SUP HOES!!! Let’s do this brain transplant! What’s the patient’s name? Ah, Joseph! No need to worry, Joseph. After this surgery, you’ll be wearing a dress and will be called Josephine. HAHAHA Ok, no time for jokes. This is serious surgery. Good thing I’m a trained, qualified, professional doctor! LET’S DO THIS SHIT, BABYY B| Oooh, hello NURSE! I’d so let you do more than just brain surgery on me.. Some dick surgery. MMMMMMM… Ok, let’s get started! Got the tools, got the machines working, got the new breasts… I mean.. BRAIN ready. Haha ok.. WATCH AND LEARN, NURSE-Y POO. Ok, scalpel…wipe….your number! HAHAHAHAHA!!1! No no. YOUR INSTAGRAM!! No no ok, concentrate. Concentrate. BREAK TIME!!!! Man, being a doctor is hard work. I should get a raise. *phone rings* MUM WHAT DO YOU WANT?! I’M DOING BRAIN SURGERY!!! Yes, I’ll be home at 8 o’clock!! Yes, I’ll get the milk on my way home!! Get some french fries as well! Not the ones from the store, the ones you make yourself. OK?! BYE!! Okaaay, where was I? ;D Ugh.. GET THE FUCK BACK TO SLEEP!!! God, you’re so dumb. You need… BRAIN SURGERY!! HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Ok, calm down. Calm down, it’s not that funny. Let’s be extremely careful. Easy… *deep breath* *phone rings* MUM SERIOUSLY GO AWAY!! I’M 35 DAMMIT! BYEEEE!! Ugh>:(( BREAK TIME!! ^.^ ♪ Purple raain ♪ PUUURRPLEEE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIN!! Ugh.. this is BORING!! I’ve done this surgery a smjhmillion times before! Let’s do something way more awesome! Hey nurse! This is how you crack open a skull.. THE BADASS WAY. P R E C I S I O N Hey.. hey check it out XD Woah, man I’m so.. HAMMERED!!! HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Ok, shut up. No joking around here. *grunting* Woah! There’s a brain? Surprised there wasn’t a rock in there, am I right? WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh ok, I’m a beast at this. Break time. *heart monitor beeps* Aw, shit my guy died. Oh well, back to work. *heart monitor resumes working noise* Honestly, this shit would never have happened if you ate your broccoli as a kid. Ok, almost done. Nurse, can you get me some coffee- OH FUCK! HE’S BLEEDING FAST!! Gotta get him injected! Ok, it’s important to not confuse the medical drugs with my own drugs. That would be stupid. Ok, let me just inject myself to see which ones are mine and- HARD MODE ACTIVATED! WOOOoooaahhh.. *trippy high noises* #420 Oooh.. my head. What happened? Well, at least I’m in one piece. AAAHH!!!! MY BRAIN!!!!! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO SURGERY NOW!??! :(((

17 thoughts on “PRO BRAIN SURGERY | Philip K Brayne

  1. Wow man, this was really really good, you still need some practice, but I think that it won't be long until we see your show aired on some big channel getting the attention it deserves, keep doing your thing man !

  2. ending was average and anti-climatic. must of rushed it at the end 😛 though it had me lmaoing hahah good shit

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