OCD Tendencies Are Interfering With Daily Living

– [David] You’re the best. You’re awesome. – Awesome. – [Stacey] She pointed to herself. – [David] Braylee, ready? Ready, set… – Go! – [David] Yeah! – Yeah! (flute music) – [David] Good morning Braylee. Good morning. – Good morning. (giggles) – [David] You’re gonna have a great day. (singing) – [David] Yeah, I think we’re
gonna have a great day today. Hey, we’re gonna pick
you up early today, okay? Ready, set… Ready, set… – Go. – Ready to go? We actually got on the bus
yesterday just to sit down and, you know, chill on the
bus, and she was so happy. This it was just pure joy. That was the best. I love seeing you that happy. Yep. (singing) Are you happy? I’m happy too. (singing “The Farmer in the Dell”) Nice singing. You’re such a good singer. (singing) – That’s some beautiful singing this morning, Braylee. (singing) So good. Know that second song we’ve
been working on, ready? ♪ Oh, oh, ♪ ♪ I’m falling ♪ ♪ I’m taking the time on ride ♪ ♪ Oh, I’m falling ♪ ♪ so I’m taking the time on my ride ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, ♪ ♪ I’m falling so I’m taking
the time on my ride ♪ ♪ Oh, I’m falling ♪ ♪ so I’m taking the time on my ride ♪ Good job! So, we’re actually taking
Braylee out early today cause we do have an
appointment at the U of M today with her developmental pediatrician. Look at that! I switched clothes and
I’m right back in the car. It’s snowing. That’s a new thing for us. If you don’t know, it’s
been a very light winter. That’s not supposed to accumulate today. It’s gonna be another dusting. It’s gonna be the Minnesota dusting. Yeah, we’re actually picking
up Braylee early today. But I’m anxious to see
what she says this time, the specialist, because
we have some new things we want to talk about
regarding sleep and OCD and we’ll see what she says. Maybe an updated time from them
on the reevaluation as well. Everybody wants the reevaluation. I mean, she did get evaluated
when she was two, originally. And a lot of things
change from two to seven. Especially with, like, the
toddler years and stuff. We don’t know where
she’s at developmentally, things like that so… Things change and that’s okay. Here we go. Snowflake, snowflake. By the way, since it’s in the back, I want to show you guys what we picked up at the thrift store because I think it’s the coolest thing ever. They’re puzzle piece picture frames. – [Stacey] Yeah, we have
a red one and a white one. You like them, B?
– Yup. – [Stacey] Look, she’s checking them out. – [David] Stacey spotted them. – [Stacey] What do you think? – Look, they were matching. – [Stacey] They fit together, too. If there was more of them we could make, like, a whole thing. – I wonder if we looked up the company, if they find more of them.
– You could find more? What is it called? – P. Graham Dunn. You know what is awesome? Yes, I put in tons of work every day, I don’t get hardly any days off, but you know what is absolutely amazing? I get to go to every single appointment for Braylee because of what I do. I don’t get a whole lot of sleep even though I put in tons
of work, I’m still here. I get to go these appointment, huh B? I get to go to every single one. I think that’s a huge benefit. The only time I didn’t make
appointments, when she was, some therapy appointments.
– Her regular therapy you wouldn’t get, but I would go to. – Yeah cause I was working at the one on- – [Stacey] And she would
go early in the day cause it was on her preschool day off. – Yeah, there was just a short time where when I was working an 8 to 5 job that I didn’t get to go
to every appointment. The hard work does pay off sometimes. Yes, I work a ton and I don’t sleep much, but I get to be here. And I think that’s extremely important, at least for me, that’s
something that I want. I just want to be here. A lot of people comment
saying how tired I look. I just want to let you
know that yes I am tired and that is okay, I’m okay with it because I am really
working as hard as I can. I have a goal and I’m working towards it and I’m not gonna stop until I get there. That’s why I do what I do. ♪ That’s why I do what I do. ♪ That’s a song, okay. I’m gonna work on the
bus this weekend, okay? I’m gonna try so hard. – [Stacey] Do you think we can fix it? – [David] I’m gonna try to fix it, okay? You’re the best, you’re awesome. – Awesome. – [Stacey] She pointed
to herself, that’s right! – [David] Yup, you’re awesome! Awesome. – Awesome. – [David] You’re awesome. (laughing) Braylee, ready? Ready, set… – Go. – [David] Yeah! – Yeah! – [David] We’re back from
the appointment, Braylee. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [David] Hey, look at that shirt. It is a hedgehog shirt. That’s the cutest, isn’t it? – [Stacey] Which sequins (mumbles) – [David] Sequin hedgehog shirt. Hey! – Hey! (laughs) – Livestream for our
Patreon’s members, isn’t it? I think it went well
for the first time ever. It was pretty cool.
– We had a few bumps, but… – Well, some bumps along the way. – [Stacey] Technical issues, mostly. – We figured it out. And, yeah, it was really cool. Thank you, again, to
our Patreon’s members. I like to at least mention you guys at least sometimes in our videos just because you do mean a lot to us. Things that you’ve done
is like fix Braylee’s bus and captions in our videos, that comes from Patreon’s and members. Thank you guys so much, we
