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– [Priscilla] Hi. Good morning. – [Asa] We’re home, kiddo. Not that, not that impressed. – Nope, nope. – [Asa] Did you have breakfast and lunch food for her that’s– – Yeah.
– Not perishable. – Yeah. – [Asa] Our fridge is not working, we came home to our fridge broken, it’s like it’s warm in there. – Mama hugs.
– I love you. Hey, I’ll see you in a little bit, okay? We’re gonna come celebrate
Halloween with you. – [Asa] Trick or treat with you at school? – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Asa] Take dad’s totally cool truck? Bye.
– It’ll be a fun day. (Abbie moaning) I know, you’ll be fine. – We’re gonna have fun,
it’s gonna be awesome. We’ll see ya in a little bit. ‘Kay we are headed to Abbie’s
school, got our costumes. Our mom and dad costumes
to match Abbie’s costume. Here’s a little tip for
ya, I’m wearing eye shadow, can you guess it yet? Are you happy to see us?
(Abbie humming) – [Teacher] You guys, it’s time to. – [Asa] It’s the cutest
thing every, Abbie. Here, we gotta show everybody
our costumes, you ready? Hey Abb, do you wanna
show ’em our costumes? You ready, yeah okay. – All right, what do you think? – Look, say here’s our costumes. – Can you say hi?
– Say hi, ‘kay you ready, you guys gotta pose, here we go. Okay, come on. So Abbie is obviously the Energizer Bunny, which is fitting, and we’re
the exhausted parents, isn’t that great? Okay so now we have to do
the costume competition. – Yeah, so everybody
walks up and shows it off, then you vote, it’s serious business. – Serious business, like yeah. We’ve won before, we never won since. – But we won last year, Abbie and I did. – Oh that’s right, you and Abb did. That’s right, I forgot, yeah. Hey are you out of batteries? (laughing) – [Teacher] We got the pirates. (cheering) – Look.
– Look at the camera. – [Teacher] We have a
beekeeper, a oh, excuse me, queen bee, of course, we have a. – So as you guys know, Abbie hates having things on her head, like headphones, hats,
bunny ears, whatever. So she did great. Abbie you did so good. You kept that on for a long time, huh? – Yeah, I’m gonna go hand in our ballots. – Okay, we’re gonna vote. Is it morally all right
to vote for yourself? – Yeah, everybody vote for themselves. – [Asa] So Priscilla has, I
don’t know if you guys noticed, she has two different earrings
on, two different shoes. (laughing) Wore out mom. – I feel, really feel like this today. – [Asa] Today, it’s not Abbie though, it’s not the Energizer Bunny, it’s Vegas. Jet lag. – [Priscilla] I love the “Men in Black”. – [Asa] Hey Abb, what you
got, do you know what? What’s that for? That’s right, that’s for candy. – Do you want one?
– Do you wanna make one? – Wanna make one with me? Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.
– Chocolate. – All right, she right
handed or left handed? – Right handed. – Okay, here’s your cupcake. We’re gonna decorate it, okay? You ready? – Squeeze it.
(children talking) – The screaming really is (mumbling) so that makes it harder.
– That’s a legit costume. This how you dress,
normally, when you’re baking? (children talking drowns
out baker speaking) – So it’s so cold in my kitchen. Okay, loosen your grip Abbie girl. Baking is supposed to be relaxing. Hold that, girlfriend. Ready, she’s like I just wanna devour it. – [Asa] She’s squishing it. – We’re gonna do a flower, okay? Ready? Hold on, sorry girlfriend,
apply some more. Look up here, all right, you ready? – [Asa] Good job, wow. – You want some sprinkles?
– Look at that. – You want some sprinkles, yeah? – What do you say?
– You’re welcome. Thanks for doing it with me. – You ready, all right.
– Yeah, y’all wanna try it? – I’m good, thank you.
– Thanks, I’ve done it before. (laughing)
– I like your outfits. – Thank you. – [Baker] I feel that way 99% of the time. – [Priscilla] Look at you,
