PET/CT Scan – Mark’s story

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PET/CT scan – Mark’s story My name’s Mark, I’m 57 years old. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer early part of April 2009. My father died of cancer when he was 47, (bowel cancer), my mother passed away with it as well, and as far as I know my Grandfather on my fathers side died of the same. So it’s pretty well, I think, linked. I was sent for a PET/CT scan after they’d found the cancer in my bowel, to isolate the area – knowing which part to take out. In Mark’s case, the PET/CT scan really allowed the consultants to localise the disease and because of that it meant that they could actually just take the problematic section away. So that it didn’t actually, well, it had a minimal, impact on Mark’s active life. I had the operation 8 weeks ago, recently went for another PET/CT scan, just to check everything was OK… Thank God! Found that it hasn’t spread anywhere else. So it hasn’t gone into the Lymph Nodes, Kidney’s, everything’s perfectly clear. And it’s thanks to this technology really that now, I feel I’m not going to go the same way as my parents did. You know, 20 years ago things were completely different. And I know we all get these thoughts in our minds that we are – we’ve all seen the worst of it – but, it’s nothing to be scared of, it’s just, you’ve got to go for it. It’s going to save your life. It has mine. Mark’s been really lucky he’s come away he doesn’t have a colostomy bag, he’s able to actually live an active, healthy life. And for a 57 year old and taking into account his family history, both of his parents were taken away from him at a relatively young age he’s been so lucky. And the PET/CT scan has really played a big part in that and in Mark’s management. Well, I was told that, if I’d left having tests for any longer than what I had, you know, say, another 6 months, they would not have been able to do what they’ve done for me. So it’s thanks to the scans, it’s thanks to everybody at the hospital, it’s thanks to the amazing equipment that’s there, the amazing surgeons, that really, they’ve saved my life. I’m now here, free of cancer, And soon be able to work again, I hope… [Web] Produced by Pozitiv –

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