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Spectrum and signal analyzers are the wireless
engineer’s single most useful tool. They perform common RF measurements with flexibility and
high performance, but modern wireless signals and the frequency bands they use are dynamic
and complex. The combination of the spectrum analyzers sweeping resolution bandwidth filter
and the changing signal environment make wireless signal analysis much more challenging. For
wireless applications, the Agilent high performance PXA and mid-range MXA X-Series signal analyzers
provide a combination of swept spectrum, real time, and vector signal analysis that is perfectly
suited to the demands of wireless design. These capabilities are available as options
or upgrades to the instruments already on your bench, providing complete signal analysis
that will help you get your designs done faster. Density and spectrogram displays are some
of the most powerful real time tools. Real time density displays quickly reveal the content
of frequency bands and the behavior of the signals in them. They are especially good
for finding very rare or low duty cycle signals and unexpected signal behavior. The real time
spectrogram shows signal and spectrum changes over time. Like the density display, the spectrogram
is continuous and all signal samples are processed. The acquisition time for each spectrogram
line can be adjusted to change the timescale and provide finer time resolution. The real
time gap-free processing can also be used to test each individual spectrum almost 300,000
per second against limits to trigger on upper or lower spectrum masks and behavior, such
as leaving a mask and then reentering. The frequency mask trigger continuously monitors
the spectrum, reliably finding a single signal or event among many others or triggering on
problems such as synthesizer unlocking and frequency or amplitude instability. Frequency
mask triggering is also available to enhance the capabilities of Agilent’s 89600 VSA software.
The VSA software implements persistence, density, and spectrogram displays using the PXA and
MXA signal analyzers. Though these displays are not usually real time, the VSA software
can take advantage of the real time frequency mass trigger. This provides the same real
time triggering available for RF spectrum, triggering all types of vector signal analysis
and demodulation. The triggering can start individual measurements or gap-free time capture
and flexible playback. A frequency mass triggered signal recording captures a large block of
real time gap-free data both before and after the trigger, focus on any time segment of
the recording, change from one type of signal analysis to any other type without making
a new recording. For ultimate analysis flexibility, the 89600 VSA software allows you to change
the center frequency and span after capture. You can tune and zoom for more insight on
rare and non-repeating events without the need to make a new recording. Center frequency
and span changes resample the data and enable demodulation of any signal in the captured
bandwidth. Complete signal analysis for the most demanding wireless applications. Learn
all you need to know about the most complex signals, the most dynamic spectrum environments,
the most elusive signal behavior using a single, upgradable signal analyzer. The Agilent MXA
and PXA real time signal analyzers. For a new application note, more information, and
free trial licenses, refer to Thank you.

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