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Can I get away with wearing glasses without
lenses in them? Yeah! Hey everyone, it’s Katy and welcome back to
my channel. So it is officially December now and I am so excited to be planning and filming
some festive and Christmassy videos for you guys. If you have anything that you want to
see this Holiday Season on this channel then let me know in the comments below if you have
any videos that you want me film, any topics you want me to talk about. I am planning on
doing a Christmassy Q&A, if you have any questions about dealing with neurological, mental health
conditions, chronic illness, invisible illness at this time of year – if you need some advice
or want to know how I deal with it then let me know any questions you have in the comments
below as well as anything you want to see this Christmas time.
So I thought I would quick off the festivities by talking a little bit about giving back
this Christmas. So if you grew up in the UK, if you went to primary school or secondary
school in the UK, like myself, you may be familiar with a little project called ‘The
Shoe box Appeal’ which is what school children – well not just school children but mainly
school children – do around Christmas time. It is when they take a big shoe box that they
have at home and they fill it with donations that they want to send to children in Africa.
I always used to really, really enjoy this, I used to love going around and filling the
box with things like toys and toiletries. You fill it with essentials and luxuries so
you fill it with things like soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste but you can also put toys and
games in this box as well and basically you just stuff it full and you send it off to
Africa. I haven’t done this fr a very, very long time because I didn’t do it in secondary
school, I stopped doing it when I was in primary and I haven’t been in primary school for about
a decade now! So it’s been a very long time since I have really enjoyed donating a nice
big box to someone in need. But this year, I heard of an amazing project
going on here in Cardiff called ‘The Project Shoebox’ and it is very similar in concept,
you grab a shoe box and out a load of stuff in there and donate it to someone in need.
But instead of the majority of these boxes going to those in need in Africa, they are
given to people in Cardiff – more specifically, women who are in refuges. These women have
fled domestic abuse, abusive relationships, maybe fled with their children from a home
to live in a refuge so that they can find a place of sanctuary away from abuse. I wanted
to get involved with this project for many reasons but the main one being a family friend
of mine is actually volunteering in this refuge, she is part of this project and she is helping
to take in all of the donations and send them off and she was actually a victim of domestic
abuse a few years ago. So today I thought I would film and chat about
it but also show you what I have put in the box because it is finally complete and I need
to send it off this week. So I thought quickly I would just show you what is in my box – that
sounds a bit weird! So this is my box, my shoe box. It is, sort
of, tradition with these sorts of projects and appeals to wrap the box in Christmas wrapping
paper so that it seems more like a proper Christmas present but that isn’t a necessity.
I just enjoy it even though I am awful at wrapping.
So this is what the *bang*…. So this is what the inside of the box looks
like and I’m just going to go through everything that I’ve put in here.
So right on top of my box, you may have seen, I have a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner
and also just a shower gel. Basics, I think, you know, it kind of goes without saying that
women fleeing a horrible, domestic violent situation, they’re probably not going to have
a lot of these things with them an then refuges run out of these things very quickly, they
don’t often supply them. So yeah, I thought that would be a nice little duo to go into
the box. The next thing in here was a little roller-ball
deodorant. Again, these all kind of go without saying that they are just things I feel like
women and people in need NEED! I think if I was in that situation, I would still feel
like I would want just basic items that could keep me clean and so that I feel I have a
basic level of just living and sanitation. Digging down further into the box, we have
a pack of four toothbrushes and a box of toothpaste. So the next essential item that i put in here
is a little face cloth or flannel – whatever you call these things! I call them flannels,
know not everyone does. I thought this would go hand in hand with the shower gel, she can
wash herself, she can wash her children. Yeah, I think these go hand in hand.
And the last essential item that I’ve put in here is just a basic box of tampons . These
are just regular tampons. I bet refuges run out of things like this very, very quickly
– pads, tampons, any kind of sanitary products I feel like would probably just, quite literally,
go down the loo pretty quickly! Yeah no, don’t put your tampons down the loo, don’t do that!
And then we’re moving on to more of the ‘luxury’ items. Project Shoe Box sort of encourage
