Sci-Fi Short Film “The Brain Hack” presented by DUST

ha Hello with them did I like? Why do I follow Charlotte? Was it a flash to my catholic schooling the morbidity of [Faith]? Maybe I just want to make something good my pact with the devil Are you? in film class You want [me] the best film ever made? Yura theology in control engineer, I study computer science So why you in film class? and a work of art be so precise in design and execution But it could inspire the viewer to see God, how do you mean God? Imagine a medieval pilgrim [as] sleeping in the gutter hallucinating due to malnutrition At the end of your journey you gaze up to see sunlight refracted through the glass of the [san] Chapelle windows You think it was charmed these designs you think they were accidents of the imagination. No, there’s technique maths Geometry back then mixing science and religion did you kill? these guys then you more than they could let on In the 1400s a leather trader cream this bar spent 12 days in the desert His camel died the sun burned his retinas, but after dragging himself home [all] he could say to his [wife] was I’ve seen God in 1937 [a] [German] Marine scientist was hypnotized by the sway of Bioluminescence on Lake currently his first words upon revival. I’ve seen God and the connection is Hitler injuries to poor or Low Pepsi There’s a direct link between the optical nerve and original [the] brain responsible for religious devotion. You’re saying images can induce visions of God That’s why I joined your film class. [I] want you to document the experiment And we know that white noise and binaural [beat] stimulate the brain and the visual Cortex responds to symmetry Some patterns they work better than others so we alter them using various parameters scale color position Which were first always asked them one at a [time] measuring the results on an eeg your according hundreds of people work on this Across the globe is called hey [notes] Pattern theory they’re looking for a perfect image that could take forever to find And that’s what you do no I work for stratton a tech firm we build hids mice keyboards and this prototype the scans Brain activity I Do software for this thing then last month? this out Well it gave me an idea if the scanner could give feedback on a stAndard binary switch. What could it do for Pattern theory? It’s a simple script is accelerated if no deviate if yes mirror and split Repeat no deviate. Yes, Mirroring split Where and split [variable] can you control them the partners funny no? Physical subconscious, so you’re testing yourself? Incredible That’s [no] [trick] the readout you get we were chasing back We found it anals padma and so the work about Ellen White founder of the seventh-Day adventists suffered a brain injury at age nine Had frequent seizures spoke directly with God she was a [collective] so as dostoyevsky [you] know he called it the Ecstatic Aura You’re saying the entire history of religious prophecy is linked to brain Malfunction 10,000 years of fanatical belief God isn’t a bearded man sat in the clouds or [for] armed elephant. He’s a bug a Glitch Neurological Construct We worked through the night longer hours, son. I’m gonna slap fallon He told anyone about the experiment Well, I was followed last night Again this morning by [who] the police the church You think they’d like it? when fucking like it wouldn’t like [what] if we found [a] found what a Shortcut to God At first I thought it was a joke We named his operations the religious authorities, but I didn’t [believe] him It couldn’t be true Perhaps you should cut the self-testing You could do serious damage migraines seizures hallucinations Who else is there? No, it’s perfectly safe says the paranoid schizophrenia. I’m not paranoid prove it [I] can’t You can’t So the experiment took a turn It didn’t take long to finish the sequence join the dots We named it the brain hack But there was still one problem What happened again? some kind of reflex a safety catch look the Brain Hack starts to fall [24] 28 the velocity increases is working that then there eight seconds in kind of defense mechanism [may] the brains trying to tell us something How would you like to be lobotomised? [there] just the prefrontal lobe I can scoop it [right] out Jennifer Alan disappeared two days no word no warning what if the visions were real if you open the door to God maybe you let the devil into well Sit down You’re not going to need that Now we found the pattern at work every time like anil predicted universal no matter who views and the defense mechanism [I] know how to beat it [oh] What’s doing? Fallen No No, that’s right. Let it [ending] come Fear this is how you beat the defense records the prodding the cerebellum of fear? If you don’t see the results right now well Did you see anything tell me? nothing I don’t understand. It doesn’t work [fella], but the reaction was incredible. You should have seen it seen what God It took 20 minutes, but then it happened The Poet [valery] once wrote the universe is built on a plan The Profound symmetry which is somehow present in the inner structure our [internet] He was right And it’s beautiful follow Follow Are we doing the right thing what you mean? we could be fucking with our brain not the [brain] evolved to do this. It’s a natural function a natural function. Yeah it’s just most people never get their Modern life, how is we’re not touching the hardware. Just hacking the software giving them a cheat code for the final level [Gordon] mode You want to talk Moral implications? But other ones asking for money devotion Preaching hate you’re telling people that they’re sinful teaching them to maim and kill We’re sounding the truth the numinous is free [closes] the God isn’t just for monks priests self-proclaimed prophets It’s personal within us every one of us Brain hack needs to the public on the internet festivals TV. If I fall it’s sequencing We can end Wars [I] Once asked why you’re in film class Now you know We’ll make a short film half documentary of dramatic fiction When they need to embellish the story just enough to get the audience on the edge of their seat you the [sense] mechanism Because at the end of the film we show the brain [hack] live and uncover But it’s untested unsafe ready for it You know to see the results look away now watch dust like this video Subscribe for new visions of the future every week it is a business of the future to be dangerous Your future is dust

