Oga’s Cantina Review | Plus Size | Wheelchair | ECV | Stroller | Food Allergy | Autism | Epilepsy

We are just outside of Oga’s Cantina,
Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World. This isn’t your ordinary review. We’re going to dive deep and share with you all the details you’ve been wanting to know about Oga’s Cantina If the seating is plus-size friendly, if you can bring an ECV, wheelchair ,or stroller inside, and what to do if
you have food allergies. We’ll also take a look at any sensory concerns you might
have. Stay tuned for details on all of this
and so much more. Welcome to Pammie Plus Parks. I am Pammie, your plus-size fairy godmother bringing you all the magic Disney, Universal and Florida have to offer plus-sized people and people with
mobility, accessibility, cognitive and sensory concerns. But we’ll also cover
some information about kids as well. If you have a reservation for
Oga’s Cantina on a day that they are doing boarding groups for Star Wars
Galaxy’s Edge, you do not need a boarding group pass. You just need your
reservation for Oga’s cantina, preferably in a paper form along with
your ticket, annual pass or Magic Band, and a photo ID. Arrive at the front of
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, present your credentials and they will let you into
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge one hour before your Oga’s Cantina reservation. When you
arrive at Oga’s Cantina, check in with a Cast Member about 15 minutes prior to
your reservation. If you have any special needs, you want to make sure your to tell
the Cast Member. For instance, if you have any food allergies, if
you’re bringing in an ECV or a wheelchair, or if you need to request
to have a seat or table … make sure you make that request when
you’re checking in. Seating inside Oga’s Cantina is very limited and you
have a 45 minute time limit that you are allowed to be inside the Cantina
and because seating is limited, you may be standing the entire time. After you’ve
checked in with a Cast Member they’ll have you stand in line. You’ll check in
at the podium and then you’ll enter. There are eight different concoctions
that have that have alcohol in them. They have a full list of beers on tap.
They also have cider on tap and wine on tap. The only food you’re going to
find here is the snack, Batuu Bits, which is basically little chip or crisp-like
nibbles. There are several concoctions that don’t have any alcohol. In fact there’s there’s seven in total. There’s another one down here called
Oga’s Obsession. Then this one here has alcohol. This is the only menu
that they have for Oga’s Cantina. There is no allergy free menu the only snack that
they serve in the afternoon and evening is the Batuu Bits. In the mornings I
believe they have an oatmeal and some kind of breakfast sandwich.
You’re going to have to talk to your server inside. If you have any allergy concerns they’ll be able to help you. My husband, Mark, has an allergy to cranberry juice if he were here today, we would definitely speak to our bar staff for a server and ask them to
make sure that he received drinks that did not have cranberry juice in them.
Oga’s Cantina is ECV and wheelchair friendly. They do recommend that you park your strollers outside. Stroller parking is right over
here …. across from the Cantina. You can bring a stroller inside of you
absolutely have to, but I have gone inside very briefly myself… I can tell
you, there is really no group for strollers. If you’re wondering if this is
a good place to take your children, please know that it’s a dim lit atmosphere with
loud music and alcoholic drinks. It’s a bar. If you don’t feel comfortable taking
your child into a bar atmosphere, Oga’s Cantina may not be for them. There are
lots of other places within Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and Hollywood Studios
where you can get an alcoholic drink in a more family-friendly cafe style
setting, so maybe bypass Oga’s Cantina if you don’t want to bring your child into
a bar atmosphere. Minors are allowed in here as long as they are accompanied by
an adult. Well guys, it is very loud in here. The music is really nice. It’s sort of a hip hop kind of a beat…. …party music. It’s good but the conversation
in here is very loud and the lighting is dim. I don’t really have any dangerous
sensory concerns in here for you, but I will share some things I think that might be
a concern. Keep in mind that you are in a very
much of a night club sort of atmosphere. There is a party atmosphere inside of Oga’s. You’ll see some of the lights flash a little bit, a lot of clapping, a lot of moving around. Keep that in mind if you have sensory concerns. If you happen to be sitting in a booth like we are, the
table does have some light effects built into it. Nothing that’s horribly flashing. In fact, I didn’t notice it until I happened to look at my menu
sitting on here, and I was like “Oh, there’s lights in the table.” If you
order Yub Nub you can get this souvenir mug. This is going to run you $45 to get that
souvenir mug for this alcoholic beverage. If you order a Cliff Dweller, you can get
this really really cute Porg mug…. that’ll run you at $35. BUDDY: Mine is the Dhagobah Slug Slinger. PAMMIE: Mine is the Jedi Mind Trick and Mary is having the Fuzzy TaunTaun.
The foam on the Fuzzy TaunTaun is gonna make your lips numb. I can’t wait to see this! What do you guys think?
BUDDY: Oh it’s got tequilla! PAMMIE: Some tequille? Couple of little bits of Tequilla? Mary is your foam making your lips numb? MARY: Not yet. Delicous though, very good. PAMMIE: This is the drink I’ve been looking for — the Jedi Mind Trick All right, here we go. Whooooo! It’s got vodka, it’s got tequila it’s got a grapefruit juice, it’s delicious! The booths here are very very spacious .
Let me show you … I’m five feet four inches tall
I weighed 330 pounds. I wear size 28 or 4 or 5X. The booths here are so generous that you may actually share your booth with another party. Don’t be surprised at that. They are still very, very roomy and comfortable. And there’s no real issue with sharing with other people. It’s a great way to meet other fellow travelers. There’s one small section of the bar right here that is a little bit lower and is wheelchair and
ECV accessible. There’s no refreshers here, that’s what they call restrooms. The restrooms are located outside so if
you find you need to use the restroom whle here, go to the entrance the of Oga’s, let a Cast Member know that you need to use the restroom, and they’ll give you a card
that you can take to the restroom and when you come back, use that card to regain entrance to Oga’s Cantina. Oga’s was absolutely amazing. A couple of
things that I want to share with you that I learned inside is that they do have a charcuterie board that you can order, it is not on the menu. You have to ask
your server about it. If you happen to purchase one of the souvenir mugs
they won’t make you take the mug out that you drank out of. They’ll give you a
brand new one, fresh in its own box. Thank you so much for joining me at Oga’s Cantina today. I hope that all of your visits to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge are magical … but don’t
go away yet. Stick around and take a look at the other videos I’ve picked out for
you for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and Hollywood Studios. Until next time, remember…. Life is a roller coaster ….enjoy the ride!

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  1. Another amazing video! And your hair looks super cute in this, Pammie! ❤

    By the way, I love how you cover sensory concerns. I suffer from severe anxiety and sometimes loud atmospheres can be tough for me unless I take my medicine ahead of time. Thank you!

  2. its actually pretty cool inside i came during the cast preview but i never did try the drinks cause i dont drink but i was just excited to get on the ride lol


  4. I don't recall if you mentioned this – there is a two drink maximum (at least there was). Thanks for the great work and be well.

  5. That's awesome to know about the survivor cup. That you get a new one. 🙂 I also haven't tried the jedi mind trick. I'll have to give that one a try next time I go.

  6. The fact that your reviews aren’t average, they’re far ABOVE average, is why I love them-you provide literally PRICELESS information for the plus size community as well as people with mobility, sensory, cognitive and food restriction concerns. You’re so thorough and it’s SO necessary for the theme park community!! Thank you as always!!! 💛

  7. Yay for plus size friendly booths!!! I wish the rest of the country’s restaurants would take this page from Disney’s book!!

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  9. I have one question, can you order a different drink from the advertised one and get a mug? Obviously for a fee.

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