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He was the first person who tried taking advantage of me and tried his level best to molest in some or the other way everyone is enjoying, celebrating all the festival or we suffered problems with food and at one point we didn’t have 2 roti’s to eat I was told that you get paid more than what you deserve and I was questioned on my character that how can she get paid so much I’m sure you did something but after the divorce when it happened people started judging me that problem is with her they say when life throws lemons at you make a lemonade but what do you do when lemons hit you right on the face you still make a lemonade and that’s what my guest has been doing all her life. Fighting against all odds and still emerging victorious Rashmi Desai welcome on a conversation with me for Women Up and it wouldn’t have been possible without having you I’ve known you for some time Rashmi so I’ve to say that you know you’ve always stood out as a very strong women you’ve always had those firm choices when you started of let’s start it from there when you started of we do know that all actors today go through a lot of ills that plague their life you know specially actresses Did you face any of it when you were starting of did you face rejection which were ridiculously put out to you or maybe kind of sexism on the set Honestly speaking when I started my career 13 years back and I was very young completely non filmy back ground I didn’t knew anybody from the industry and I still remember cordinaters we used to communicate they used to communicate with the production houses and Yes I’ve faced sexism because during that time it was like if you don’t go through the casting couch thing you’ll not get work and I was studying and with study I also had a lot of responsibility I still remember his name because the way he behaved with me was very very His name is Sooraj and I don’t know where is he now and what is he doing and then first time I met him so I started with a normal conversation and he asked me about tell me your statistic and my english was very very bad then I didn’t understand I asked him what is statistics please can you tell me so he started saying that your body structure and figure and all and I didn’t knew that okay all these things are suppose to be said so I sad I don’t know it and he knew that she is completely unaware unaware about the industry of how it works and all he was the first person who tried taking advantage of me and tried his level best to molest in some or the other way saying that I will fix your meeting with Yash Raj and then Balaji’s show were strong so I will give you one show he used to fool me a lot so he used to show all the pictures saying that see I talk with them than I said wow fabulous but one day he said come for the audition and that was my first time that I got to know we have to get audition I was all excited cheerpy and when I went after getting ready I reached there after that I came to know there was nobody except him No camera’s nothing and he tried his level best that he will make me drink and make me faint and take advantage of it so I said I don’t want to do somehow he tried to psych my mind and since I was 16 It’s very easy to fool a girl who doesn’t have any knowledge of outside world fooling her is very easy and convinient from there I think after 2 and half hours I managed to come out I called up my mother and told her everything I said this is what happened and I don’t want to work with him I don’t want to work in the industry anymore because I don’t see myself I don’t feel comfortable she didn’t do anything she said come home next day she called that man and we went to meet him in Santacruz somewhere in some restaurant with my mother My slapped him one If you do this again with my daughter you remember this this is just a beginning next time I’ll screw you and I was like even I could have done this but did you get that strenght I was scared Ya I was super scared But it is too much in TV no I’ve never faced I’m being very honest yes I’ve dated and I don’t deny that but with my own choice because I used to be very fearless when I was 18 19 yes I was little rude because of my childhood memories whatever I had my childhood was also not easy why My mother was a single parent she was a divorcy I used to live with my mother and the kind of lifestyle we had I would say that I used to belong from a very poor middle class family where even on education we faced but my mother gave me the best education yes other things we’ve compromised a lot I used to look very beautiful even the neighbour used to hit on me so during that time also lot of incident have happened I was being watched by one women if she comes in our hand can kidnap her really ya ya I’ve gone through all that thing than once it has happened that in the bus when you don’t get seat you don’t get place to sit so there was one uncle who tried in a bad way to touch me and all when you were 6 or 7 when I was 6 or 7 and than I started telling this to my mother I told my mom all this has happened so my mom knew that she is going to face a lot of financial problem but than she started giving me money for auto that you go from auto and come back from it’s save and secured but somewhere my mother used to tell me that always say that this too shall pass and than I started working at the age of 16 why I started working was also a reason because my mother didn’t have that capital whatever she was earning she tried her level best to give you a better life ya to give me and brother a life but that was not enough there was a time when we had issues with food everyone is enjoying, celebrating all the festivals and we faced problems with food we didn’t even have 2 roti’s to eat but Rashmi where you’ve reached today with your hard work but ever happened when you were on the set maybe on one of your Tv shows and you felt that you’re given differential treat because you’re a women you were treated in a certain way because and it’s a fact that society can’t handle a strong women with opinionated views yes and I agree on this point because lot of time it has happened when I’m talking about something and at the same time if the other side if I see my co actor or maybe a senior person who is talking about it they’ve a lot of ego issues even if they get to know that I’m getting paid better than the other person they start having an ego issue that has also happened that is also happened in my past once and I was told you’re getting more than you deserve they questioned on my character how is she getting this much I’m sure you did something so I was like did acting No I said it very clear I said who are you to decide what I deserve and who are you to say that how much I should get paid or no on what position I’m standing and on what position I don’t stand that is my work already talking because of this things came a time. My show went off I think we know which show you’re talking about there is too much talk about that show but ya this is before than that show this is beginning of my career really yes now which is this show this show is the actor is also very big and known now but I won’t take the name but ya this has happened on the set but you know when you’re talking about personal life so you had a love marriage right and than it didn’t workout have you faced those kind of judgements