Searching for Multiple Sclerosis

Diagnosing multiple sclerosis (MS) can be
tough, partly because the symptoms can be different for each patient. But that might
be about to change. I’m Gabe Garza with your latest health news. Researchers from the UK
have now successfully tested a new diagnostic method that uses magnetic resonance imaging
(MRI) for patients with MS. MS is a neurological condition with unpredictable symptoms that
can range from mild to severe. Although the exact cause of the disease is unknown, it
damages the protective tissue that covers nerves in the brain and nervous system. Although
MRI scans have previously been used to aid in the diagnosis of MS, these researchers
used a special type of MRI called a T2-weighted imaging process. A T-2 scan can show lesions
on veins inside the brain — a clear indication that a patient has MS. Researchers then use
these scans to develop diagnostic rules for future scans. With these new rules in place,
doctors now have the ability to detect MS within minutes of the scan. Researchers are
excited about these findings and are now expanding their research.

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