PIP Rupture Detected by MRI scan

Hello. Our patient today has 270
cc PIP implants. She’s going to have them replaced today, and scans have shown that
the left side is likely to be ruptured. So I’ll take you through the operation. If you’d
like to know more about PIP implants, please click on the link below in the description,
and that will take you to lots more information about breast implants and PIP implants, in
particular. This side is intact, and it is a 270 cc PIP implant. You see it’s rather
too narrow for our patient. It doesn’t really fill her cleavage properly. So we’re going
to go to something a little bit larger, just a little bit larger, to give her a softer,
fuller appearance. So you can see this fluid coming out. It’s this creamy fluid. Just a
little bit there. Here you go. See the creamy fluid on this patient coming through? And
that immediately means it’s ruptured. As soon as we see that creamy fluid, we know the implant’s
ruptured, so it confirms the scan report. And I’ll show you the implant in the minute.
I don’t know whether you can see the rupture. It’s just here. It’s a very small rupture.
Have you got the forceps? The scan was pretty good, I think, to pick this up. There’s a
small rupture here. Can you see? Just a small rupture. So I think, actually, the scan was
very good to pick that up. I’ll show you in greater detail, the rupture, in a minute.
You can see, because it ruptured, can you see all this fluid just coming out, mixed
with blood, inside this lady? I just need to clean all this out. I’ll show you what
we do in a second. These are the implants on both sides. The right one here intact,
left one, you can see the different colour, can’t you? The right one, normal colour, left
one very yellowy, and that’s because the body fluids have gone inside the rupture. Very
small rupture. We can see . . . I don’t know whether you can just pick that up? Can you
see there? See the silicone coming through there? So it’s just a very small rupture.
That would have probably happened relatively recently. Just a little bit of silicone there.
And then the rupture extends all the way through the implant. As soon as you get a small rupture,
body fluids get in, and the implant turns yellow. As I mentioned, if you’d like any
more information about breast implants, please click on the blue link below in the description.
That will take you through to our website. Lots more information on implants there. Alternatively,
comment on the video or phone us or email us. We’d love to hear from you, and obviously
everything will be confidential if you do contact us. Doctor: Hello Robin Normal.dot
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