Resonance Spectrum (2 snare drum etudes w/ sheet music)

Hello, everybody. James Christian here from Today, I want to talk
about the resonance spectrum. A lot of people have
a very controlled technique where they’re tight and articulate
in everything they play. And then some people
have a very resonant technique where it’s very loose and open. A lot of Internet arguments
on different drumming styles center around these two
different technique approaches. Today I want to talk about
how they’re actually on a spectrum. And you need to know
the entire spectrum. For today’s video,
I’m going to play two etudes. One is faster and tighter and requires
more of a controlled technique. And the second etude
is a more open style– or the writing is more open
and lends itself more to an open style. And I want you to observe the difference
in the techniques employed for both. I think you’ll find there is room for both,
and you need both in different situations. So I’ll start with the tighter,
more controlled etude. And I will follow it up with the more open,
more rebound-oriented etude. If you’d like to download the music
to those etudes to learn them yourself or to simply follow along on the video,
the link will be included below. And you can download them
at I do want you to notice
in watching the videos– I think in the first video,
if you tried to play that with a really legato/rebound-style technique,
it just wouldn’t work. You wouldn’t be able to get
the fast controlled notes on the flams and the softer dynamics
and all of that. Conversely, on the second etude,
if you tried to play that really tightly, I feel like you would lose
a lot of the expression you would get from taking
a more open approach and style. So I feel like both
performances were good. I’m biased, of course,
because I performed them. But I feel like both of them are good,
but they’re different in the style and
approach to them. And it is a full spectrum
that you need to understand. So if you get really tight and rigid,
it gets just… stiff sounding. And you almost get buzz notes
if you just get super stiff with your stick. But then if you get super loose and relaxed,
you lose all control, and the stick is almost
about to fall out of your hand. So you need to be able to control
the full spectrum of resonance– really resonant to really crisp
and tight and controlled. And you need to be able
to explore the full range without going past
a good sound on either end. So that’s all I want
to say on that today. I have more thoughts on this
that I’ll probably save for a future video. But hopefully that gives you
some food for thought, and it helps you think about how you’re
approaching different passages of music. I hope you enjoyed that.
Please like, share, subscribe, comment. Let me know your thoughts on this,
and that would help me out a lot. I hope you enjoyed this video,
and I will catch you next time. Thanks for watching. Bye! [drum line cadence]

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