when you decided to seperate and specially it was love marriage it was your choice it was completely my decision I really wanted to get married and settle down and do things and it didn’t work and after few years we took the divorce but after the divorce when it happened people started judging me that the problem is with her and I’ve one problem with me I never say what I’m going through what is happening around me I’ve a habbit ya I close it I hide it but I’ll never express I’ll talk less I was been told that don’t forget that you were actress you are Rashmi Desai people know about you when you start talking people will like it people may not like it people might take advantage people may treat you differently and every bit of personal life is not opened did you feel like people started feeling more sympathetic towards you like that also affects you when you’re going through that oh suddenly why are people behaving like this with me like they give you a shoulder thinking you’re innocent when I got divorce not then but if ask me now yes i get sympathy really for what people feel bad for whatever happened inside the house and because of that but during my divorce that the entire period I was going through depression I never wanted it to happen I never wanted to take the divorce I never wanted that seperation whom I love the most and I could say more than myself and tried the level best but it didn’t workout than I realised that Rashmi it’s fine Individual so it’s fine. So I was the first person who said I want divorce I can’t be in this relationship yes we had a lot of complaints we did argue and fought for lot of things but at the end we are happy individually today and I really respect that when we are together in the same place or maybe in party or whatever when we bump into each other you are cordinating yes we are very cordial and we don’t have complaints anymore and that’s very beautiful and I’m happy he is happy so what else you want in life but there was a I don’t know what I read was true I’ve read somewhere that you’ve also gone on record saying that there was a little bit of physical abuse in that marriage is that true I’ll put it less honestly speaking because everything is happy happy right now and I don’t really don’t want to trigger that thing But I’ll definitely say that if something wrong is happening with you you really need to either have courage for it and stand for yourself because if you don’t stop it there and than it will it will happen again and again and respect yourself I mean believe in yourself you’re not doing anything wrong so ya I understood it later because I had fear of losing lot of people around me and yes I’ll not say we didn’t have any differences between us we had a lot of differences we had lot of arguments fight and somewhere we both didn’t realise that we are not compatible now with each other the way we used we the way we were together it is not the same we are different people together and we are trying to bring out devil in out of each other so than ya I said it I think after 6 years I took the divorce 6 years after that happen ya after that happened and than I realised that somewhere I was also dragging a lot when you were inside the Big Boss house like you brought it up when Arhaan the whole incident happened people who knew you were disappointed with the way you were handling things maybe you were trying to save somebody elses image for the longest time do you regret that I was not ready to accept the fact that actually this has happened I’m being very honest I never wanted it Honestly speaking I was going through lot of health issue during the time I met him and emotionally I got connected and than I didn’t realise but more than things I do for him he does more for me he used to make me feel very special and I really needed that from my people and things that I never got being very honest and when I needed the most that time my people were not close to me that time really you understand who are yours and who are not yours whom you believe in whom you don’t believe in you somewhere I needed my family to be there but they used to look at things in very different way and I had lot of differences than because of him not because of him since a long time me and my mother had lot of arguments on lot of topics personal topics I never felt valuing those things after going through so much she should understand me because she’s been throught the same I was going through divorce work wise also going in lower side I came down related to work and during that time family differences arised My mother had lot of expectations from me and I couldn’t do whatever she was asking because I was also coming out of depression I was coming out of relationship there were question marks for finance on me she didn’t understand all that problem and I really needed her and she was not there so that place was filled by Arhaan But now that you’ve taken a stand and I feel like every women in the country and around the world be able to voice out their concern and this show is for them basically ya on that note we will move on to our next segment which is called women we love we talk about women we actually love alot So we are back with Rashmi Desai and we will play our game which is called women we love so as you can see there are 7 cards you have to pick any 5 of them each one has question in a different way it’s about women, it’s about women sentric films shows it can be basically the hint is it is all about women so I’ll ask you those 5 questions you’ve to answer 3 of them correctly if you answer 3 of them correctly we will give you a gift really you have to I want you to Its a very cool hamper so you’ll love it so pick 5 and give me so I’ll ask you one by one so the first one guess who I’ve been part of the extremely loved TV show and was launched by Ekta Kapoor but I soon left my acting career for a political career I’m currently serving as Minister of textiles who am I Smiti Irani Of course one out one so it’s a movie I’ll say the plot line you have to guess which is the movie House wife and caterer Sashi is usually mocked by her family for not knowing English her attempt to learn the language helps her rediscover herself english vinglish and reasert her value as a mother and wife English Vinglish yes I said she picked all easy one’s lucky women guess the film from these 3 clues So I’ll give you 3 clues to join the and link it to a film Justice, Human trafficing, Female cop Rani Mukherjee was a cop which movie recent film Mardaani yes so this is Mardaani okay so it’s a 6 seconds challenge 4 actresses, who were leads in K serials Smiti Irani Sweta Tiwari and Ankita Lokhande Mrunal Thakur yes actually it’s done okay last one which popular actress was the host of the show called kamzor kadi kon kamzor kadi kon we spoke about it in morning also Meena Gupta yes you helped me for this so this is because Rashmi Desai has won like all our women so this is for you Thank you thank you Nayandeep Thank you and it was lovely having you in the show because it wouldn’t have been complete without you like I started of saying and thankyou for this lovely conversation after this many women like you have the courage and power to battle against all odds they face in life Thank you

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  24. Dear Parents,
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