Painful headaches lead to brain disease diagnosis

I started having a lot of memory issues
and I was having what I call spells where I would feel just out of it like I
was floating or in a dream I would have really really bad headaches and then my
memory just kept getting worse and worse I would not be able to find my car
I was just hurting all the time you know I don’t go somewhere I’m gonna die but
something’s gonna happen they thought I was having migraines but then they
thought I was having I had something called pseudotumor cerebri so my
optometrist he talked to someone and they said that Dr. V was the person you
needed to go to if you had that He called me on the evening of July the 3rd and talked to me for a long time. I got super excited like I started crying tears of joy
because I mean I’ve been looking everywhere for answers. I think that it’s
helped me understand what a patient needs in a doctor and I hope that I can
be that one day I’ve sat in the patient chair and hopefully I can sit in the
doctor’s chair one day and be and be what they need and be able to listen
like Dr. V listened to me

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