She Made Him A Sign

(latch clicking) (door opening) – [Dad] Hey. Hey, kiddo. You gotta get up. Today is a special day. A special, special day. Good morning. You wanna take a bath? Yeah. (covers rustling) (snickers) You ready? You look precious. – [Mom] We can go now. Abigail Lorraine! All right, girlfriend, you ready? Let’s go. – [Dad] Bye, sweetheart. Have a great day! Love you. – Love you, see you in a little bit. – [Dad] All right. Get
ready for the awesomeness. – Yup. – [Dad] Holy heat index. – [Mom] Yeah. – [Dad] Mary, it’s 5000
degrees. Come on bud. Come on. No, over here buddy. There ya go. Loaded up. Ready to go to doggy camp. Two days of camp. – [Mom] I love you. – [Dad] Say bye mom. – [Mom] I’ll miss you. – [Dad] Bye mom. Banana. (door opening) – [Mom] Rude. – [Dad] Bananas – I’m trying not to run
you over and you’re- – [Dad] Banana. – Playing banana. – [Dad] And I’m winning. – Rude. – [Dad] Back at it again
with a concession stand. Priscilla’s like, “We’re not working the concession stand.” – Look. Look what she’s doing. (chuckles) – Concessions are all
set up, got that done. Got other people working in there. We don’t work concession
during varsity games, because we want to watch Isiah play. But I do get to go down
on the field and film, ’cause I make little mini videos for a lot of the games during the season. A lot of the Varsity games. That’s a lot of fun. Upload them to a different channel though. Not the “Fathering Autism”
channel, obviously. It’s just like, um- It’s my dumpster channel. It’s where everything goes
that doesn’t have a home. So the kids can watch it and enjoy it. Remember their football playing days when they get older. You know what I mean? (band playing) (drum rolls) – [Captain] And deliver us…
– [Team] And deliver us… – [Captain] From all evil…
– [Team] From all evil… – [Captain] For thine is the kingdom… – [Team] For thine is the kingdom… – [Captain] The power and the glory… – [Team] The power and the glory… – [Captain] For ever and ever… – [Team] For ever and ever… – [Captain] Amen.
– [Team] Amen – [Captain] Let’s go. (heavy drum music) – [Man] Come on! Come on! (whistle blows) (whistle blows) (whistle blows) (crowd yelling) (whistle blows) – [Mom] I just need a picture. Hey, can we stand in front
of the eagle over there? It’s better looking. – [Dad] Oh, my goodness. – [Mom] How cute is that? Love it. (Dad laughs) – [woman] Thank you. – Mom you can’t do this to me. (woman laughs) – It’s like I’m not… Walking in there like… Hi Coach. – [Dad] Hey you know that
was for your mom, right? – Yeah. I know it’s for my mom. – Oh my gosh. You did have it. Some of it too. – [Dad] It’s going in our room. Going to hang it up. (Dad laughs) – Like really…
– I need a picture. The marines are volunteers. First one in, least one out. Hi. How you doing? Are you ready for a trip? It’s a short trip. We’re going to go on one. Do you want to go to the beach? You don’t? You wanna go surf? Go? Go where? That’s swing. Like this. (Abbie groans) Look. Do it like this. Look. Do this. Surf. Are you ready to go? So excited. Oh, my goodness. All right. Load up. Yeah. We’re going to load up. Wait for me. Ready to go. Three-fourths of the Moss squad. I guess I realize you guys
don’t know where Priscilla is. She rode with her mom. Her mom doesn’t drive well at night. She doesn’t like driving
at night, so she rode with her mom down to Flagler. We are headed out now. I’m looking forward to seeing
some people in Flagler. Hopefully, we got some
subscribers showing up at the beach to surf, to bring their kids out. That would be awesome. So then we’re also going to do a meet-up. Abbie, you ready? She’s like, “I’ve been ready, y’all. Why are you taking so long?” We’re here, Ab. Hour and a half later. Isn’t vlog time cool? Could you imagine if we just
live streamed all the time. Then you guys would have to ride with us for an hour and a half. It would be a great convo though – It’d be constant (groans). – She yelled the whole
way until she fell asleep. But Isaiah and I had a great conversation. – She just went on. – That was fun. – Yeah. – Enjoyed it. Do we want to what? – You guys just want to hear me yell for the entire time Dad’s talking? That’s kind of what it’s like. – Yeah. (Isaiah groans) – What are we doing next? – You have to decidedly
not let it get to you. It’s one of those things. You know what I’m saying? Like if you decide to try to stop her from doing the yelling, you’ll lose your mind. – It drives you insane. Because even if you say one thing, then it bothers you the rest of the time. – You have to decide
that “I’ll ignore it”. – Yeah. – Girl is tired. – Oh, there’s mom. – [Dad] Hi. – Hi, sweet girl. – [Isaiah] She fell
asleep on the way here. She’s tired. – Are you exhausted? – Yes. Kids are tired. We are too. – I’m like (mumbles). – Yeah. We’re going to get ready, get everything upstairs and go to bed, and I am so excited about
the beach day tomorrow. – Yeah. Me too. It’s worth it. It’s like “Is it worth it?” it’s worth it. – All right guys. We’ll see you guys tomorrow at the beach. Bye. – Are you gonna smile? Big smile. Big smile. – [Man] Aw, big smile now.