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  2. Exactly! The mind assimilate's pattern's and images out of a chaotic vibration that resembles the element of fire. A burning bush…etc.
    Great video! Evolution of film will be the upgrades to the inner eye (mandala's, sacred geometry, etc) to invoke deeper learning and perception.
    The headaches, are a representation of the crown of thorn's and the heavy head (christ's crucifixion) that comes from pattern resolution in the mind….
    Exposure to these vibrations, sounds, ray's, pattern's may unlock or awaken something in the blood that connects to a quantum genesis engine. An engine to design the body of light in immortal form… storage resides where in the universe?
    The center of mass?
    Welcome to hell….or heaven.
    Either way the light burn's.
    Exceptional art deserves immortal form.

  3. I believe there was some real mind fuck shit going at the end. I covered with my hand and I swear I felt energy coming out.

    Not good energy btw.

  4. Wow! That was brilliant… A terrific story and such an intriguing and original idea. So much room to tell more of this story; thanks so much for posting!

  5. Now THIS is a story validated with history. Nobody has ever been a bigger tyrant, or killed more people in the name of God, than the church. Check out the statistics of the Crusades! And what is going on now! This movie but closer to home than ANYTHING I've seen lately. And it IS true, that people who investigate the goings on of the church just flat disappear!
    This movie is scarily right on target, including what they were referring to in the film as 'triggers' to seeing God. The graphics are those of which they spoke in the film, the snap of the domes, the designs of the stainglass windows, certain resonant frequencies, they all come together to sequence triggers. Watch that clip over and over at the end of you don't believe it. Your mind will eventually come to trigger off of these images and sounds. It is what it is.

  6. now that was an experience. i loved it .had to watch the end bit twice.does that mean i only have to wait ten minutes?

  7. My little brother has epilepsy so you know how it is, he was also losing his shit, we were both on edge there, great movie 4 thumbs up,

  8. There is a lot of actual occult wisdom concealed in this little masterpiece. I had truly numinous experience not too long ago and it changed me… and believe it or not, fear was the key.

  9. Yeah it didn't do anything exept maybe create a brief moment of blurred vision on my peripheral vision like staring at one of those online patterns. Waiting 20 mins to see what happens.

  10. I Watched the last part without blinking.

    Hmm .. nothing happened…

    Wait.. it happens in 20 mins…. OH SHIT

  11. After watching the end of this video, I LOST 3 DAYS OF MY LIFE. When I woke, I was deluged with text and phone messages of what I had done in those three days. I can't believe it but, the things that people were telling me I had done were NOT bad things, they were GREAT AMAZING things that I could only DREAM of doing……………………………………..

  12. They must have found the right combination!!! I can't stop watching this, and no one has killed me. YET!

  13. First DUST not to be completely athiestic (from those i've seen up to now). Well done even if you allude to non- creator mentality. For me, I shall believe no matter. Regarding the Eternal love of God, it is Real.

  14. Great, now I see God everywhere. Nietzsche was right, he's dead. I just didn't know he meant it literally.

  15. To be honest, I didn't get much out of the ending, HOWEVER, the two six week old kittens that had been napping on my chest were utterly transfixed by the flashing patterns. I expect them to start leaving me messages in Greek spelled out in cat litter any day now.