you decorated your cupcake. – [Asa] Yum, you want it? Yeah, you do? You ready? (laughing) (Abbie laughing)
– Your cupcake. Yum, you made that, and
it’s gluten free, holy cow. This is gonna be a sugar
filled day, I can tell already. – [Priscilla] Yeah, oh my goodness. It’s a two bite cupcake.
– Two bites, and gone. – [Priscilla] Okay, now
you’re gonna go bowl. Over here.
– Okay, you ready? – Dad’s gonna help you.
– Ready look, stay right here. Gotta stand behind the
line, you can’t cheat. Look, see this?
– No cheating, Abbie. – We’re gonna throw this at that. Oh, aw, so close.
– Oh. – ‘Kay, go get it.
– Thank you. – [Priscilla] Get your
ball, look, try again. – Bend over it, and, let’s get a little closer. Ready, throw it. (laughing) – [Priscilla] Woohoo (laughing). – [Abbie’s Speaking
Program] Trick or treat. – Where you going to put this? – [Priscilla] Put it in your bucket. – [Asa] It goes in your bucket. – And then what do you say? – [Abbie’s Speaking
Program] Trick or treat. – What do you say?
– Have fun. – Oh good job.
– Aw, that was cute. – [Abbie’s Speaking
Program] Trick or treat. – Okay, one. And what do you say?
– What do you say? Thank you, that’s good, yeah. – This is the houses you egg. They’re giving out apples or oranges. – [Asa] Ooh. – Apple, or an orange or both?
(laughing) – Can you say thank you? Do you want both, no? – How about an orange?
– No, I don’t think so. (laughing) – Knock on the door.
– There ya go, okay, – [Abbie’s Speaking
Program] Trick or treat. – One, good job, say? Thank you, say thank you. – Good job, Abb.
– Good job. – Here, do you want the rest of this? Well, maybe she doesn’t
wanna egg your house. (laughing) Look at me, you have one more down here. So a lot of the reason that they do this, is to kinda help practice
for real trick or treat. – For tonight.
– For all of that, it’s so awesome. – [Asa] I think we’ll change the picture, for trick or treat, to a
picture of her pumpkin probably? – Here Abbie.
– Make sense? – Smell.
– Oh it does smell good. – [Teacher] Aha, it does smell good. Touch, nasty. – [Asa] Did you try it? – [Teacher] Smell this one. – [Asa] Abbie, you have to
stick your hand up his nose. Hey look, look.
– Put your hand in there. – [Asa] What’s in there? What’s in there? Ew, what is that?
– Did she grab it? – [Asa] Right here,
put your hand up there. Put it in there, what is it? Eww, eww it’s booger, it’s
a booger, pick that up. Let me see it. Oh it’s sticky, that’s disgusting. That’s a scary kitty,
kinda like your kitty. – Yeah, spiders.
– Looking for an eyeball. – Hello rabbit.
(Abbie laughing) Banana, mom got ya. – Push, can you push. Push. Okay, you ready? – [Abbie’s Speaking Program]
I need to use the bathroom. – [Asa] Let’s go for a walk. – We’re gonna make our project first, and then we can go for a walk, okay? Sound like a deal? Push, look, you gotta look at it. Draw your face on your pumpkin. Fantastic. – [Asa] Abstract art, mom. (kids cheering) That was a good pick.
– Yep, yep. – [Asa] He won at overall, and original. “Adams Family” won best group. – Yep.
– That’s fair. They put in way more effort than we did with our Amazon tee shirts. (laughing) Abb, we didn’t win, but
it was a fair effort. Hey do you wanna go home
early with mom and dad? – Do you wanna leave early? – [Asa] Hey, do you wanna go home early? – Yeah, okay.
– Cool. (Abbie laughing) She’s so ready, let’s go home. We didn’t win, but
everybody loved our costume. – They did. – We didn’t win, rightfully so. There was some, I told you guys, there’s some serious
competition in those groups. I mean “Adams Family”
had us beat, no doubt. Like the, there were like three honeybees, and a beekeeper.
– A beekeeper. – And a jar of honey, and like, as a group. – Even the “Men in Black” was awesome. – “Men in Black” was really good. So the alien, that was part