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  1. What channel are the football videos on? I'd love to see them? We went to see a Notre Dame game last year and it was magical 💚☘💚 Go Irish!!!

  2. I am sorry but when Isaiah mimicked Abbie's yelling it sounded like a little baby cow. I cant stop Laughing and Crying. LOL!!!

  3. Ummmm excuse me, but who was the girl with the sign?? I don’t remember voting on Isaiah being allowed to have a girlfriend or not.

  4. I think you have more yellow cars around than I do here in TN. I tried to play banana and it was pretty uneventful 😂💛

  5. Isaiah is the whole package, anyone that is gonna be with him needs to fit a whole criteria 😆💁🏼‍♀️ let Pricilla do her thing she raised him 😂 let her feed the girls cool ideas & see who’s bold enough to do it because Isaiah deserves that 💯🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. Hey everyone in fathering autism I saw the video about the caregiver that deglected Abbie and I'm so sorry about what happened.

  7. I always play Banana with my grandkids but did not know about the subtraction for buses and trucks. Thanks for letting us know the real rules. Awesome Channel! I worked in a life skills class for K-2 and it was the most rewarding job I have ever had. Love to all!

  8. Abigail kinda reminds me of my high school experience because my sister was a senior when I was a freshman. I am not the type of person who looks upon those years with fondness. Although, it would have been much worse had I not had someone who could help me acquaint myself with the school.

  9. you live near train tracks, that's nice. so do I. i love the sound of trains going through with their horns. reminds me of my father.

  10. A lot of small minded people say Autism isolates kids from society but the beginning clip when Abby was waking up for school she looked like every other teenager, because she is! She just has an extra special gift

  11. I love the little bit where Abbie is just tired walking and doesn't listen then Priscilla pulls out the full name and she's just "Oh heck gotta pay attention to mom".

  12. I just started watching these videos a couple of days ago and I just love Abby to death I think Dad is awesome and mom. Too

  13. Abbie was so cute in today’s vlog, love her. Also have always wondered why Isaiah doesn’t have all the girls making signs for him haha!

  14. I was looking you guys up on google to show my friend who also has autism and we had found a bunch of accusations about you guys "exploiting your autistic daughter for money for creeps on the internet." I was just wondering if you guys had any videos addressing this? As somebody who has autism myself, I'm glad that you guys are doing what you are doing. It should be normalized as much as possible as I have found your channel to be very informative, positive and loving. They admit to not watching any of your videos yet still make wild assumptions about your intentions and motives. The more neurotypical people that come to understand, become patient with, and accept autism, the better in my opinion. I don't know why people automatically think that just because you make money from something means that you are exploiting it or even that all forms of exploitation are instantly a bad thing. I looked through your videos and didn't see any relating to this topic so I thought I'd ask. If you or anyone else could point me to a related video, that would be great! Thanks. If you haven't made a video response to those, then I think it would be a great idea.