  16. This excellent film, along with a strong counterpoint from Teilhard de Chardin, is enough to conflict and then fortify one's Catholic faith.

  17. 11:22 It's the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Hail to thee, oh great Tentacled One! May we all be touched with its noodly appendage.

  18. Fuck the epilepsy warning (not really), there needs to be a sound warning. My eardrums hurt, and I shudder to think how much that would have hurt if I'd been wearing headphones. I'm not going back to get the exact time code, because ow, but it's show up sometime after 11:30, maybe a bit later. Seriously, ow. It happens near the end too, but that one wasn't quite as bad. The whole thing was absolutely brilliant, though- not just for a short film, just as a film.

  19. Now this is weird…guess what the number of comments are?
    666 – I kid you not. My comment will go beyond to 667.

    The idea here – God is in us all – is not new. This has been called the New Age Teaching. It's not new. Its the ancient Eastern teaching. In this film the idea of sin is mocked at.

    Let me ask you this. Who taught you to lie? Did Dad and Mom sit you down as a toddler and say – today we will teach you how to lie. No. It was inside you all along. You only had to get old enough to talk and for the right occasion to tell the first of your many lies. It's natural. It's in us. In us all. And so is the nature to disobey and to be violent.
    Another kid has a toy. You want it. So you grab it. They hold on and you hit them and take it.

    You lie. You steal. You disobey. You are violent. That is the sin nature in us.

    The child hits the other kid and takes his toy. When he grows up he shoots and kills the clerk and takes the money. This sin business is serious stuff.

    Christ has the answer. Follow Him.

  20. To the writer – so there is a bug, a problem in the mind of the prophets of old?
    And they were not really in touch with God after all ?

    Well, there is a bug all right – and its in that belief.

    The Bible contains proof that there is a God and that it is the God of the Bible.
    I can show you the proof. It is up to you to accept or reject.

    Can anyone tell us in great detail with many examples what will happen 1,000 years from now? Of course not. The weather forecasters often miss the forecast for tomorrow.
    Who predicted that Trump would be President ? You get the idea.
    So 1,000 years from now? Impossible.

    Except, there is documented proof in the Bible – that you can confirm by reading it for yourself, where God foretells dozens (maybe a few hundred) things in absolute detail that came true.

    This kind of thing can not be faked. When you foretell and it is written down then it either happens or it does not.

    One of the most profound things to happen in recent decades was Israel becoming a nation again after being dead as a nation for over 1900 years. Yet, God said it would happen. Its documented in the Bible and you can read it for yourself.

    Dozens of the details of the life of Christ were documented in the Bible 1,000 to 1,500 years BEFORE Christ was born. Details that could not be faked and that Christ had no control over.
    First example – it was foretold hundreds of years before Christ was born that He would be born in Bethlehem. We all know that Christmas story about His birth in Bethlehem.

    His life and even His death were foretold in detail – showing that He would be whipped, beaten, rejected, put on trial, crucified and that He would rise from the dead……and many other details.

    Only a foolish judge would dismiss this kind of evidence without looking at it.
    What about you ? Are you a foolish judge? Or will you look at the evidence ?
    Read it for yourself. I did. And He changed my life.

  21. The problem with making a movie about something that might drive you insane if you saw it is that there really isn't any way to do it. So seeing god never works unless as a parody. Same with trying to depict the eldritch horrors of H.P. Lovecraft's stories. Just doesn't work. Still, really good video, thumbs up.

  22. I ah, I liked this short film..!! I always want to look into the future and see what happens..!! Even though. This is complete bull shit and you should be ashamed of your self..!! LOL..!!

  23. One hell of a story and wonderfully done. Someone has been doing their scientific homework!!! Well done fellows. Keep on Hacking.

  24. I remember seeing this some time ago before I was aware that there was such a thing as DUST, I should have known, as it didn't occur to me that a single company could produce so many wonderful films, as always excellent work, great film.

  25. This is hands down the most masterful short I've ever seen. Stands up to multiple viewings big time. From concept, screenplay to execution. I'm blown away. That don't happen often if ever but this one scores a 10 out of 10. Someone better get a career out of this.

  26. If the numinous is internal and accessible to every brain, then it is equivalent to an orgasm — which is also internal and accessible to every brain. And showing God to people is equivalent to prostitution. Thanks, pimps.

