Rough Surf For Autistic Surfers On A Fun Day

– What’s up guys? Welcome to the blog. We’re at the beach! – Yeah! – Abbie’s already covered in sand. Ready to go Abbs? Ready to surf? No, not yet? Okay. A little break. Little break. – She got up super early. We were up for about an hour at six. And then she went back to sleep. – Yeah. – Now it’s so much fun. I love when we see people. Okay. So we are all registered. So basically what they do, is they give different groups. So Abbie is going to
part of the blue group. And they’ll have like 25
surfers go out at a time. And so you get your color bands. That way you know when you go out. Then they give you lunch,
arm bands and tickets. That’s so you can get
free water all day long. You get free lunch. And it’s all donated
from local restaurants and companies… (lively rock music) (ocean surf sounds) – Bathrooms a little bit of a hike here. – It is. (street crowd sounds) – Forgot the towels Abb. We’re going to have to go back, okay? That’s all we’re doing is walking back to the car. And then back to the beach. Well, I went down to the beach, and I asked Abbie, if she
wanted to go with me or mom? She wanted to go walk to the car. So that’s what we’re doing. So they also have like bounce houses here. The police have their
airboat set up out here. It’s pretty cool. Like a whole exhibit and
county stuff, Flagler County. They always do a really good job. Put on a good show. Invite a bunch of different people out. Like the Pirates. The Pirates are always fun. Are we having a good day? We’re meeting all kinds of people. We’ve probably had like
a dozen subscribers or so come over and say, “Hello.” So that’s really cool. Even some of those Lipstick Mamas from LimeLight came over to say, “Hi”. Yeah, alright. That’s a Model X. Tesla. Father’s Day. You know, just saying. I knew that was going to happen. You just wanted some
air conditioning, huh? That’s okay. We’ll sit here for a minute, then we’ll go back down there. Okay? Abb. Thumbs up. Thumbs up. I can’t see it. Thumbs up. What’s up? Are you ready? You ready to go back? Hey. You ready to go back? No? You want to eat? Girl, you had a big lunch. You ate a lot. You had baked ziti. You had a peanut butter and jelly. Those aren’t even like… I don’t know which one’s the side item. (surfing music) (cheering) (surfing fun sounds) – So one of the really
cool parts about this like the inclusiveness of SFA. – Yeah. – So Damien in the green Rash Guard. Damien is autistic himself. And he started surfing with SFA. How many, he was one of the first surfers. – He was, the first surfer. – And now he comes out and he helps other
people with autism surf. Like he’s helping Abbie right now. – Whoa, there’s a crab. – There’s a crab? – Yeah. – Did it get you? – No, but he could have. (laughing) (ocean wave sounds) (cheering) (surfing music) – Yeah, dude. (cheering – Hey, good job Damien. Great dude. (surfing music) – She did great. – She did. – Can you say thank you to everybody? Turn around. – Say thank you. Can we get a picture? Get a picture with the surfboard. Oh yeah. – Got a smile? Big smile. – Ah, good smile Abb. – Big smile Abb. – Nice – Good job, kiddo. You rocked it. Nice surfing. – Back at the room all cleaned up. (loud clapping) – Get ready for the after party. – Yeah they do like a little dinner party, after party thing after the event. – Ahhh! – At the conclusion of each SFA event. So that’s pretty cool. We get to just hangout. Go eat dinner. Talk to the other families. See our friends, stuff like that. (gentle guitar rock music) – Are you starving? Watching? Watch out for that food to come out. (loud crowds talking) – Watching for the lady
to come bringing it out. – It’s like they need to hurry up. Oh, ice cream. – You excited? – So excited. Best thing to do after dinner. And the feast, huh? Some chocolate ice cream. – There’s a pretty sky over here. – I know. It’s gorgeous, pinks and blues. Abbs, did you have such a great day? Surfing, dinner, music, ice cream. – Uh huh. – Did you have fun today? – We did. – A good day, huh? Rarely Isaiah says, “I had a good day”. It’s always good especially
when it’s not good, It’s not like an Isaiah event. You know. – Yeah, it was fun. – Necessarily. It’s more, we’re happy but, we always have fun as a family. Family, family Abb, super cheesy. Okay guys, we’ll see you guys tomorrow. We’re going back to the room. Bye. – Bye – Abbs, say “Bye”. – Mmmmm. – So stop (surfing splashing sounds)

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  1. Why does Abbie eat so quickly? And always want food? I may have missed you answering those questions in a previous video but I'm just curious! You guys rock. Love following your daily vlogs!!

  2. Love the vlog. I'd love to learn more about how your family navigates sleeping in hotels. How does your family cope with the different sleeping arrangements (i.e. different from home -space, sleep-wake schedules, privacy) Thanks in advance.

  3. Can’t deny Abbie is a surfer girl. It makes me happy to see you all enjoying family activities out in the water. 🏄👍

  4. You really do, do the best job at editing, Asa, you inspire me to make more cinematic b roll content! Great vlogs!

  5. I adore your videos, and I love the bond your family has! Abbie reminds me so much of our sweet girl in almost every way.

    I was looking into the SFA events and would love to bring our girl to an event, but we are in NC. Is SFA available to everyone nation wide?

  6. tell that girl with the gstring bikini bottom that she forgot to put on bikini bottoms. geez kids today have no shame in what body parts they show.

