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Today the truth comes out. Hey everyone it’s Katy and welcome back to my channel. So for today’s video I thought I would do something a little bit different and I’ve actually been really excited to film this video because I don’t normally jump on the bandwagon of YouTube trends or anything that’s really popular on YouTube I just tend to kind of like avoid or I just don’t think it’s gonna be for me or I just don’t think it would be fun to film but this one I have really enjoyed watching and I have been so excited to film it so I wanted to give it a go and that is the whole assumptions about me kind of video where people go on to Instagram ask for people’s assumptions about them and then they react to them on a YouTube video. So I’m gonna do that today. I asked you guys to send in all of your assumptions about me and my life and I’m going to react to them on camera for you guys today. I have been getting so many comments, questions, and now assumptions about cats. People seem to assume that I’ve either rescued a cat or I have a cat, people are asking me if I have a cat. I don’t have a secret cat hidden somewhere I promise you guys I really don’t, I have never owned a cat. Unfortunately, my family are not really cat people I do like cats I’m definitely more of a dog person, which is also an assumption that I got a lot but I do like cats but I think I would just need like a cat that was like a dog. I just need a dog, that’s what I need. You never swear. Oh I’m so sorry I’m about to burst your bubble here. I swear so much. I don’t think I swear that much on videos I don’t think, if I do swear it’s probably because I just can’t think of another word to fill in the blank and I just end up swearing to get my point across but I try not to swear in videos just because I don’t know, everyone has different views and opinions on swearing but I swear so much – my friends, my family members they will all tell you how much I swear on an everyday basis and I think it’s just because I don’t understand swear words like I don’t understand where they came from like who thought up these words and then decided that these specific group of words or like these specific things were gonna have more meaning and more hate behind them than any other word. Like I don’t understand it so I swear a lot. Like I have that same mentality towards like the middle finger like who decided that that was a thing? Like how can one finger have a worse like meaning than all the other fingers? Like I just don’t get it it doesn’t make any logical sense to me. So I just don’t abide by those rules and I will use words wherever I want to use words and I will use gestures wherever I want to use gestures. That you get underestimated by ignorant people a lot as an autistic woman. I think I probably do but I can’t think of any real examples of this off the top of my head. I always feel underestimated or like I don’t know what the best word is, but I always gets a little bit annoyed and feel underestimated when I do a video, which I put like my heart and soul into that I talked about maybe something difficult or something that to help spread awareness and I really put my all into it I’m really proud of the video and then someone will come along watch that video and just comment about how I make disability look sexy or how I look really great in whatever I’m wearing and although that’s lovely, kind of it just always comes across to me like why can’t you just listen to the words that I’m saying as opposed to the body that it’s coming out of? That does make me feel underestimated and it makes me feel almost like fetished… fetis..? fetishised? fetisized? fetishised? I can’t pronounce that word. It makes me feel like I’m somebody else’s fetish. and that does make me feel underestimated, it makes me feel like just a walking talking thing that you can just use it’s just like no. That you’re a very good judge of character and you get vibes from people instantly. That is a really awesome assumption and it is a hundred percent, right. I do think of myself as a very good judge of character and I do get vibes from people instantly good and bad and I try not to let that cloud my ability to get to know someone because although I read people, you know, that’s never a hundred percent, correct or accurate so I just try to let that person speak for themselves and once I have evidence and proof that my vibes and the way that I’ve read this person is actually correct I act on whether I want to keep that person in my life or I want to not have that person in my life. So I try not to use them as a form of judgment, but I do find that like 98 percent of the time my first impression of someone is absolutely right and I think people often assume that as an autistic person I can’t have this ability because I find communication in different aspects of social life difficult, and I don’t really have an answer for that I do not know why I can read people so easily but yet I can’t socialise easily. It’s a very interesting thing to research if someone wants to do a bit of research I’m more than happy to be a human guinea pig to figure out why I can read people so easily but I can’t socialise with them to save my life. You have less challenges after being diagnosed with Asperger’s. That’s an interesting one. I would probably say that is right to a large degree. I have definitely found that since my diagnosis I am able to enjoy life a little bit more give myself more credit learn to love myself a bit more and therefore my life has been not necessarily easier, but just less rocky and less not necessarily easy but less hard, that’s not a good way of phrasing it. I think it’s just been less of me beating myself up. So in many respects yes, I probably have had less