  27. Philip K. Dick had a somewhat similar idea in his novel _The Transmigration of Timothy Archer_. The Episcopal Bishop of California becomes convinced that the anokhi — the Hebrew word used in the Bible as a first person pronoun when God speaks — was an experience accessible by eating a mushroom.

  28. Do you have english subtitle? I try to turn on the caption, but it seems the word doesn't same with theri pronounce.

  29. Being completely serious. I've watched this video many times now — I know it's not literally real, but it definitely does something to me. Last night I'd started to watch it for the umpteenth time and got interrupted, so I paused it and went back to my "real world". When I came back to it, I saw it was paused at time 0:35, and the main character, who had been going through his beginning "freak out", was holding a piece of paper up to the camera, and it read:

    "Ten bags 1 oz Deals" by John Anthony
    Milton's Paradise Lost

    It goes by so fast when watching it normally that I don't think one would normally see it, and indeed, if I hadn't been interrupted at just that moment, I wouldn't have seen it, either. But given that he is otherwise seemingly just rustling papers around randomly, yet this section of this paper just happens to be held up precisely to the camera for that split-second, I don't think it can be an accident. I think we, or some of us at least, were intended by the filmmakers to see it. but maybe I'm the only one who caught it thus far?!

    Most of us, I assume, know who Milton was and what "Paradise Lost" is. I'm not sure what "1786" is referring to, since that year is long after Milton died. But aside from that, who is John Anthony, and what is that title referring to?! I have Googled just about every combination of those words I can think of, sometimes in combination with "Brain Hack", "Paradise Lost", and "Milton", and can't find any references that seem to make sense, or even that seems to imply that anyone else ever managed to see this. I've found many different references to various people named "John Anthony", but none that would make sense in this context, I don't think. Am I really the first and only person to have found this?! And what the heck does it mean?!

    Semi-serious, semi-joking: Maybe THAT split second is the real "Brain Hack", and tracking it down will be what leads me to some kind of experience of the numinous!

  30. Pretty creative. But the basic anti-religious premise is pretty cliche these days. It would have been more interesting if there were some hint that the numinous were something beyond the inside surface of our skulls… a hint that maybe something deeper is going on, something that we can't quite get a handle on. That's what produces that eerie feeling you get in some episodes of X-Files… as opposed to the neutralizing effect of saying the numinous is something we can just turn on when we want to and manipulate at will.

  31. I really enjoyed this film. You accomplished in less than 20 min, than Hollywood can do in hours. Keep up the good work. Now, if you don't mind, I am going to go lay down till the headache and dizziness stop. LOL

  32. that was interesting.
    the EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sound that is so ear-splitting though… i hate that on every movie i see.
    i already have tinnitus…
    so yeah, thanks ! …

  33. LOVED THIS SOO MUCH! But….you might wanna put up a warning for people who have seizures! I have, epilepsy, and almost went into a grand Mal..😕

  34. how these shorts became so much better than movies? because there are no producers, no marketing? no fuckers who try to get the vibe of the market, and put social correctness ? THIS IS SUBERB WRITING. the time of indie shorts and the death of hollywood, has started

  35. I was waiting for some big ending you build-up and you dropped the ball at the end not cool. But you should have said in the beginning of the movie if you have seizures or other disabilities please do not watch.

  36. Wow, they were not kidding about the epilepsy warning! The beginning and end are full-on seizure triggers. But aside from that, interesting concept.

  37. This short film is both beautiful and frightening at the same time! There's something about the way this film was executed that had me believing that I'd be able to see god at the end! This is the true meaning of sci-fi, this is the true power of short film! It didn't just feel like an amazing story, it literally felt like a warning! It felt so real!

  38. news flash no one has seen God if they did they never lived to tell about it it is certain death to look upon God not even moses looked upon God but mearly his shadow and it turned his hair white as snow not even the angels can look upon him

  39. If movies were rated on a scale of Hollywood (0) to Dust (100) this would be about a 60. Not bad, better than Hollywood–but not the wow factor I've come to enjoy from Dust.

  40. Completely blown away by the originality. Simply incredible, and one of the best shorts I've seen in years. Want to see more from the writer.

  41. didn't work all I saw was flashes of things and stuff and OH MY WORD I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING NOW.. wait. no. Didn't work. also they ruined the scare by explaining it, so then it's not going to work… hmm.

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