  15. I swear. I laugh every time I see y’all wake Abbie up. That’s so my life right there but with my 3yo son. She’s absolutely beautiful. What we do for our babies 🥰

  16. I love The Maass Family! Priscilla you look awesome congratulations on ur weight loss! Asa awesome Football Montauge!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Wow first of all that’s freaking adorable that she made you a, sign. second of all I feel your pain Isaiah.

  18. What ever happened to the Gemini program you were going to use for Abbie’s communication? If there’s a video explaining it I’ll watch it I just haven’t seen anything since you announced you were going to do it.

  19. Y'all should try everglades seasoning u can only get it in Florida its amazing beats any seasoning around for sure plus they have a breading they make also

  20. Oh my goodness you guys are looking great, so happy and healthy! You both look like you have lost weght! Yahyy for eagles!!!! Awww soo sweet on the sign!

  21. I decided to play Banana for the 1st time in the car with my sister today and the very first yellow car I saw was a hummer so I won by default and decided to keep my winning streak and never play again 🤣 just kidding but I did see the yellow hummer 1st and 2 more yellow cars after that. Soo I won the 1st game I ever played. 🍌🍌🍌

  22. Recently discovered you guys…great information about the reality of your family and special needs. I am the caregiver for my adult brother who has his own unique challenges.

    I would love an Abbie Art can koozie if you could add one to your merchandise collection.

    Have a great week!!!

  23. It's hot in the UK (for us) I'm wondering how you keep Maverick cool? In the UK we don't have air con homes but do you have any tips for keeping pets cool please?

  24. Does anyone remember the VPN he recommended recently? It was like $2 a month and less if you paid for the year? Id love the info. Thanks!

  25. I'm sorry, I have never understood this sport 🙈 probably because I've never been to America. It looks so much more violent than our "football" (probably what you call soccer?) I get so nervous watching him being pushed and jumped on 😢😂

  26. Did I just hear that Abbie’s middle name is Lorraine? I’ve got a middle name that starts with L too, although mine is Leah! Let us know what Isaiah’s middle name is the next time you guys do a QaA!

  27. She is sleeping better it seems in the new house, and how sweet for Isaiah and his sign, LOL.. Love your videos and so glad you guys do these, they make my day, and I am so proud of you guys. Abbie is such a sweetheart… Love the banana game.. LOL..

  28. hope Isaiah stays single until we meet in the future 😭. Just kidding love your vlogs tho❤️ ( not really kidding)

  29. Hi Asa and Priscilla, thanks for the vids, please can you remember which video you had a serious discussion in the car about inclusion ? it was in Florida I think, not at VidCon, but I can't remember which one ! I think possibly around summer camp time ? Thanks !

  30. I have a question maybe you have already answered or can in a future video! I recently learned my son has autism, also is non verbal,

    and honestly is terrifying and overwhelming with just everything I have to learn and do. How did you two handle the stress and just the unknown in the beginning? Also is there any tips or methods you use to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed or just plain out scared in certain moments? Watching your videos has made such a difference and I'm so thankful I found your family!

  31. Look up Quarterback Mason Rudolph, he is the second (#2) starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think he looks similar to Isaiah.

  32. That montage was epic, its how i imagine american high schools 😀 I love that his girlfriend made him a sign, like out of a movie

  33. Abbie is such a typical teenager. My goodness Pricilla you work so hard. I hope you get time for yourself girl. You are amazing. Isaiah my older kids use to imitate my daughters yelling to. Sometimes it would make her stop and laugh.

  34. I love the addition of the marching band and colorguard members they work their butts off for the halftime show so I appreciate that being in the video.

  35. No game/sport is more fun and nerve wrecking than one in which your kid is participating! I loved these football clips and band! Abby is sleepy girl!

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