Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Military Veterans & Marijuana / Cannabis

Great beard, I know right. Hey everyone Skip Budman here from
I wanna take a minute and talk to you today about post-traumatic
stress disorder, or PTSD and marijuana as a potential
treatment. I want to address ALL Military Veterans of the United States.
My grandfather, my father and two of my brothers have served
and are Veterans the US military. So, when my wife and I learned that 20 to 25
Veterans per day were taking their own lives, we were crushed, sick to your stomach, bitter
sadness. And then I started to get angry. You
didn’t survive everything you’ve gone through my friends, seen, and experienced just to end anything
now. We both know there are substantial reasons why
you’re still here, so so let’s find them! What you need to
understand at this point is there are millions of people who respect you, thank
you, and sincerely want to help you. I’m not
your government I’m probably not your VA doctors either. What we are as a patriotic people that care about our Veterans. We need you to stick around! You
represent strength and commitment on an individual level, dedication, and unfortunately sacrifice. We as Civilians, we still need you… Maybe more now than
ever before. Consider that please. There are many of us
that would love to help your are at least
give it our best shot. Way too many have died already. Listen, if you’re tired of the
prescription drugs that have little to no effect or alternately make
things even worse for you – Just hear me out, there’s a couple things I wanna pass on to you today. Number one – Cannabis alleviates or eliminates many of the symptoms
associated it with PTSD. (Again) Cannabis alleviates or eliminates many of the symptoms
associated with PTSD. Period. I want you to find a strain that works well for
you, smoke it, vaporize it, maybe get some edibles… Try a couple different strains – You will
find relief without any of the negative side effects.
I got no reason to lie to you. My second serious recommendation is; I want you to consider starting your own
marijuana garden. Don’t laugh at me, now this is completely therapeutic advice
from me to you. I think that you’ll enjoy the time and the focus, the peace, and may find some
healing in that kind of tranquil environment. You’ll also, you’ll also then be able to help
some of your veteran friends with some of their struggles. Take a
serious look at Cannabis, would you? And consider my gardening prescription. Marijuana saves lives, maybe yours. Thanks for hearing me out
good Karma to you and yours my friends, we love you man. When and if you’re ready, consider stopping by I will teach you how to get started growing marijuana for free. The rest is up to you – It’s the
least I can do.

22 thoughts on “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Military Veterans & Marijuana / Cannabis

  1. Thank you for your support of us veterans, brother! It has been my experience that most americans dont give a shit about vets. Just look at the many homeless vets. Yes, I agree that cannabis can help vets with their PTSD. It sure saved my life. BTW, I love your Amsterdam T shirt! 😉

  2. Thank you for your show of support and if the VA only understood how tired we as veterans are of walking out of our local VA with a grocery bag full of medications that the side effects or long term effects are 1000 times worse than that of something that is grown naturally. I would give anything if the VA would actually listen to us instead of keeping the FDA satisfied. Thank you brother for tour words of encouragement and truth. It is very much a fact in my mind the VA would rather keep us on these prescription drugs which is guaranteed to shorten our lifespan than actually prescribe us something that will allow us to function within society and live as productive and outstanding citizens that doesn't have us walking around zombiefied.

  3. I am completely taking myself off all meds cold turkey it's been two days and my body is feeling it. I am having extreme headaches and my stomach is doing flips.

  4. I'm a 100% disabled veteran of the recent wars. I wish the va could prescribe it. One of my OEF/OIF docs at the va pulled me to the side one day and asked me to consider it. I can use all the help I can get.

  5. Thank you for your support. I'm 100% disabled. I will be moving soon to a medical state since my state failed to legalize medical again this year. Hopefully I can get some medicine soon. It's been pretty rough lately. I should have never moved back here.

  6. I completely agree, cannabis has saved my life and I suggest it to anyone with PTSD.

    thank you friend.

  7. I wish I could say what I truly want but 100 percent disabled veteran,live on pension from VA dam bastards don't help,they make shit worse,only worried they'll bust my ass,I HATE talking all those dam pills

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