– What is up guys, welcome to the vlog. Ab, say hi, hello. Abbie is, gotta change her routine with breakfast in the morning, ‘Cill. – [Priscilla] I know. – She wants to eat her
cereal at her own pace but we need her to eat her cereal. And she wants to eat a
little bit, go to the couch eat a little bit, go to the couch, but she’s gonna make us late
doing that every day, so. She might have to go
without eating a whole bowl of cereal until she figures out that, hey, I need to eat, or I’m not gonna eat. Has anybody noticed my hat lately? I’m not wearing this one. Look at how gross, it sucks. It’s stained pretty good. And my other one, I have two of those. It’s all grunged up, and just gross. So I’m wearing this one for a while. I think I found a new route. – [Priscilla] I hope so. – [Asa] That’s better than
this, ’cause this is terrible. – [Priscilla] We just keep
leaving earlier and earlier and we still are just finding this. (Abigail groaning) – So the other route that
I found is not faster but it avoids– – [Priscilla] Traffic. – It avoids, sweetheart, come on. It avoids I-10 and it avoids Roosevelt. That’s the key. – [Priscilla] Oh okay,
those are our trouble– – ‘Cause those two areas, I mean it adds eight minutes to our drive, it just sucks. We’ve been really getting our routine down so we’re on time, and then this. And it changes every day. It’s not like it’s, oh,
every day is traffic. Some days it’s 10 minutes more traffic, some days it’s three minutes more traffic. Are you better prepared for
today than you were yesterday? (Abigail groaning) – [Attendant] Morning. – [Asa] Hi, Abbie’s here. – [Attendant] Okay, hold on. (Abigail groaning) – [Asa] They’re comin’. You have to be patient. Bye, kid. – She waved. – [Asa] Love you, thank you. Hey, if it makes you feel any better, there were 15 names on there from traffic. – Oh, good. – And they were late.
– Okay. – [Asa] Not just us. (laughs) Guys, Priscilla has a friend! – I do! – [Asa] Weird, we were
just talking about you. – [Caitlyn] It’s so crowded in here! – [Priscilla] We were
just talking about you. – Aw!
– I’m excited! – You guys are so cute.
– It’s like our first date. – [Asa] Yeah, you’re just so excited. So we’ve hung out with Caitlyn before, but at JSA events, right? – Yeah. – Hi, we’re here! Hi! She’s in a really similar situation to us, child with autism, keeps her super busy. – She works.
– She works a lot. She was in school before, or has she been a nurse for a while? – Yeah, she’s been a nurse for a while. – Oh, okay, so she works a ton,
and also she’s a single mom. – Yep. – And then she got a new boo. – He’s amazing with her son.
– New boyfriend. Awesome guy. But then, cultivating that relationship, so you haven’t hung out with her much. – So she’s in the same boat,
she’s like, I need a friend! So we’re like, oh, coincidentally, so. – I admit, I’m looking for a friend too. – We gotta get him involved as well so then I can have a friend,
we can all have friends! – Yeah. – Abigail can have a friend,
you can have a friend, I can have a friend. Isaiah has tons of friends, he’s good. – Yeah, he’s so good.
– That’d be so fun. – I’m excited. – Definitely gonna have them over. – We have another friend
group that’s a husband and wife couple, but he’s in the Navy. – And they don’t have kids. – They don’t have kids, but we love them. – Oh yeah, and they love the kids. – We used to hang out
with them all the time, and then life just got busy. – I think they intentionally,
it’s like they intentionally don’t have kids so that they
can love other people’s kids. (Priscilla laughing) So they can just be like,
yeah, we don’t need kids, we get to enjoy the
best parts of your kids, without dealing with the worst parts. – So we actually have just
kind of reconnected with them. – Yeah. – But he’s out to sea right now, so. But we’re gonna have his wife over soon. – Yeah, I’m really excited to
start hanging out with people. – Yeah, and I think everybody
would get along really well, so we could have this big friend group. – Yep. – It’s in the works guys,
you’re gonna see it. – Jamie’s one of those
friends though where it’s like you have to warn people
before you see him. (Priscilla laughing) Before he comes over. But like, he’s that guy, you know? Love him, love Jamie.
