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  1. Your requests have been heard! The Good Doctor #2 review is now LIVE – https://youtu.be/Jawdj_L0GpQ
    Please keep submitting the shows and episodes you'd like for me to review. Love you all!

  2. The show is on Monday night on ABC – you – check it out — and btw – it is fine acting from some – and way way too much romantic bs – the show is about The Good Doctor – not The Good Lay —

  3. Just Finished LOST. An now I'm trying to find something else to watch!

    And anyone who hasn't watched it yet I highly recommend it, it's really good

  4. My mom got a nail stuck on her foot and she took it out with her bare hands…. 3 years ago.. so wats supposed to happen ?://

  5. Dr.Mike saying that you can use a needle instead of that bottle trick
    Me:yeah but does that look cool… that was what i thought

  6. Where have you been all my life! I wish I could pull you out whenever I watch an episode to explain what's happening to me. Usually they explain it pretty well but it's annoying to pause and say Alexa what is the meaning of xyz.

  7. Mike I like that you’ve been really open minded, but as an autistic person I’d really advise against suggesting “early intervention programs” because many are extremely abusive and often lead to PTSD or C-PTSD in children who have to go through them, like me. You really have to do your research to make sure you are getting a good one. It teaches us to act more like neurotypicals/allistics but it’s also often traumatic, painful, and doesn’t actually help with any “deficits.” Autistics don’t need aggressive intervention, we just need understanding and some accommodations.

  8. Speaking of the eye contact thing, I’ve found that I’ve learned to appear as though I’m making eye contact but typically I’m looking at their nose, their mouth, or their upper chest. It gives the impression of normal conversation.

    It’s not necessarily that I’m uncomfortable with eye contact, I just either don’t think to make it or sometimes I can’t. It’s like trying to put the ends of two magnets with the same polarity together.

  9. What I like is that they explicitly say that he has autism AND savant syndrome. Instead of asserting that he has all of these amazing abilities because of his autism. Would his autism help a lot of this stuff? Sure, having a special interest in medicine means he probably read textbooks and medical journals like some kids read lord of the rings. I remember growing up I had a special interest in Star Wars and I know EVERYTHING about Star Wars because I lived on Wookiepedia.

  10. I love the show the Good Doctor. I think it's important for people to understand that there are Levels to autism, plus everyone experiences their symptoms differently, so not what everyone sees portrayed on TV is the complete "face" of autism. I am Level 1 (aka Aspergers, although it is all just considered part of the spectrum now), and my daughter is Level 2. I do love this show so much. The only thing I wish is that they would show a little more about how a lot of people may be going through their entire lives without knowing the answers of their whys and that aspect of it to help raise awareness to that factor and help more people come to realize their diagnosis as well. There are so many people with undiagnosed autism that may never find this out unfortunately. It is definitely an internal battle. That being said this show does portray autism very well, and it is amazing that they did make a show like this to portray the different aspects of living with autism. It is definitely one of my favorite shows.😊❤

  11. I know the TV show Bones may be a little different than your typical reviews but I've always wondered how accurate it is and would like a review of it

  12. I think I can just watch His reactions because I don't live in us. 😆 I can't watch THE GOOD DOCTOR!!! 😢😢😢

  13. Omg I never knew Good Doctor was originally American?? I watched the Korean version and asbolutely loved it!!

  14. I m a doctor too , got everything what he explained, but subscribed his channel just to look at him again and again as hot doctors are rare around the globe and I guess m having a crush ….😈

  15. Shows like this with such AMAZING writing are so incredible to watch & then the actors deliver the scenes so perfectly

  16. we are seeing the good doctor in 2019 here in Brazil and we are in love with him kisses from Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  17. Ya Allah dokter.. You are very very pintar and ganteng nge polll
    I wanna be like u

    Insyaa Allah soon as possible 😊

  18. I had a friend in school who was a savant. He was able to tell a slight difference in arcade games lights and sounds and nail the prizes spot on every time.
    Kind of reminder me of the ECG machine.

    He could listen to the sound everytime it passed the button and knew after a few passes that the pattern was slightly off.
    I couldn't hear the difference at all but he started winning too often so they didn't allow us to play anymore.

  19. Doctor used to be above profession but now it's a business. In my country we have very few doctors that consider it as a service and majority hospitals keep billing target for their doctor

  20. I'm apparently mildly to severely autistic, and I have a issue talking to people but I talk really well to my cat I think the two are linked. So yeah thats fun.

  21. I feel like this show decided to ignore some reality to exaggerate or embellish Shaun's savant-syndrome, which is a little more 'super-power'-like than real savants. The show also uses Shaun's autism for some drama flare too, and altogether this makes a really fascinating but kind of unrealistic show to watch. I personally like the show, but I do worry a little about the effects it may have to uninformed viewers about how autism and savants syndrome really work. However, this is a typical effect drama shows like this have on the public, and it really just takes a little bit of time for people to inform themselves on the reality of these kinds of things. This is a good review on the show, and I really like how Doc Mike explained a lot of the medical aspects. Great video Doc, keep it up!!

  22. I’m an autistic savant in college, mine is English and history and anything literary as well as a few other things but trying to become a nurse

    I am honestly saying I was worse then him in socializing as a child but then kept practicing until I can fake being normal, if quirky and a little weird

    Thanks if you read this and thanks for the shows mike

  23. Mike: The first thing you wanna do is put pressure
    Shaun: You are killing him
    Mike: Those kids who have autism and grow with a pet have better communication skills
    Sahun's dad: kills pet

  24. As a nurse who spends so much time watching medical dramas and correcting them out loud to my husband – I am LOVING this channel. And my son has aspergers. Thank you Dr. Mike!

  25. And I'm sharing this on FB – because it's so hard when patients are expecting you to do these things – like shocking asystole …

  26. Yeah its the first thing that u would learn in med school that if u have been stab dont remove the knife or anything that stabs u.

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