Our Plan Failed – Just Survive

– [Father] Hi. Hi, you ready to go? Okay, Ab. Let’s try to make this as
painless as possible, huh? We’re going to go our passports. Yeah we are, we have to. (Abigail whimpering) Yeah, we have to. Come on you got to put your shoes on. Yeah, it’s going to be okay! (Abigail wailing) I know, but you can’t go on
a cruise without a passport. So we had a plan to go in one at a time and then bring Abby in together but Priscilla just texted
me and said come in so, we’ll see how this goes. (Abigail wailing) Okay, calm down. (Abigail stomping and crying) – [Mother] I’ve just ordered it to get a new driver’s license, so it’ll be coming soon. (papers rustling) (non-word vocalization) (light noise making with lips) – [Father] Everything
is right in the world. – [Mother] Yep. All we need is a flower pen. – [Father] Yep, who knew? So I don’t know if she thought
we were going somewhere else or thought that, like, we were
here for some other reason or, what? (non-word vocalization) – Moral of the story, don’t get married. (laughs) – Because she, freaked
out walking into there. – Yeah, I could hear
her like here she comes! – Yeah, full on tantrum. Don’t smile, that was not okay, Ab. – [Mother] Look, you drew all
over your leg with the pen. – [Father] Oh, she did. (laughs) Oops. Hey, she loved it though. – She did (laughing) (non-word vocalization) – You over adulting? – I mean I went in there with paperclips on all my paperwork and everything! (laughs) – She’s super nice, though. – I’m so, I feel defeated this
week against the government. (laughs) – Um, okay so a learning
thing from this is that you don’t always have to be teaching. Like, Abigail shouldn’t have
acted that way, flat out, just shouldn’t have
acted that way, you know? We went into like survival mode. Like here, let me give her
this pen with a flower on it so that she can stim a little
bit and maybe calm down some. Sometimes you just got to
survive you don’t always have to be teaching your kids, you know? Just gotta get things done sometimes. We’ll talk about more survivor
mode here in a second. I gotta show you what we’ve
got in the front seat. Did you want to do another
high-speed rant today? – Yeah! I’m so over the government crap! It’s such crap! Girls, don’t get married,
just don’t do it. – Okay so back to our
plan, our original plan, so okay, it’s a good thing to have a plan. Priscilla, devised a good plan. We would go in one at a time,
and then both of us go in with Abigail when it was her
turn to do all her stuff, but it was actually far quicker – Yeah – than we thought it was
going to be, and we also, so we stopped and, I got Abby a drink and just a little snack, you know, something small that we could give her one piece at a time, just
to kind of keep her occupied and keep her content while we’re in there, total survival mode, you know? Like hey, I got Apple Jacks, just chill while we do
all this paper work, but it ended up not being needed, but it’s always helpful to
have a plan, just in case. – You know why it wasn’t needed? Because I had my crap together,
and I still didn’t get mine! (beep) Like, I had all my
copies made, she was like “oh, I’m so impressed, you
have everything together.” And then she was like “Where’s
your marriage certificate?” and I’m like what? (gasps) What Linda? Her name really was Linda. Linda and Karen (laughs) – Ba dum – I’m so frustrated, but she was so sweet. She was so much nicer than the DMV guy, so I can’t even rant about her. I can just rant about the whole process. This is a bunch of crap! You women out there better get picketing! I’m tired of this bull crap!

100 thoughts on “Our Plan Failed – Just Survive

  1. Do you have any tips on explaining how something is gone and cannot come back? We have a video youtube video deleted and in major meltdown mode every day since it was depleted.

  2. Children feed off of your emotions, Asa I think maybe the way you approached Abby might have set her off. When you said sorry, you have to get this done. She did not like that. She knows all your phrases and that might have got her worried about what was going to happen next. Love you guys, just trying to help with an outside look at things.

  3. Just Curious Have You Thought about Carrying "SENSORY Item's" To Try and HELP Re-direct Abbie ? Stuff like : "NOISE Canceling Headphone's" , "2 Or 3 of Her Favorite Sensory Toy's / Calming Stim Toy's" , Those Noise Cancelling headphone's with Bluetooth "Music" On The GO. – You Probably Already Carry Stuff with you , For Abbie. She Was Probably Smiling Because You Were Leaving the Post office and Getting Out of there. And Maybe Carry Some Flower Pen's Now too. Bless all of You're Heart's. I Wonder If Abbie Understood What The Whole Visit was Really About ?

  4. The government needs to get out of the marriage business and treat individuals as that and not units of people… Individual tax filing etc… I know it messes up family court, but so what. Want a legal name change, then go down to the court file it like other people who change their names.

  5. Survival mode is ok….trust me, my husband started his busy season this week and for the next 4-6 months I will feel like a single parent. Add in me constantly coming down with bronchitis and running a fever all week, homeschooling my severe ADHD son (he's so severe, he's been on meds since he was 3), and just one of those weeks, survival mode was the best I had in me. But it's ok, next week will be better.

  6. My daughter gets upset like that. I understand just surviving. My daughter will start scripting a hundred miles an hour. I can't redirect her. Crazy

  7. I’m so
    Confused by the process for the DL/ID
    I mean I have to show my birth certificate and marriage certificate and usually a utilities bill that shows who I am before marriage and after and residence so they give you the ID/DL with new address seems like they do things a bit wonky in Florida

  8. check with the vital records office to obtain a copy? i know what you mean i had to send in my marriage cert to get a new passport while my husband didnt.