– We may have to do all montage over him. – Right, just music
montage the whole time? – No filters! (laughs)
– Zero filter. I went to pick up the things
that we’re getting ready to show off, and she
says, “You’re the dude “from the Internet.” (Priscilla laughing) Her son has autism. – Aw, how cool is that? – Yeah, okay, fix this situation. Oh, that’s better!
– Look at you! – That’s better! I miss this hat! So, I mess these hats up
frequent enough so I got extras, is what I did. I got a few extras. (Priscilla laughing) If you wanna hat, you guys
have been asking for hats, so. – There you go.
– We got ’em. Links down below! Storenvy link.
– Storenvy! – [Asa] And now we’re here. – I’m excited. – We are cleaning! If you’ve been following
us since last year, Priscilla was the Concessions
Chair for the booster club here at Isaiah’s school,
and this is our last year for booster club, this is it. – [Priscilla] This is it. – This is it, our last year
in Duval County Public School system, so we’re gonna get
the concessions cleaned out, get it ready for the season. The first game, home game, is Friday. – ‘Cause this year, I’m President. – She president. – [Priscilla] And you’re the secretary. – President of the booster club,
I’m the sec, wait a second, where’s the concessions chair? – We don’t have a concessions chair. – We don’t have one! Everybody loves a good
cleaning montage, Priscilla. For all you weirdos that
watch other people clean on YouTube, here you go, you’re welcome. (upbeat music) Done! That was a crap cleaning
montage, I’m sorry. It’s not what I do, I’m a vlogger. – [Priscilla] We did good, though! – [Asa] Looks good, all cleaned out. Ready to make some money. – Yep. Now we have to go buy all the stuff. – [Asa] Oh, it smells so good in here. Priscilla made her,
what’s it called again? – [Priscilla] Mississippi pot roast. – [Asa] Mississippi pot roast. It is simply incredible. – And it’s so easy! – [Asa] You guys haven’t seen this video, you should watch it, it’s amazing. And it’s one of those, got
a busy day, throw it in the Crock-Pot before you
leave for the day, come home to an amazing, cooked dinner. I’ll put that link up above for Priscilla’s video on how to make that. Okay, so if you remember from
yesterday’s vlog where we talked about how we really
haven’t had a day off, we haven’t a day off in a long time. Just to chill for a minute. Well, we don’t have a
day off today, obviously, we’ve already been
working, we got more to do. Priscilla’s got an appointment
in just a couple hours, but we do have a couple hours,
so the pool is calling me. Apparently, it called
Priscilla a little while ago, ’cause she’s already in it. She’s on her phone. She’s working right now, I
guarantee you, she’s working. This woman has no chill. Are you working right now? You’re not supposed to be working, you’re supposed to be relaxing. – I mean, I am relaxing,
but I’m still working! I can’t just sit here and do nothing! – [Asa] What?! That’s the whole idea! – No, I can’t do it. – [Asa] I saw you try to get
on the (laughs) flamingo, I was dying laughing! – Well, I was trying to do
it gracefully, and I’m like, “It doesn’t really matter
’cause nobody can see me.” And then I’m like, “Oh, I bet
Asa can see me right now.” (Asa laughing) Well then I got over
here, and so I’m like, trying to kick my feet to
get it over to the side to push off to go get my phone, so that I can answer comments. (Asa laughing) – [Asa] I saw you going
across the pool, it’s like, where’s she going? I’m like, oh she’s going to get her phone. – Yeah. (laughs) (water splashing) (Abigail groaning) – [Asa] Hi, Ab. Don’t be mad! – [Woman] