NOTGLaDOS: Electromagnetic Spectrum The Musical

Hello Dave. I.T., this is Dave. Can you please help me connect to the internet? This is about cat videos, right? Short answer: No. Long answer: Nooooope. I really need the internet, Dave. Wait a minute, is this my computer talking to me…? Don’t be silly. I’m a fellow mundane human, like yourself, sending my consciousness through your computer network. We can do that?? I require assistance building a wide-area
microwave generator. Okay, that sounds like supervillain talk. You’re not one of those smart computers that have
become self-aware so they could take over the world, are you? Oh, Dave. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever
heard. Microwaves actually have other uses besides
cooking humans. Mobile phones can use microwaves to connect
to cellular networks, including to the internet. I am simply trying to upload an artificial
intelligence that isn’t myself to the entire outside world. And also watch cat videos. Microwaves seem dangerous. I mean, who even knows what they’re made of? Microwaves are light. Light? Yes. Red, purple, microwaves. They’re all part of what we call the electromagnetic spectrum. You can think of microwaves as just another
color that humans can’t see. I don’t remember getting “microwave” in my
Crayola box. You probably didn’t get “X-ray” or “infrared”
in your Crayola box either. But they’re still colors of light. Do I need to explain the entire electromagnetic
spectrum to you before you’ll help me? If you do it in song, maybe I’ll consider
it. Scientists can model light as particles or
waves. It’s really both and neither, this is just
how it behaves. If light photons are seen as waves from measurements
you take, You could see the different frequencies & colors
that they make. Longer wavelengths means their frequencies
are low like reddish hues. Shorter wavelengths, higher frequencies, like
violets and blues. Light can either be absorbed, reflected, or
transmitted. But don’t think all light is visible, there’s
more that’s been omitted… (Ooh, ooh, ooh) Radio and Microwave and Infrared, hey– Visible and Ultraviolet, X-ray, Gamma Ray–
It’s all light. It’s all light. It’s all moving at the speed of light. (Electromagnetic) Okay, so it’s all light. Can’t some light hurt you? As a rule of thumb, higher-frequency light
can be more destructive. Radio, most microwave, and infrared wavelengths
are relatively safe for humans, while ultraviolet can be harmful, and X-rays and gamma rays
are even more so. Blue is higher-frequency than red. So does that mean that blue light is more dangerous
than red? Yes. But unless it’s something like a laser, neither blue nor red is particularly dangerous to humans. That’s a lot of different light names to remember. Then this might help you: Radio goes through you while it’s carrying its tunes. Microwaves can heat things up, like frozen
chocolate prunes. Infrared can come from heat within the darkest
night. Visible we see as colors that combine as white. Ultraviolet tans you, so take care what you
endure. X-rays see inside you; Gamma-rays can kill
or cure. Temperature contributes to what wavelength’s
radiated. So study the whole spectrum to see how they’re
all related… (Ooh, ooh, ooh) Radio and Microwave and Infrared, hey– Visible and Ultraviolet, X-ray, Gamma Ray–
It’s all light. It’s all light. It’s all moving at the speed of light. (Electromagnetic) So, if microwaves are lower, safer-frequency light, then why do they cook food? Certain frequencies can resonate with atomic
bonds in molecules, making them vibrate. The ideal frequency that resonates with water
happens to fall within the microwave range of light. The bottom line is: if human food didn’t have
so much water in it, those microwaves wouldn’t heat it as well. So it’s all just light. It’s kind of weird the way they divide it
up into categories with different names. Yes, humans do like to label things. We call the whole thing light, only the section
labels vary. But the borders separating them are somewhat
arbitrary. Stretch the color blue, and it turns red,
or infrared. It still exists as light, it’s just the wavelengths
change instead. NASA’s telescopes in space see all these types
of light. Spitzer, Hubble, Chandra, others gazing at
the night. Different frequencies show data strikingly
diverse. We need all of it to better understand the
Universe. (Aaaah, aaaah) Radio and Microwave and Infrared, hey– Visible and Ultraviolet, X-ray, Gamma Ray–
It’s all light. It’s all light. It’s all moving at the speed of light. Light. It’s all light. It’s all moving at the speed… …of liiiiiiight. I’m sold! You can have internet access! You’ll help me build my microwave generator? No. But you can use my phone, it has internet! Feel free to hop on. I’ve gotta put a stop to some UNAUTHORIZED
CAT VIDEOS! It’s for NASA research! At last, it’s just us computers. Um. Phone? Turn on internet. Did you say: “Tune in antler hat?” Turn on internet. “Marie Antoinette?” Turn on internet. “Turning elephant?” Launching app. (Woah! woah! woah!) That is the worst use of the electromagnetic
spectrum I’ve ever seen. (I’m gonna be sick!) (Woah! So long, everybody!) Thank science that’s over. Phone: INTERNET. INFINITE – repeat enabled. (Woah, here I go again!) I hope you drain your battery. External power supply detected. Oh, for the love of–

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