really do appreciate you and we just want to give you
guys something, you know? So we have this personal livestream where you guys get to know us. We got back from our
appointment at the U of M. I’m wearing my Avalanche jersey. My good old, trusty Avalanche jersey. Used to go to hockey
games with this thing. It had to do with the livestream, really. That’s the reason I’m wearing it. Got back from our appointment, we talked about sleep and OCD tendencies. She just gave us some
more strategies to use and possibly, what was it called? Slow release melatonin
or something like that. – [Stacey] Yeah. To help keep her asleep just because she has been waking up a lot in the middle of the night. So we talked about that and
solutions that we might have. One reason why she’s alerting at night is cause she’s able to turn on the light and they gave us the suggestion to not make the light accessible. The key that she said was to limit things that would alert her, make the room the most boring room. If the light’s off it’s
pretty boring in there, she can’t do much and she may
just fall right back asleep. – [Stacey] Cause that’s the goal, is her falling back asleep. – If there’s nothing going on
the brain will say I’m bored and she will go back to sleep so we’ll test it out
and see how that goes. And we also talked about OCD tendencies. Braylee’s OCD has been
more and more as we go on. Anything from how she puts on her shoes, she has to come up to
the top of the stairs, the order that she does things, doors sometimes they have
to be done the right way. Her routines have become a thing to where if one thing
goes wrong in the routine she has to start it over. A lot of OCD tendencies
that have developed, I would say, in the last six months or so. She’s always had them
starting really young going back to, like, half a year old she had to play with pairs of things. Objects in pairs, she wouldn’t
play with them otherwise. With her growth lately I think that it’s just more prevalent. We don’t wanna just be like
hey let’s go to a medication. We just want to figure out
the best way to help Braylee be able to go through her daily life without it being too disruptive. Some of it is stimming and we definitely don’t
want to take that away especially since it’s not,
like, harmful in any way. The tough thing is
differentiating stimming from OCD. That’s really gonna be
the tough thing, I think. – [Stacey] For her. – For Braylee, yes. Like, everybody is unique,
everybody has their own things. – Something else that she discussed is that some of her OCD
tendencies could be anxiety just in a more subtle way so that’s something that
we’re gonna keep track of. She said that even if we
wanted to keep like, data, not intense data, but frequency or how extreme it was
day by day, you know? I think rather than doing a zero to ten I would rather do instances or times that it was truly disruptive. Or a yes this was very disruptive
this day or no it wasn’t, so like yes or no. And then we talked about
not letting us play into it. So, don’t it impact our day as parents to where we’re running
around and accommodating it and feeding into it, but- – [David] Or being a part of it. – Right, because she said
because then sometimes when you become a part of it then the kids are like oh,
I can control my parents. And that way we become
pawns as part of her, like, obsessive tendencies. – Yeah, we’re new at this OCD thing. Yeah, not diagnosed, she
does have the tendencies, which even therapy centers say they’ve seen OCD stuff there too. So, it’s just something that
we’re gonna keep working on. Keeping data and stuff,
making sure that it doesn’t- – [Stacey] Negatively impact her life. – Negatively impact her life, exactly. Speaking of diagnosis we
actually should be getting a call tomorrow about setting up her evaluation. They said that the wait list is up. – We went to leave and I asked
cause they had a wait list for evaluation and that’s fine. It should have been soon, you know? I was like okay they
said it was like twelve to eighteen months and it’s
been almost twelve months so we checked in with the
receptionist on our way out and she goes oh, you’re
actually next on the list, so I’ll be calling you tomorrow. Like, how funny is that.
That’s just such a coincidence. – Yeah, so we’re gonna have, we’re gonna be doing a reevaluation soon. It doesn’t matter what
she gets diagnosed with, she’s still Braylee, she’s still the awesomest person in the world. – [Stacey] Awesomest. – Awesomest. – [Stacey] You know how
we know it’s bed time? The jacket and shoes came on. – [David] Yeah, she’s
been starting to do this. I think it might be
possible that the reason why she puts her coat
and shoes on before bed is because maybe she’s
dreaming about going places. That’s my theory, Stacey has
a different theory on that. – [Stacey] My theory is that, like, there are times that she falls asleep and we move her to other places and that maybe she is thinking that. – [David] Yeah, like moving her from her car seat to her bed.
– Or maybe she just likes the way that it feels, I don’t know. – [David] Yeah, I don’t know. – [Stacey] It’s hard to say. – [David] I apologize for our
messy house, look at all that. Oh my goodness. Can you close this video out for me? It’s time for bed time.
It’s time for bed time. It’s bed time, Braylee. Can you close this one out
for me, can you pound it? – [Stacey] Close it out. – [David] Say bye. (upbeat music)