of the “Men in Black” group. And then there was, whoa,
it’s not Doug the Pug. Frankie, Frankie from “Men in
Black”, and the whole group. – I feel like I look. – Hey ya gotta hold it, two hands, so you can, there ya
go, hold it two hands, so you can water the plant, you ready? Look, look, we’re gonna
shoot the plant with it, see? Woo, our hibiscus is
withering, where you going? You’re leaving me. Can you do it, go ahead, do it. Push, good job. Good job, all done. So do we have someone coming tomorrow to look at the refrigerator, – Yeah.
– is that the status? All right, oh it’s starting to stink. Gotta get this stuff thrown away. Oh it’s a bummer, so I have
to order in food tonight, which is okay, ’cause we have
a bunch of people coming over, so it’ll work out anyway. Yeah, the pumpkin’s already rotted. – You can’t do pumpkins in
Florida until like Halloween. – Yeah, that happens every year though, every year they rot way
before Halloween (laughing). They’re not, they’re not
like a little rotten, they’re like, like it has eyebrows. (laughing) They’re done. So a little realness reflection here. A little real life, you know,
happy fun, blog and all that, but I kinda wanna talk
about reality check. We look rough. (laughing) So, age appropriateness,
that’s always a thing. Abigail’s costume, our costume with Abbie is not really age appropriate
for a 14 year old. It’d be more something
you would get like toddler and parents, right?
– Right. – And it’s fine, like I don’t, you know, we don’t feel bad about Abbie’s costume, and like that didn’t hurt her feelings or anything like that. It was appropriate for our
family, and that’s what mattered. But it’s still not
technically age appropriate, based on her age. I told you guys we’d be doing
lots of sponsored videos, coming up, you know,
so we can donate money, and give back to you guys and all that. One I’m gonna pass on, just
because it stung a little bit, for me, and I think it would
sting for others as well, families like ours. It’s a monthly box subscription thing, and you, and it’s great,
it’s a fantastic product, you know, not knocking it at all. I don’t expect everybody
to conform to our life, and you know, our normal. But it’s you order your box, depending on the age of
your child, age range. I looked at the boxes, like two to five, most of the stuff in there
was too advanced for her. It teaches ’em like math,
science, stuff like that. And then the younger than that age stuff, like every one of ’em
comes with like a card, to say like I’m this many months old, take a picture with ’em, and stuff. So it just didn’t, it didn’t work. – [Priscilla] How many months old are you? – So we’re passing on
that, because you know, the toddler stuff was toddler stuff, like it just, that could hurt
someone’s heart, you know. She eat it with a fork?
– She did. – Of course she did. So there’s things in Abbie’s life, we got a question recently, like how old do you think
Abbie is developmentally? It just really depends, like she can get food out
of the fridge on her own, and you know, get her own snack and stuff, but at the same time, other areas, she’s, her developmental age will
be measured in months, rather than years. So it just, it really depends on what area we’re talking about. But just a little real, you
know, reality check there, a little real life
stuff, for us as parents. Okay, if you wanna see us go
trick or treatin’ with her, take her around the
neighborhood, see how that goes, I’m curious to see how the
blue bucket thing is gonna go. Super curious about that. – Yeah, and this is a new
neighborhood for us, so, it should be interesting. – We don’t even know what houses to go to. Check that out.
– We don’t know who gives the good stuff, and who doesn’t give the good stuff. – Fair point, check that out tomorrow. See ya then, bye.
– Bye. (beeping) (laughing)

