Obama Punks North Carolina Amendment 1 – The True Pooka

a number of people ask me to comment on
north carolina’s reason anti same sex marriage bill i wasn’t all that
surprised or dismayed by the bill passed in the first place you have to realize
that nationwide gay rights groups pretty much abandoned the fight in north
carolina has a lost cause they do they couldn’t waiting and felt that the money could be better
spent elsewhere in this fight at this moment which leads you to why you got this anti equal rights popular vote passing
by over sixty percent majority supporters of amendment one had a green light on
putting out all the unopposed propaganda they want to when it came to this anti equality
legislation but almost no message opposing it big surprise they passed with room
despair why do people rights groups choose to
abandon the fight north carolina because north carolina already has
legislation on the books that prevents same sex marriage so even if people
rights groups have fought and won against amendment one nothing have changed same sex marriage would still have been
uh… legal in north carolina amendment one is really just a bunch of frustrated
biggest-selling hate we’re proud bigots and no one is really paying attention to test how often we all are indicates
it’s like no one cares that north carolina good
out of its way he showed us how bass abhors a state we compete we could practice of legislation outlawing electricity because electricity isn’t mentioned in
the bible so it’s obviously of the devil but then we would be a lot
force women they get all of those unnecessary invasive transactional
ultrasounds i had no left pass another anti same sex marriage
while in fact after wandering what caroline is
about to start a new tradition a passing entice insects marriage walk every year just to celebrate their
peculiar brand of bigotry based christianity next year will get
amendment two the following year amendment three and
twenty fifteen will get another important and so on and so on and so on
the year after year north carolina will pass anti same sex
marriage life just approved how much they’ve really hate the idea of
gay people insisting in their state and still everyone is the subject north carolina being a big it curious their comedy diggit lifestyle there’s really no reason to have
multiple laws banning same-sex marriage now is there and yet north carolina is passing multiple anti same sex marriage laws
which beltline tetanus be about protecting
marriage who shows it for white its i’ve childish catching them response to the fact that the world is
changing around then and they don’t want to be up part of it this is really just the last desperate
dying gas pump anti-gay bigotry in american politics i know some of the europeans are
mystified at the idea that a country whose laws are based on the principle
that off men are created equal can have laws like
amendment one in existence on the books that clearly violate the that principle
but you have to understand generally how our system works he’s you
get up backward state like north carolina passing something like
amendment one once the funding biggest hard on celebrating and everyone else is
done being offended that begins along tiresome process in which the
legislation has to make its way through multiple
levels of our legal system till it finally reaches the supreme court to pass a final
decision on whether the law is valid process can take years and yes judicial activism unpopular opinion duque a role
in that decision is showdown but it does so sometimes these laws are left
standing for decades before someone on the united states supreme court dies or steps down and the
power on the bench shifts and that’s how laws that are in
violation of the constitution and that’s sitting on the books for years and the anti-gay bigots in
america their days our number anyone who doesn’t believe me just look
at how obama finally came out and made an official statement support of
marriage equality o’connor has shown that he’s an
incredibly conservative politician when it comes to controversial political stances by conservative i mean never goes for the royal flush he’ll always for the three of a car he would not make such an open statement
in support something unless he saw that it would be a safe politically advantageous mou for his career and
policy crafted president obama is not a risk taker he status claimed on the ground on this
issue because you see is that the biggest are pretty much done and you may
not like him but you have to admit he’s got of good alright for this sort
of thing so at this point all you can do is write
the political crazy train while plays out and do your best to help minimize
the damage these politically active evangelical christian groups are doing to the american citizenry in these
unfortunate states so i’m going to put some links to
support groups for elegy beating people in some of these states in the under bar
down below and i’m going to ask ireland either mentioned such support groups in the comments
section were sent me too late for me to put it
in the end of our let’s go help do our part the ease the transition for states like
north carolina from an entire quality society to a
proud member state of the country that supports y liberty and the pursuit of happiness equally for all this is the trooper who come into your
from healthy changed itna marriages will state of new york and if you’re buying
his words of setting

9 thoughts on “Obama Punks North Carolina Amendment 1 – The True Pooka

  1. Why are you comparing homosexuality to electricity. There is no mention of electricity in Christianity but homosexuality is mentioned and condemned. I recommend revising your argument so that you can't have these things used against you in the future.

  2. Excellent video Pooka, glad you got some exposure on TYT. Very eloquent and concise. Keep 'em coming!

  3. so maybe he should have mentioned mixing fabrics instead. either way religiously based legislation shouldn't be on the books.

  4. As a european I can only say: I truly hope so for america's sake, Pooka. I truly hope so.
    To have a mormon fighting for the "top spot in the world" is already in my book 'slightly' disturbing. Then those bat-shit crazy laws concerning women and LBGT make my skin crawl and my stomache turn
    To think of America turning the way of the middle east a bit over 1000 years or so, makes me sad. A country where stupidity and religion rules – and has 1000s of nuclear warheads ready to be fired. It scares me

  5. It's a good thing that people of color overwhelmingly voted against this bigoted amendment (just like they did in CA. They, like gay people, no what its like to be discrimated and have great empath for the gay civil rights strugel. Muslims also have great empathy for LGBT (but not BLT) because Islamophobia is just like Homophobia.

  6. The dumbass who made this video knows nothing. This North Carolina vote was about putting the definition of marriage into the North Carolina constitution so it becomes permanent and some liberal judge can't on a whim try to overturn it. So no, there is no need for further votes on the issue. And somebody needs to school this liberal hypocrite that North Carolina was supporting the view of Obama/Biden on gay marriage who he probably voted for.

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