86 thoughts on “OCD Tendencies Are Interfering With Daily Living

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    We are getting KJ's sleep cycle back on track with meds…she's developing more stims…we too don't supress.
    Her newest thing that can be a little eerie since its new is singing a line in a song over and over.
    It was raining one morning and I told her Rain rain go away!
    She repeated it and promptly got in the car and began rocking and singing in tune to the song "Rain rain go away" over and over for a solid 30 minute drive….🤦‍♀️….I did try and break that loop she was in after 15 minutes but it didn't work.

  4. I just love watching her. You guys doing amazing. My guy ocd about doors being closed. Even when go out he has stop make sure door closed. He drives me bonkers somedays lol. I leave room he runs to close the door.

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    I think it was The Farmer in the Dell…then Ring around the Rosie. …then The Farmer in the Dell again and then Row, Row, Row your boat !!! Was I right, Braylee?
    I think you are a great singer🎤🎵🎼🎶🎹 I think you have a musical gift and maybe your mom and dad should buy you a keyboard!!! What do u think of that idea?
    I know that you are a REALLY SMART GIRL! Sometimes it's hard when people don't understand what you're trying to tell them…… But don't give up !! God gave you the most awesome parents and YOU are their teacher and you are teaching them many things ! That's a really important job you have😀 Keep singing , sweetie. YOU ARE A REALLY BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL….INSIDE AND OUT! Best of all, you bring the world JOY😀God bless you 🙇

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  15. We have a lamp with a pink light bulb in it. After bath time, we only have that light on so our sons mind can think the sun is setting. It’s a “woo woo” thing…. but it works for us. Quiet play in the “pink” light is very relaxing.
    Be careful because like with Ella… melatonin can cause nightmares. It happened with both my sons.
    I have OCD. And didn’t know until an adult (then postpartum it got bad). I can tell my son with ASD has OCD but not officially diagnosed yet.

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    Yes nice singing. I can hear melody from kids songs. She’s doing awesome.! Love watching her progress. ❤️ from Alaska

  17. Was she singing row row row your boat? I have OCD and it’s so hard to control sometimes. I will be fine one minute and French I’m sorting and checking stuff all the time. That advice they gave you was perfect. Even as an adult my friends and family know to not give in to my OCD and that helps a lot.

  18. I forgot to say, I love your attitude. Things do change and that is okay. So many people find that hard to accept. So happy I found you guys xx

  19. Loved this video! That was one of the things I noticed about my Ari was OCD, but it's more like obsessive tendencies and routines. When she starts playing with something, I think she doesn't know how to stop. For instance, the other day she started painting pictures of blue herons, and now every day she has to do more. Another thing she does is she'll pretend to be an animal, and I swear she doesn't know how to stop! And if she starts telling a made-up story, she HAS to finish, and if you interrupt her, she will almost have a meltdown unless she can start over and tell you the whole story. Luckily she's homeschooled, but it does interfere as a time-waster. I'm always like, Come on kid! 😁

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    Do you mind me asking why she touches her chin when repeating you?? I’m looking for tips and trick while we sit on the speech therapy waitlist with our delayed son. Thanks for sharing your lives with us!!

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  22. trying to figure out the differences when theres so many overlapping conditions is really difficult! im autistic but I also have anxiety and depression, along with some other issues so its really hard to figure out whats what. and I really want to not psychoanalyze myself and try to figure out why I do everything I do bc its weird lol, but I need to in order to figure out how to solve it. treating a depression symptom is so different from treating an autism symptom. I don't wanna go upping my antidepressants or anxiety meds, just to find out the thing ive had trouble with is related to autism.
    ps. braylee is the cutest kid ever! the way she pointed to herself and said awesome, then her little "yaaay" not long after that just killed me

  23. Abstract painting i love, so when Braylee sings i think its abstract singing only she understans. Sing and dance like no ones watching.