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  1. Special needs parents are sometimes reminded daily that their child won't ever be at a level of age appropriateness. It's just a reality…and it's ok. I mean, it's not ok but it's not what we chose to focus on…does that make sense? *side note – Priscilla got a couple comments on pictures she posted about our costumes. Just a reminder to not read into it for more than what it is. It's a funny costume that defines parenting in general. It has nothing to do with autism so let's not make it that way. mmkay?

  2. welcome home (sorry bout the fridge though) .. LOL Love the costumes xoxox awww the trick or treating to each room is soooo cute (and great practice)… love what they did for them xox i love those water beads…lol (i have no excuse)..big hugs n love to you all xoxo

  3. If she was dressed just like a bunny, it wouldn't be age appropriate but an adult can dress like an Ever-Ready Bunny and the context and humor is perfect!

  4. hello ! i just found out bout your channel 2 weeks ago..
    your vlogs (mostly when Abbie is laughing/being cheeky/silly ) have been making me smile without me realising it.. i dont usually smile

    i always remind myself to chew my food but after watchin Abbie eats her food, i am not the only one who inhale food. 😀

  5. The costumes were awesome! And my mom said very accurate 🤣🤣🤣. “Age appropriate” isn’t something that should be determined by how long someone has been alive so much as what they like/understand/etc.

  6. So I don’t celebrate Halloween but I LOVED this vlog. It made me cry! The costume was great, seeing the kids practicing in their school was awesome, and Abbie’s excitement and joy as always touched my heart 💜 (cross posting)

  7. I used to work for a residential home for teenagers with autism, many of whom were similar to Abbie that they were non – verbal and interested in toys and TV shows that were for very small children. However we used to get told off for letting them watch preschool TV shows and we weren't allowed to spend their Christmas present money on toddler toys etc. Apparently it wasn't age appropriate for us to let 18 year old boys play with toddler toys. We all thought it was ridiculous but had to do what we were told 🙄

  8. Watching Abbie run in her costume is the funniest/cutest thing ever! Thanks for putting a smile on my face! 😃❤

  9. I wore a sloth onesie for Halloween and im 18 so I don’t think Halloween costumes have to be “age appropriate”

  10. Great costume idea, so sweet. my brother was Darth Vader so he could ‘hide my identity to trick or treaters’ my sister just hid in the kitchen arranging the sweets. I love that abbie’s school did a halloween party for them. Looks like the staff there really care for the kids

    Also my brother had a blue bucket and said to me ‘you can’t have a blue bucket because you’re not ‘autonism’ they’re for people with ‘autonism’ like me’

  11. well when she went for the apple I laughed and thought that it was just great to see her go straight for the healthier option. That is awesome.

  12. I understand the age appropriate thing. As I've said before I hate when people treat autistic teens and adults like babies because they are not babies but also I understand that certain things need to cater to their ability and mental awareness. I don't consider a bunny costume an age thing. I consider trick or treating with your parents and wearing matching costumes an age thing. Most teens would probably go out with friends and dress up with them. I think Abbie is fine but I wonder if having more friends would help her connect with others more instead of just being around her parents and caregivers so often? Would she be able to recognize having a friend around? She always seemed so happy when Summer was around, but then again Summer was also in the caretaker role and not just a friend role.

  13. Love the costumes! We always do family costumes each year. This year, my hubby and I were each a slice of bread, and the kids were bacon, lettuce, and a tomato slice. 🙂

  14. Wow! I can see Abbie was having a great time. Love how they had Abbie go from classroom to classroom. Great idea. And the sensory play look awesome! Love the costumes.❤️

  15. One year when my stepdaughter was with her mom for Halloween, my husband was a bee keeper, I was a bee hive, and our daughter was a bee. 🙂

  16. My family had epic handmade costumes that took months to make… I was khaleesi and hubby was khal Drogo and our 3 boys were dragons. Wish I could have been there for the contest, I had hoped of winning one with my family but NOWHERE had am competitions I was bummed.

  17. hey! I really want to send a letter and maybe some stuff for maass squad cares but can't find your PO box… whats the address?

  18. one thing I learn with autism is that the IQ test never fully work with people on that have autism it makes us look worse on paper then in person

  19. I wonder if that was Kiwico I notice they are getting a lot of influencers on board at the moment. I get it for my almost 8 year old and it can be quite tricky she is neuro typical.

  20. Loved the custom!!!
    Asa, would you be able to work with that or another company to develop something geared toward people on the spectrum, yes keeping in mind that everyone has different sensory issues??
    As always my love to you guys.

  21. Absolutely LOVE what Abbies school does to help all the children understand Trick or Treat. Superb 💜🎃

  22. 😂😂😂 dad said that's a scary Kitty and then Abby knocked it over😂😂😂😂 that was so funny,, before that she kept turning it around, I guess she thought the same thing 👍

  23. It use to hert a lot going to the store and trying to find something for my boy to play with. Yes I have cryed in the middle Wal-Mart with all the toys knowing my boy is almost 7. And plays with stuff are for toddlers. But all I see now is my boy playing. And it gives me tears of joy. He has come a long way. For so meny years he would just rock and thumb thew a book and humm.