challenges but it depends what you mean by a challenge because in terms of my everyday life my challenges have not really decreased, if anything they’ve increased because my life is constantly changing and the more that you grow up into an adult the more challenges you face in life but the way I deal with them has definitely changed and I’m able to brush things off a little bit easier. I am able to cope with things a bit better and I’m able not to result in hating myself. So in terms of the number of challenges and the nature of the challenges I don’t think that has changed, you know if anything it’s it’s increased because of my age, but in terms of the way that I deal with things and the way that those challenges affect me, yes that has changed and I think that has definitely changed for the better. You didn’t enjoy high school. That’s a really tough one. If I had to answer only yes or no to the question, did you enjoy high school? I think I would have to say no but there were bits of it that I enjoyed and it was kind of like a sandwich experience for me my entire high school experience, my first two years sucked. Year seven and year eight were really really tough years emotionally for me and I would not go back there. The next three years I loved, I loved doing my GCSEs, I loved that time in my life. It was amazing. I loved my lessons. I was just so passionate about school. I was getting involved. Friendship-wise, it was still pretty sucky but I was getting through because I loved my lessons so much and I love my teachers and everything that was going on I just loved loved loved. Then my college experience sucked because I had mental health problems. I missed a lot of it. I was diagnosed with everything. It was just horrendous but friendship-wise my college experience was the best because I had friends who stuck by me, I finally found where I fit in. But overall if I had to answer really quickly, yes or no, did I enjoy high school, I would say no, so this assumption that I didn’t enjoy high school is right I would say. I had a lot of assumptions about my music taste. I had someone assuming that I enjoy indie rock like Florence in the Machine and Mumford & Sons but I also had someone saying that they don’t think that I like rap music which I thought was interesting. I have a hugely broad taste in music and I pretty much find that I like bits of every genre, but I don’t like one genre exclusively, like I really do enjoy indie rock. I love Florence and the Machine, but I’m not a huge fan of Mumford & Sons. That’s not really up my street and that’s kind of the way that most of my music taste will go. I really enjoy aspects of pop but I don’t enjoy all of it. I really like R&B in some respects, but I don’t like all of it and I do enjoy rap, but I don’t like all of it. So I do like a little bit of everything and I often really enjoy – does anybody else think like this? Maybe this is just a weird thing that I do. But if I’m out in public with my headphones in I’m wondering if anybody is looking at me and trying to assume what type of music I’m listening to because I think people looking at me would think it’s something very light and cheesy and poppy and most of the time I’m listening to like the complete opposite of that when I’m out and about I tend to be listening to heavy R&B or I’m listening to rap or I’m listening to Tove Lo – I don’t really know what genre Tove Lo goes into… maybe kind of pop but not really. If any of you guys know of Tove Lo and have listened to anything from Tove Lo I think that kind of blows a lot of misconceptions about me out of the water because you know I think it proves that I probably do swear a lot because I listen to music with a lot of swear words in. You find the outdoors calmer than the indoors. That is a hundred percent, correct. I would much rather spend all of my life outside than inside but saying that I hate camping. I do find wide-open spaces, fresh air, natural beauty so calming, so relaxing, and I would so much rather be in those situations than be in a room with four walls or any kind of building. I just enjoy being outside. It’s where I find I relax, it’s where my best thinking comes in. It’s where I feel most at peace. It’s just where I feel most myself, it’s it’s me being outside is a huge part of who I am and loving nature and hiking and walking and appreciating natural beauty is just like everything that I love. So I think I’m going to leave it there for today’s video. Thank you to everybody who sent in assumptions on Instagram. I got some really lovely ones as well, which I haven’t included in this video. You know, people saying how lovely I seem and I’m a good friend and that I would be fun to hang out with. You guys are so nice. Honestly, thank you to everybody sent in assumptions about me and I think around 90% of the time you guys were spot-on so you guys are really right in most of your assumptions and I think that’s a really lovely thing because I think that means that you guys are seeing a very authentic version of me and what you’re seeing and what you’re assuming is absolutely right, which is I think really nice. So yeah let me know if you’ve enjoyed this video by giving it a big thumbs up and I would totally be up for doing another one of these. I don’t think this has to be a one-time kind of thing. I do feel like it could be an ongoing thing that we do. So if you do have any other assumptions about me or things that you want me to address that aren’t necessarily questions for a Q&A but you just want to be like, I think you’re like this or I assume that you do this let me know in the comment section and I will answer some more in a video coming up if we fancy doing another one of these. So yes, I hope you’ve had a really really good day, and I will see you soon. Bye guys! You