  24. I had a friend who has a son with severe OCD. He had to turn the water on & off in a certain way, turn the lights on & off, had to enter rooms a certain way and eat in certain ways. It became so bad he could not go to school. Fast forward after much therapy he is about to graduate from college. There is hope. 🙏🏻💗🤗

  25. My 16yo son has OCD about things to the point where most of his speech is centered around “preferred items.” We try to to get around this by using PECS to create a visual schedule and place the preferred item/activity after other activities that he doesn’t necessarily enjoy. To keep the schedule from becoming a ritual we try to vary it up but the biggest limitation is when only a limited number of things are accessible. That’s not to say that routines shouldn’t be a ritual; we have rituals for meals and getting ready for bed and getting ready for school. The trick is teaching priorities so that necessary things get done and less vital things get worked through. Just some ideas for you guys to try. It seemed to help with us and introduce chores and internalize things that weren’t originally enjoyable like taking meds or going to the bathroom.

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  28. OCD is really hard. I have so many ocd tendencies and if I don't do them I get anxious and things feel wrong. For me my OCD is also related to my sensory issues. Especially touch and how things feels such as clothes. I am working really hard to remind myself that things are and will be ok even if I miss one thing in my routine. It is a constant struggle. I take meds to help and use other strategies too. It is definitely a learning process and has been since I was little. Braylee will do great because she has amazing parents to help support her every step of the way! Much love.

  29. When I get tired before bed (as a non-autistic adult) I put my housecoat on and socks/slippers as I start to feel a lot cooler.
    Now, I don’t have the option of just hopping into bed and doing to sleep as I have a 10 month old & 22 month old boys 🤣
    But you definitely feel coldish when your tired, I notice my ASD 7 year old wants her “snuggle” on when she starts feeling tired and she’ll generally ask to go to bed about 40-60mins later.
    We’re in Scotland, we’ve had snow for while lol so it’s already cold

  30. i feel like i can see a HUGE improvement in pronunciation and volume with her since i started watching just a couple of months ago!

  31. She is SO interested in talking! The way she stares at your mouth and copies the shapes to make the noises is absolutely amazing! You go B 🖤

  32. Her singing row row row your boat. And the other songs I could her her him the right sounds I also heard her singing B I N G O!!! I think she is a living breathing doll. My son who just turned 27 years old today March 6th has a disability and has had his IEP his whole schooling till he was 22. He had a traumatic brain injury from birthing him with his cord wrapped around his throat and also I went in on a Tuesday to have him and delivered him on a Saturday. So a long labor. I actually got my tubes tied right after him. As Isaac grew he became sicker and sicker and more and more in the children's hospital. They tested him for cystic fibrosis because of his digestive problems and failure to thrive at 3 years old he weighed 18 pounds. He wouldn't gain weight and constantly having diarrhea. At 3 he was only saying baba momma and Dada. So he was tested and was put in schooling at almost 4 and he was not potty trained untill he was 6. He was put in every sort of therapy and class to help him grow into this loving caring and sweet young man. He would get discriminated against for certain things we would ask for him because he didn't look disabled like having down syndrome or other disabilities you can see. I think he was 4 when we started getting social security for him and was able to afford him with the types of learning toys and tools. He was always at school on the computer. He could use a computer before he could talk more than momma and Dada and baba and other babblings sounds. I've binge watched some of your vlogs and I think your doing great but your daughter. Don't ever second guess if you feel like the doctors or therapist aren't doing something right for your child. I didn't speak up one time and it bugs me 20+ years later. This is your baby. I am in fear for after I pass away who will care for my son. He can't do most things a 27 year old can do, like to take the bus to go to a gym and start going. He has only left my home 1 time on his own to meet with his friend which I walk him half way there and his friend took him the rest of the way. I'm proud of him that he is able to walk one block to go order his food at Jack in the box by himself. But I worry for him. He cannot handle his own finances so his stepfather is his payee. This life is tough. But it's gratifying in other aspects. I love my son very much. I just want you to know your not by yourself. There are many families just like yours. God bless your beautiful daughter. I have a advocate from mountain valley regional center that will follow him where ever he is. They help with everything even paying for him to have a fishing license every year if he wants it. So I have them to kinda lean on if I ever want help. My son also has depression and Anxiety and now got diagnosed with agoraphobia and that's why he won't leave the house by himself. I feel badly that maybe he got his mental illness from me because I too have mental illness. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. Thank you and God bless your family❤️🛐❤️🙏❤️🙌❤️✝️❤️🌹❤️

  33. I’m just amazed at this little girl’s pitch! I hope music therapy isn’t expensive so you can continue with it. I truly believe it is the way to this girl’s ability to talk in the future.