  7. Abby is so beautiful and amazing girl what a beautiful family she has😁👏I love you guys so much YouTube videos are so phenomenal 🎉🎊😀😃❤🤟🙏🖐😉

  8. That girl is in her element in the water. This is so awesome! How can we help with this even if we live far away? Is there a place they accept donations?

  9. Priscilla is so beautiful! She is absolutely glowing! I think it also has a lot to do with her personality – she seems so loving and kind. That "there was a crab" part made me laugh, especially when she started laughing. Lots of love to you all! 💞

  10. Sitting here, sipping on some decaf coffee in my "Abbie" mug. The coffee just tastes better in it, and I do enjoy starting my with the fam! I get off to a good start every day, just thinking of you all, and how much I respect, admire, and genuinely care for each one of you. Thanks for being "real" and for sharing the love and education we receive every day.

  11. Abby is so brave, surfing. I think it’s hilarious that she’s like, “Stairs with no hand tail? Nope!” but also, “Big waves in water with seaweed and crabs? Yes PLEASE!!” She’s braver than I am, that’s for sure!

  12. Did it get you? No,but it could have.. lol. I feel ya esp being from canada where my beaches dont have crabs.. could have is all that matters 😝

  13. I loved this! I’ve been an RBT for about a year and I’m gonna be volunteering at my first SFA in Ft.Myers this year!!! I’m so excited, watching your family has inspired and motivated me in ways I can’t put into words 🙂 thank you for sharing your world with us!

  14. I always look forward to you all posting! Abby I hope you always know just how awesome of a person you are! Thank you all for sharing your lives with us ❤️

  15. “You had baked ziti….you had a peanut butter jelly….Those aren’t even like…I don’t know which one is the side item” hahahahhaha 😭😂😂😂😂

  16. I saw abbie there while volunteering and wanted to say hi but I was busy helping another surfer at the time. I'm so happy she, and all of the other awesome kids, had fun! One of the best events I've volunteered for!

  17. Isaiah is the sweetest brother! I can’t get over the sheer amount of love he shows his little sister, even just in the way he looks at her. He’s incredibly mature for his age and clearly has a huge heart! I teach high school and if I had Isaiah as a student I would absolutely jump for joy. He’s going to go places for sure!

  18. Thank you for sharing part of your lives with us. I can’t get enough.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but maybe on a “Triple P” I’d love to see maybe a grocery haul, like all of Abbie’s favorites!

  19. Abbie was in her element out there, totally chilled taking on the waves and enjoying every blissful second of it. I'm so glad you've found something everyone loves as a family, that's a tall order for having teens with opposite interests etc.

    I saw this quote and found it fitting for miss Abbie,
    "You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf."

  20. So glad that Abbie had a blast surfing, and Isaiah too! I did the St. Pete's Surfing for Autism after learning about it from you guys and moving down to Tampa this summer. It was ROUGH because the waves were rough & the shells tore up my feet something awful (I couldn't walk for 2 weeks afterwards,) but it was worth it! This Minnesota girl has to get used to walking on shells now that I'm a Florida girl!! haha

  21. I wish this happened in the beginning of August! We were close by visiting my parents the first two weeks of August! Would have loved to meet you all! You all are amazing! ❤️

  22. Its 10pm and I'm exhausted but I make time for Abbie because of how much love I have for her and the whole squad …. Abbie has brought happiness in my life even though I've never met yall I still feel connected. I love yall and appreciate everything you do. And to Abigail you are such a special sweet girl I hope that you know how wonderful and smart you are. You are beautiful girl that brings light to those around you. And Isaiah you are amazing and kind such a blessing to Abbie, mom and dad
    Love you guys

  23. My nieces have started watching your channel and the oldest is 10. She told me if Abbie was at her school she would help her and be her friend. I thought that was so sweet. She has been known by teachers to be helpful with kids that need a little extra help. I love watching you guys and think you do an amazing job 🤗

  24. This is so wonderful! But what’s with the woman wearing a thong at the beach? Especially when they are supposed to be role models. So unnecessary and inappropriate.

  25. I kept catching myself smiling through this video. Abbie’s absolute joy being at the beach is so contagious!

  26. I got stung by a sting ray and 7 or 8ish jelly fish. Crabs are less of my worry at this point. 😂 I wish I grew up with sweet, kind peers like your kids are growing up with. I had to physically fight for a little respect. 🥺🤷🏻‍♀️ The people that surround your family every day are amazing humans.

  27. I am consistently in awe of how one young lady can bring SO MANY people together without ever saying a word. Way to go, Abbie <3

  28. Abbie looks super cool surfing and having fun. Looks like she loved it sitting on the surfboard while the others took her for a ride

  29. I absolutely loved it. I noticed when Abby is at home she doesn’t care if her face and head get wet in the pool but on the surf board heading out abby urned her head avoid the water in her face. I just thought it was neat to see the sensory side of things.
    So glad they have surfers for autism that is such an awesome event that benefits all in involved not just the autistic.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us. Love you all. 😘🌺

  30. Ohh my what a beautiful moment at the beach 🏖 Abbie looks so happy 😀 and chill!! Isaiah so cute taking care of his sister!! A big hug 🤗 Mass Family 🤗🤗🇨🇷🇨🇷.

  31. I truly love your family unit, I’m on the spectrum of FAE or more widely known as FAS and when I watch you guys it reminds me of being with my family unit doing events and bringing awareness to communities witch is so important, thank u and I appreciate you guys. All my special classes and courses helped me be we’re I’m at today and now I can speaking behalf of others dealing with this disability. I love the way you are teaching, and educating the world lots of love

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