psPortal 1. Uploading CT/MRI scan

Uploading CT/MRI scan The CT/MRI scans on the CD/DVD need to be compressed before sending them to us. Open the folder with the files and select all. On the selected files, click on the right mouse button and select add to archive option. In this example we use WinRar, but you can use any file compression software The compression program will create one file with all scans Login to psPortal – our medical case management system Enter “” in the browser and click “SIGN IN” and login In the left menu select “Upload New Case” Click “Add Files” and select the compressed file created earlier Click “Upload files” The transfer time take a few seconds to several minutes, depends on the network speed. Add title that identifies the case and define the requirements for the design of patient-specific medical devices. Click “Continue” Based on these DICOM files and requirements, the engineer will prepare a virtual patient model.

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