30 thoughts on “Reacting to your Assumptions about me! | invisible i [CC]

  1. Haha this video is perfect timing…I was already on a binge of your videos when I got this notification 😀

  2. Who cares what people assume? Just as they say , do your thing, and don't live for the benefit of others. Me personally. I live for the Lord. 😁

  3. I was going to ask for a part 2 but not on Instagram (don't have it and have no interest in using it ever) and was going to suggest Twitter instead.

    I guess one of my assumptions has always been you have a very globalist/international outlook on life.

  4. Don't let people make you feel like crap. Autism fetish is real and it's gross-it just seems so immoral. One of the many, many, many reasons I keep my Aspberger's to myself and don't tell anybody. Also, there's ALWAYS going to be shitty comments under ANY youtube video- LOve ya Katy! You're helping me get through an early quarter life crisis

  5. Assumption:, you're a hufflepuff you seem very happy, pleasant, good friend, loyal hardworking and resourceful.

  6. It may be possible that you are able to read people easily because your brain spots the information and patterns that is not always apparent and uses it to formulate the "vibe" or assumption about the person. My brain did this when I was troubleshooting at work. An agent would pull up a diagnostics tool and I would tell them what to do to fix it after just a second or 2. When they asked how I came to that conclusion I would have to then take conscious effort to figure out how my brain got to that conclusion before I could even begin to explain it…

  7. Didn't see this but I would og said you don't have tics anymore, what happened, did they go away? Don't mean it in a nasty way just curious xx

  8. I swear so much, I’d probably make a sailor blush… just being honest. Cats are fun, but I am a dog person. And everyone likes to assume things about me, as I too, am a woman who has Autism. Don’t let people tell you what you are, unless they say you are amazing or awesome. I think that, otherwise I probably won’t watch your videos. Also, you are so relatable. I learn a lot from you and your videos. Keep being you. You are amazing!

  9. Totally relate to your high school story. Years 7 and 8 sucked for me, and year 9 to a certain extent, but years 10 and 11 were great, I liked my lessons and friendship wise it was better. I then had to change schools and I lost my friends, so sixth form sucked!

  10. As far as reading people goes, people with Autism usually have to learn the hard way just how full of shit people can be and have a harder time disregarding experiences they've had with certain types of people. Not true to everyone, but certainly explains the supposed contradiction.

  11. Please don't answer this if it makes you feel at all uncomfortable as I know it's very personal, but I was wondering how you'd describe your sexuality? I've heard it's more common for people on the spectrum to be LGBT+ and that definitely seems true in the autistic communities I'm a part of.

    Loved this video; my assumption is that you're very open-minded and non-judgmental, but you don't take any shit either

  12. I’ve heard you swear. Camping is fun. I swear you’d love a cat tho. Wear the Pantera shirt again sometime. 😎

  13. I love the outdoors, I was a member of a gym for 17 years and got to the point of hating it. Now after your introduction to Geocaching I am doing that and I’m crazy about it. Walking so much 😀 so thanks for that! I also think I read people very well! And my music taste is so varied-I can LOVE Heilung to ELO ha ha 😍 also Evanescence and Metallica.

  14. Keep moving forward, in this world. I can't do large crowds easily. This is the way we are made, so self acceptance is key to our lives. Not many people have our wiring or give us the space to be ourselves, so we must be kind to us. I see you growing up so fast. Thanks for sharing your strength and struggle on line.

  15. The thing regarding the middle finger it's because it is the longest…….. But why showing that one would be "insulting"? Because it means "Go F*ck Yourself"….. We all know that…….

    …..And it is in regard to suggest the targeted person to shove that longest finger up deep its A-H*le……. !

    ….. It is also the usual, spontanious finger for women m*st*rb*tion.

    Et voilà!

  16. Watching your videos is so soothing, your personality as well is just so kind and genuine. I wish we were friends in person!

  17. It’s a gut thing. You feel it not bc of any interaction. I hate buzz words but it’s the vibe a person gives off. I’m a normie but am blessed with the same gift.

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