request. – [Asa] Coming to Florida, going to Metro? – Well, after the football game. – [Asa] Alright. – That’s why I was getting to Florida, just for the football game. – [Asa] And Metro. – And Metro
– Eggs Benedict. – Eggs Benedict, that’s right. – See, dad’s gonna get– – [Asa] I’m taking it, like, you got the flops and board
shorts and the button down. – That’s right, I’m there. (laughing) – He says, “I got my Florida garb on.” – I got my, yeah. – [Asa] Is that how that
is, do we wear that here? Is that a Florida thing? – [Nana] I think so. – [Papa] Admit it, come
on admit it, Isaiah. Papa’s doing good. – Yeah. – It’s a look.
– Yep, it’s a look. – [Asa] Aw, Abb, we get outside dining? Awesome. Hey, let’s sit over here,
Abb, yeah that works. – [Priscilla] Right here. – [Waitress] We also have our
specials on the black board you guys can check out,
and I hope you guys enjoy. – [Asa] Go ahead, have a seat. Perfect. That works. It’s nice, nice breeze here. Perfect.
– It is delightful. – [Priscilla] Do you guys have– – [Asa] All right, so this is Metro Diner. There’s actually two of these, there’s one near Abbie’s school. – There’s three,
– Three of them? – Oh, there’s four, I think. – [Asa] Oh wow, well the
one near Abby’s school, we had a subscriber that worked there. – Yep. – [Asa] That we met a long time ago, but they have the best
eggs Benedict, anywhere. – I already know what I’m getting. – [Isaiah] Dad, that was with them. – Yeah, it was. – [Asa] The subscriber, with you guys? – Yeah because–
– Oh, that’s right. Yeah, I remember that. – [Priscilla] I think that
was the first time we ever saw a subscriber, wasn’t it?
– Yeah. First one that we met out in public. – Yeah, weren’t we
crying, getting teared up? – “They gave us 20% off,” and I was like, “Who knows me down here?” (laughing) – [Asa] Are you hungry? What, you have to go to the bathroom? You don’t, do you wanna eat? What do you wanna do? You wanna eat, okay. Abbie’s in nap-mode after that meal. – Yes, she is. – Priscilla and Abbie ordered
the chicken and waffles, and Abbie ate the majority of it. – She eats all the waffles,
most of the chicken. (laughing) – [Asa] Abb, see you at home. Scooter gang, scooter gang,
scooter gang, scooter gang. (Asa laughing) – That’s so much fun, we need to do all the
things over the summer. – Right? So, Isaiah will be done
with football soon. – [Isaiah] Yeah. – So, we’ll have rest
bit in the afternoons, Isaiah come home, we can go get dinner on
the scooters or something? – Yep. – Aw, so much fun. (water splashing) – I didn’t do it! – [Asa] You pulled it! – I think we should
have a moment of silence for the flamingo.
– You decapitated it. – She– (water splashing)
– Yeah, you decapitated– – I didn’t do it, I just pulled it out of your way. – Exactly, I was– – [Asa] You ripped it’s
wing off, you animal! – I did not rip it’s wing off, I just moved it gently, the
wing was already deflated. – [Priscilla] If your
chickens could see you now! (laughing) – My rooster knows not to mess with me. I’m just saying–
– I see that, you’ll rip his whole wing off.
– This poor thing. (water splashing) – [Priscilla] You know,
just a friendly game of family basketball happening over here. – Geriatric Crew’s over here drowning me. – [Priscilla] Geriatric Crew. (laughing) – He’s gonna dunk on me! – Oh! – What’d I do? – I said, “He’s gonna dunk on me.” – [Priscilla] Alright, lets
go, who’s got it? (laughing) – Eat candy for lunch. – My house, it’s my house, get off me. (water splashing) Yeah, that’s good, block, block, block! (Priscilla laughing) (water splashing) – [Priscilla] My
mother-in-law’s been known to be a little dirty with
her playing and fighting. – Oh! (water splashing) – Oh! (water splashing)
(laughing) Oh! (water splashing) – I’ll grab your giblets! – I can’t get off her,
she’s like a spider monkey. – I think you grabbed my giblets. – I did. The heck are you doing,
what are you doing? (Priscilla laughing)
(playful screaming) – [Asa] Just gross. I mean were going to Dunkin’, you want us to just get
you Dunkin’ instead? – No, I want a bread, onion on a bread. – [Asa] Lame, how are we related to them? – I don’t know–
– You are my step-dad, obviously. (moaning) – [Isaiah] They say
breading like it’s special. – That’s not nice. (Asa laughing) (water splashing) – Okay, four hours later, you haven’t really missed anything. Don’t worry, we pretty
much swam, hung out, Nanny and Dad came over
to visit for a little bit. Abigail swam, and then, you know, that. And I strung lights, see these lights? I strung lights for like four hours. I am tired now. That’s a lot more work
than I thought it was, I was like, “I’m gonna
throw these up real quick.” – But it looks nice, I can’t
wait to see it at night. – Yeah, I can’t wait to see it at night. You guys wanna see it at night? It’s gonna be awesome. Couple of hours, we’ll
turn these things on. It’ll be beautiful. I need one more cable, though, like the short piece of cable, because I have one more strand of lights. I got lights left over
I gotta run that way. But, you guys are going to
love it, you’ll love it. Priscilla wanted it done
before Isaiah’s birthday. She wanted it done anyway, but she wanted it done before
the party, specifically. (Abbie laughing) Are you watching baseball with Papa? Is it funny? – [Priscilla] She laughs
when they strike out. – [Asa] Oh, that’s mean. – Yeah, it’s kinda mean. (Abbie laughing) – [Asa] So, Abbie laughs
when they strike out. – That’s just cruel, Abbie. She’s cruel. – [Asa] Both teams? – I don’t know, man. Are you Nationals or Cardinals fan, Abb? (Abbie laughing) – [Asa] What is so funny, kiddo? – [Nana] What’d you do with Papa? – [Asa] He’s in there picking
a wine out to go with dinner. – Oh. – [Asa] Do you like red or white? – A red will be fine,
do you guys drink red? – [Asa] I do, Priscilla drinks white. – Oh. – [Asa] Are you so
excited for dinner, yeah? Girl, that hair, though. – [Priscilla] Do we wanna say grace, or what do you wanna do? – [Asa] Yikes, are we gonna wait on Isaiah or just go ahead and start without him? – [Priscilla] It’s up to you guys. – [Asa] You guys look super
hungry, you don’t wanna wait? Sorry about your luck, Isaiah. – I don’t want food to get cold. – [Asa] He’s scooter-riding. – You snooze you lose, bud. – [Asa] Girl, you are a
special kind of wild tonight. Happy wild. Is it baseball, do you love baseball? Maybe your influence? – I hope so, maybe her
and Papa can enjoy a game. – [Isaiah] Nice, nice catch, dude. You’re getting good. (laughing) That was a bad one. – [Asa] She’s like, “You jerk.” Three, two, one. Three, oh, three. Woo! – That’s so pretty! – [Asa] What do you
think Abb, is it pretty? Abigail, it’s not swim
time, it’s not swim time. – [Papa] No, no, no. – [Asa] Oh no, no,
wading is okay, come on. Come on. (laughing) Oh my gosh, she’s like, “I thought that’s what we
were doing, my bad, awkward.” – Mom did say, “It’ll be
so nice to swim in it.” – Makes me wanna jump in, not in like, you get what I’m saying? – [Asa] With this cooler
weather, right now. Oh, you’re creaking. – I know, it’s my knees. – [Asa] Why you creaking? In this cooler weather? Mhm. – Mhm – [Asa] Yup, night time cup of coffee. – [Nana] Gonna be spending
some time out here. – [Asa] Yes, sir. – [Nana] I know, I sat here
with my coffee, it’s delightful, and I told dad, I said, “That
Bogo coffee is pretty good.” (Asa laughing)
We went through a box of it. – Priscilla got the wrong
coffee, it’s been a running joke. She got the wrong coffee for my parents because it was on Bogo, so we
said she did it on purpose. What are you doing? Are you dry off now? Do not get in the pool. Oh my goodness, If I come out– (Abigail yelling) – [Nana] Abigail Lorraine, Abigail! – [Asa] No, get away. No, no! Get away from the pool. (laughing) (Abigail yelling) Abbie. Abigail, stop! (Asa laughing) Stop! (laughing) Oh my goodness. Don’t you do it. (Abigail laughing) – [Isaiah] Stop. – [Asa] Go that way. – Don’t push me in. (Asa laughing) (Abigail yelling) – [Asa] Oh yeah, that’s even better. Hey, stop, stop it. (Asa laughing) – She got your number. – [Asa] Yeah, she does. (laughing) – [Isaiah] She has a dorky run. She’s like this. – [Papa] She knows
exactly what she’s doing. – Yeah, she does. Hey, quick question guys. Who won at Skip-Bo? – You, no.
– Well, I beat Daniel. – You won Ace, good job
Ace, and Priscilla lost. (laughing) – Dan lost to me.
– Just like the rest of us. We all lost. – We’re all losers.
– I’m the winner. – Look see, it looks like your pool. – [Asa] Oh, that says, “Best
pool landscaping ideas.” Look at that. Look at that. Look at that. – [Priscilla] Where is it, on Pinterest? – [Nana] Yeah. – Good game. – Good game, good game. – You kind of snuck it in
because those two were like– – Yeah, they thought
they were gonna win it. Yeah, they did. – We came close.
– Well, congratulations. – But you didn’t, you lost. (laughing) – I can’t believe you. – What is wrong with you? You lost way worse than I did. – I know, I’m happy. I’m happy I lost since you lost. – [Asa] Alright, we need
to sit those two together every time we play Skip-Bo. It doesn’t matter that– – They’re both so competitive,
they’re both so competitive. – That’s the best family game, if you guys have never played
it, I will link it down below. It’s so much fun, it’s so competitive. It’s like cut throat and
it’s like, it’s so much fun. – [Papa] Which one? – [Nana] Brutal. – [Asa] Skip-Bo. It’ll bring your family closer together. – Closer together.
– Or further apart. – Further apart. – [Priscilla] Pretty much
any board game we play. (laughing) – Wait a minute, wait a
minute, let me fix her shirt. (laughing) – Alright guys, thanks for
hanging out with us today, we had a great family day,
we’ll see you tomorrow. Everybody say bye!
– Hey guys! – [All] Bye! We closed out the vlog, but I forgot to mention that you guys are leaving at 4:00 A.M. – Right. – So, you guys won’t see
them, we won’t see them, we already gave our hugs. – Everybody’s going to bed,
and well, some of us anyway. – Thanks for coming. – You’re welcome, I love you, son. – I really appreciate it. It was such a short trip, but I appreciate you making
the effort, you know? – It was fun. – Glad you got to see him play. That tackle.
– Got to see him tackle, that was all worth it, that was. – So, with the whole like, you know, my mom has never said that
she wasn’t proud of me in any situation, but she does come in and like, she’ll come in and do our laundry. – So, yeah, I mean even
the first couple of years, I’m like, “Oh this lady,
she’s got a white glove out, like I can’t.” (laughing) – That’s how you feel,
you’re super appreciative because your laundry gets
done, but you’re like, “Is it worth the trade
off of being judged?” I don’t know.