  9. I don’t think she had a temper tantrum. I think she thought it was a doctor’s office or airport or something. She seemed very stressed but happy when you left and she realized she was okay. Not the same…but our pup does that if we take her somewhere in car…she thinks we are going to Vets. As soon as we pull up to dog park instead….she is happy as can be. LOL.

  10. Poor Priscilla I feel your frustration if Asa would quit making me laugh with the funny voices. Appreciate and love all you do.

  11. Hey! I just wanted to say that I have never ever subscribed to a vlogging channel. I don’t really like them. But I came across yours and haven’t been able to stop watching. I discovered you guys because I was looking for information on autism, as my cousin has it and I want to better know how to make him feel supported and understood. I don’t get to see him often, but your channel has helped me so much. Not only that, I feel like a part of the family watching your videos. I’ll watch a few throughout the day, and usually fall asleep to them. Thank you for including us all in your lovely family ❤️

  12. I reckon she knew exactly what you meant when you said Passport Photo. Maybe her last one was a little stressful.
    That smile afterwards was great, that was I made a big deal out nothing smile.

  13. I am sorry you had a rough week with the government paperwork but I gotta say high speed ranting Priscilla is my new favorite thing.

  14. "Just a little snack"
    Flashes a full blown cereal box
    "Just a little something"
    Hahahahahah I almost spit out my drink. Seriously tho..kids. 😂

  15. And that's why i didn't change my name lol. My husband was like but why not? And i was like, you're going to thank me one day, believe me the name is not worth the trouble.

  16. Because of all the hoops, I didn’t change my name after marriage. I will socially answer to my husband’s name because it doesn’t bother me but legally and at work I go by my maiden name which is still my name.

  17. okay she is SO CUTE when she's doing the thing at 1:00, I can't even. (maybe I shouldn't describe it as "cute" because it is a stim? so correct me if it is not appropriate)

  18. Felt so bad for both of you when she came out and smiled. No hate at all but I can only imagine how difficult it is sometimes

  19. I had the same experience renewing my driver’s license a few months ago. Had all my paperwork and any possible documentation I thought I’d need…silly me! I even brought what I thought was the right copy of our marriage license. Nope. I just don’t understand the government thinking on this. I’ve been married for 30 years and renewed DL many times under my married name….sigh. It’s discriminatory! There was an older lady next to me having the same issue, only she politely told the clerk she’d been married for 55 years!😫😤🤯

  20. I agree. Over here in Australia is the same. When we got married, it was the FIRST thing I did when we got back into the swing of things. License, all other bits of ID etc. Went around with our marriage certificate and did it all there and then.
    And also, surviving goes with all kids… In allll situations. You did so well and made it out in one piece! Yay

  21. SIGH on the federal bull💩 I've never needed a passport. I don't have big foreign travel plans, and I'm okay with never going on an ocean cruise; but I'd eventually like to visit Canada. I believe by October 1, 2020, the entire United States will have to have the official federal ID on our drivers' licenses and DMV ID cards to fly within the U.S. "or" people will have to use their passports. So, if anyone has even a remote possibility of air travel, we better get our papers in order. We used to have a choice when renewing our licenses, but now I feel we're being forced to comply. I wonder if "they" have plans to force us to get the RFID microchip transponder implanted in our bodies at some point in the not-so-distant future? The only privacy we're guaranteed at this point in time are the thoughts and opinions we keep quietly within our brains….. until someone figures out how to access that content. 🧠👀

  22. I used survival mode in the grocery store when my daughter was little I was buying the item anyway so I saw nothing wrong with her snacking while I was shopping it made go so much faster. Sometimes as parents you have to find what works for you I also use to take a soft side lunch bag into restaurants and it had little plastic toys in it and it was only played with while we were waiting for food it worked great. Now the bag of toys is now her phone oh the joy of teenagers. Great video😊❤️

  23. I purposely never changed my last name after getting married for a couple reasons…one of them is exactly the reason you are having a hard time with, pain to prove anything.

  24. I have been married48 years and went to get my passport and had to show my marriage certificate. married 48 years who has to do that.

  25. why do i never see comments about how stylish abbie is? i know you guys tend to pick her clothes out for her, but she's always got the cutest outfits on! 😀 tbh your whole family is always looking fresh XD

  26. I noticed that you will never tell her no why is that? Does she know the difference between yes and no? Isn't that showing her by taking in food and treats and all that that that kind of behavior is OK? I know this will probably upset you but I'm just asking that's all so I don't know how I would handle it either but I just usually with children you don't reward them for bad behavior

  27. 🤣🤣😂😂😂 can you PLEASE make a 10 minute compilation of Priscilla ranting/banannaing about various topics, and in that chipmunk voice. She's so funny. It will be YouTube gold.

  28. Thank you Priscilla for bringing this to everyones attention ,we do not need our husbands permission to be a person they do not own us so why does the system still think this Pricilla for president.🇺🇸👏🤗

  29. So is it easier if you keep your maiden name when you get married then? Because I'm a teacher, so I know it would be a nightmare with kids and emails etc if I ever changed my last name. That would be my excuse to not go through with all the bureaucracy.

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