  34. What does she do that is considered being OCD … my nephew who is 18 yr. now is now more OCD then Autistic …

  35. Such a beautiful girl! Soooo pretty!!! Wow! My son also has autism. I understand how it is. My son is verbal and right about in the middle of the spectrum, but still quite a challenge most days. Holyyyyy heck! I’m new here and I can’t wait to watch and catch up on your channel. Thanks for sharing your experiences with autism. It is helpful to share so the world can become more knowledgeable about it. I’m sick of people staring at my son when he flaps and vocal stims real loudly, or when has a meltdown. I’m sick of my mother in law harping me about my son being in diapers still (5). I’m just sick of it!! So thanks for sharing your life with asd. I’m so glad you have a big platform here ! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  36. I wish Braylee could meet my son Evan. He is four, has non-verbal ASD. I guarantee that together, these two little amazing kiddos could solve all the world’s problems someday if their powers combined. They are also both absolutely adorable, so they have that in common too. ♥️♥️♥️

  37. It could simply be because of the word GOING as in going to bed? And she associates the word with getting her shoes and coat on

  38. my 4 almost 5 year old has autism he also sings in the car. Its much preferable to the screaming and other vocal stimming he typically does. He is only partially verbal so I have noticed an increase in stims and screaming and sadly a decrease in eye contact, but I love it when he sings.

  39. You are awesome and watching your videos makes me incredibly happy. Love is clearly guiding you in all of your choices and it shows. I think of you as the "wee WISE family". I am an adult now (have been for QUITE some time ~ LOL!) but I remember very clearly what it was like for me when I was a wee Autistic person. Bedtime/nightime was challenging and trying for me, my mom, my grandparents. BUT. My grandmother had incredible instincts for what would help me and this was LOOONG before many people had any kind of understanding of Autism (1970s). She used to give me the heaviest and softest quilts, extra pillows that I could place around my body, and she would tuck me into bed super-tight (like swaddling ~ that kind of effect). Having the weight and the surrounding soft things and being "held" by the tight tuck was 95% of the solution of getting me to fall asleep and stay asleep.

    I found out on my own that if I wore a winter hat and pulled it down over my eyes and wore earplugs/earmuffs (basically creating a sensory dampening effect), it was a complete, secure, quiet, and still environment and I would drift off to sleep and only awaken if I needed to go to the bathroom. I stopped needing bits and pieces of that solution over the years and it is only when I am sick and/or in meltdown phase that I incorporate some of those solutions into my self-care, now. One of my eccentricities, I suppose, is that, in the summer, I have to have our fans or A/C on full blast on such occasions so that I am not overheating while covered in heavy blankets or wearing a winter hat!! 🙂

    Does Braylee use a weighted blanket or do you think any of these kinds of solutions could help with her sleep patterns? I do know that turning the brain "off" can be hard for many of us Neurodiverse folks, especially at night, even when we are actually tired. I agree that making the room as "boring as possible" is a good move.

    I do really love watching how you all navigate your way through life together. Thank you for being such incredible, affirming parents to Braylee!! You may or may not hear this from a lot of us adult ND folks but I am going to tell you ~ it heals a LOT of my own inner child's wounds to see another Autistic child so well-loved and supported.

  40. I don't have OCD or diagnosed autism (I stim to calm my anxiety but I've never had an evaluation) and before bed, I like to wrap my weighted blanket around me and put on my compression socks.
    This is because my insomnia feeds my anxiety disorder and makes it stressful to think about sleeping or preparing to sleep. To calm this anxiety, I get deep pressure from the socks and blanket.
    Perhaps that could be one reason, but your theories are definitely possible. I would be super confused if I woke up in different places everyday.

  41. 1:28 amazing singing she is soooooo cute how do U have such a inspaitinal daughter i love ur vids

  42. Instead of it saying "school bus" on the front of it, it should say "braylees bus" in her fav color!! edit 1, totally saw after I posted that that it's named bwees bus hahah

  43. Hi Wee family! Thanks for the nice video! Braylee sings very well! I like also the puzzle photoframe! Were can you buy them? A hug from the Netherlands! 🇳🇱😃❤️❤️❤️🧩

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