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  1. So cute seeing your mom and step dad, he’s great. Hilarious 😂 seems to fit in just well “ you snooze you lose bud “ grandparents are always the best. The more the merrier ❤️

    I am so sure your mom knows exactly what it’s like to have children and have things building up and to know what it feels like, so for her to come in and be able to do a load or two of laundry and just help you guys out I’m sure is nothing, compared to how you guys feel embarrassed! Relax that’s what parents are therefore I’m sure they enjoy it . You guys are so great you guys have such a great family!

  2. Lovely seeing your parents. They are very humble and loving people. Your Mom obviously loves to serve others. It's her spiritual gift. Not sure where in NC they live, but maybe they would be interested in visiting one of our church campuses in NC…ELEVATION CHURCH . And you can watch live right here on YT on Sunday mornings at 930 or watch any past sermons. Great seeing you both!

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    Abbie was so cute deliberately running towards the pool, knowing she's not supposed to go in 😂💖 xoxoxo
    Love the lights over the pool that's so pretty 😄♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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  11. They let her snack so much and I know she I driven by her gut and really the only thing she thinks about, it’s like as soon as she is done eating she is already thinking about eating again. I just pray she doesn’t become obese or diabetic. I only worry because I know how it is I myself have an autistic child. But they are push overs when it comes to food, and I think it’s just because they feel like that is her happy place and they want their child happy. I just really worry about that. All’s she. Thinks about is food, and sweets. 😫 but hey their child their parenting style. Not bashing them they are seriously amazing parents and I get wanting to make your child happy, but I just worry for Abbie

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  14. Fun…..
    What a great day with your parents (regardless how your related).

    @the end…. I totally get the mother(-in-law) coming to clean…. I hated my grandma coming, my moms mom, we always had to super clean the house… which I thought was dumb because she was just going to clean anyway. This was the grandma that when my sister and I would make bets as to how long from the time she walked through the door before she picked up a dish rag…. usually under 30minutes. So when I got married this last time… my mother-in-law was also a cleaner…. so I let her, my house easy filthy but I was also working full time too I gave permission to rearrange my kitchen if she wanted to… she did and it was really nice took me a while to find some things….. but it was the only time my house got vacuumed every day. I decided she just didn’t know what to do with herself since pips always had golf on.

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  16. Thank you so much for your channel, your positivity, and advocacy/awareness. I found your channel a little over a month ago while I was studying for my board exam for occupational therapy. I can definitely say that your channel helped me stay positive and excited about my future career. Last week I found out I passed and am now a certified occupational therapist! I’m excited to be a part of so many families lives as an OT! Thank you for being awesome!

  17. I work in a school in the Uk and watching your videos really helps me understand autism within my school. Not only that, you are great parents and I really do love watching your family’s videos. You should all be very proud. Thankyou! X

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