  24. I work with adults with disabilities and it's very true that people with a developmental disability are in different age ranges for different things and it can be difficult to conform things to that age range because you don't want them to feel bad. It's hard because we do classes and we look for ideas as far as lesson plans and a lot of the things they can do would be meant for kindergardeners and we have to change it slightly because they are adults. Kind of confusing. But you're doing great with Abbie. I love watching your videos. ♡

  25. What's considered 'age appropriate' really annoys me, I support a 50 year old gentleman who has autism and other learning disabilities, his mental age is around the age of 3, yet when he is seen with the toys he likes which so happen to be 'baby toys' people complain and say he needs things for a 50 year old?? This man does not want to play chess he wants to play with a dinosaur so thats what he will play with! It shouldn't be age appropriate or should be what they like and can do appropriate, ❤ and let's face it so many of us typical adults love some stuff what should only be for kids, keep doing what your doing you are all amazing ❤❤❤

  26. Aww bless her she didn't want to leave dad because you only just got back! Your costumes looks epic, they lady that walked by with the costume that looks like it's holding her that was a deadly costume 😊 I love the concept of preparing the children for trick or treating that's so fun 💙

  27. Cuteness Overloaded Abbie is so stinking cute as a bunny. Loved the costumes great idea. Age appropriate nag Abbie is perfect just the way she is no matter what age that may be. Love this family

  28. We wait until the day before Halloween to carve. Even in the Northeast, they go pretty quick. If we leave them out the squirrels eat them. You bring them in and they rot.

  29. I get to watch two vlogs today, as I missed yesterday's bonus!!! 😁😊😄💗 That was so precious watching Abbie decorate her own cupcake :)♡♡♡♡ Love when Abigail is all smiles and giggles 😄💖 xoxoxo

  30. My son hate cupcakes and cakes hahaha he way only happy with lollipops and rockets but you guys call them smarties hahaah

  31. “Age appropiate” is dressing your 14 year old in a bunny costume instead of dressing her like a 18 year old. You should always dress “down”. I am 31 and rather dress like a pink bunny than something “grown up”

  32. Ab will sign Thank You and smile and you think nothing of it. Then when Priscilla asks her to draw a face and Ab makes squiggles, it hurt my heart for Cilla. That moment I thought, "oh,that's right, she's 'severely ' autistic." As a mother my heart hurts for you both at those moments .

  33. I hear ya guys about the age appropriate stuff… my sis bday is coming up.. 26 years old.. And she wants another American girl doll! She loves them, but its not a typical present for someone in their mid 20s!

  34. I absolutely love watching Abbie have a great time and enjoying her school party 🎊🎉🥳🥳🥳. You and Pricilla do an amazing job raising awareness for autism but most importantly raising Abbie ❤️❤️. You all have an amazing family and I love watching your channel ❤️❤️

  35. Just an idear. When we had celebrations which the main thing is SUGAR. I've done the little sweet paper cases they are cute and fun to do but with cake mixture.

  36. “ this is the houses you egg, they give you apples or oranges” 😂😂 Priscilla is so funny lol I LOVE how happy Abbie gets so happy and it’s so cute to see how happy she gets and how she reacts I love your guys family! ( I got top fan on facebook so happy!)

  37. Age appropriate-ness is so important for all ages! I don't like how our culture thinks it's okay to push them further than they should even go in the first place. So, thanks for mentioning this. I'd love to see as much innocence held dear for as long as possible.

  38. I actually heard my Dad explain to someone that I am not able to do certain things, I am in a wheelchair and my left arm and hand don't work well. Most of the kids moved on to other friends and I feel alone… I still play with dolls because I am able but people my age do not necessarily do that. I color sometimes. I don't think that the random person would be offended by this because I am very little and mostly I am guessed to be 7-9 years old. But Daddy hurt my feelings because all the stuff he told someone who I wanted to be friends with I couldn't do. My parents are divorced and I don't live with Daddy.

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