you to fill it with as many essentials as you can but if you have room, a little luxury
item to make it more of a Christmas present would be nice. So I have got about 3 ‘luxury’
items in here for a woman. Do I class them really as ‘luxuries’? No, so I still think
of them as being quite important but not essential. The first thing that I put in here was a little
foldaway hairbrush with a compact mirror – just one of the ones that comes out like that.
Not an essential I don’t feel, I don’t think you have to brush your hair – I don’t brush
my hair! But just something for that woman to feel nice, it’s a little home from home,
a little home comfort. This is something that most women would have with them and I guess
it just makes you feel more comfortable, maybe more feminine, I don’t know! But I just thought
it would be nice to slip a little hairbrush in there.
I also put in here a little body fragrance or like a body spray. Just like a basic aerosol
spray – smells really nice actually! I actually got some of these for myself and just broke
a pack of 4 up. I didn’t need 4 body sprays but they were quite cheap in Boots and I had
some Boots advantage card points that I wanted to spend so I bought some fragrances for myself
and then thought ‘you know what? I don’t need 4, 3 will be enough for me’ and I thought
I would pop the last one in this box. Then the final luxury item that I’ve got for
the woman is just a little box of socks. I think these are so cute! These are just a
little pack of ankle socks which fit really nicely in the box.
Now because Project Shoe Box is going to refuges, a woman might be fleeing with her family or
her young children. So I decided to include 2 items in this box tailored more for young
children just in case, off chance, that this woman is fleeing with children. So what I
decided to include was a little pack of baby toiletries, this has hair and body wash, baby
lotion, bubble bath and then another face cloth. So that can be for her and this can
be for her child if she wanted to separate it out, it’s just another, I feel, essential
item and the more the merrier! But it’s like a little Miffy set, the bunny and she’s got
the toiletry bag there was well which she can use and it just smells liek a newborn
baby, I love it! So the last, sort of, luxury item that I put
in here is for baby and it is a little cuddly polar bear with a scarf and some earmuffs
on – gorgeous! So, I thought that would be quite nice – and I kind of wanted to keep
him for myself but I will give him away. So that is everything that’s in the box, it
is empty and I’m going to have to figure out how I put it in so nicely! Yeah that’s gonna
be fun(!). But yeah, I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration in giving back this
Christmas time and if you want to get involved with similar projects in your area which have
Project Shoe Boxes or a Shoe Box Appeal then I hope that this has given you a few ideas
of what you can potentially include in your box. I think this is really fun and you don’t
have to go out and spend a lot of money on this, you can find a lot of these things really,
really cheaply. Plus, I think it’s a bit more hands-on and full-on than just giving money
cause that can be quite, not impersonal, but it can be one without thought. This requires
a bit more thought, a bit more effort and I really enjoy that side of things. I’d much
rather give necessities and essential items than money, so I really enjoy doing these
kinds of projects and these sorts of things. So yes, kicking off the festivities by talking
about giving back. Let me know if you are doing anything this Christmas time to give
back or if you have any similar projects, let me know in the comments below and also,
like I said at the beginning, if you have any videos that you want me to film about
Christmas, festivities, whatever you fancy and if you have any questions that you want
me to include in my Christmassy Q&A which I will be doing at some point this month then
pop them in the comments below as well. Hope you’ve had a really good day and I will see
you soon – bye, guys!

7 thoughts on “Project Shoebox Haul | invisible i

  1. Id love to see how you decorate! And id love to know how you deal with cleaning and decorating for Christmas with chronic pain.

  2. How do you get join in with the festivities when you live with chronic pain? I'm struggling to go to all the things I want to because of my pains.

  3. Actually got really emotional watching you explain why you chose each item, Hard to imagine ever finding yourself in a situation like that 😔 You really are a very caring young woman it shines through in all your videos & your Mum & Dad should be applauded for doing such a fantastic job in raising & teaching you great morals & values 😍 I will definately look into this in my area xx

  4. In my area (canada) we have this thing called Operation Christmas Child. When I was younger filling these shoeboxes for children was one of the highlights of christmas. Actually to this day we will still occasionally fill shoeboxes for christmas, but we also give to other charities like homeless shelters or other non profits in our area or internationally. This video reminded me of Operation Christmas Child, I loved this video Katy!

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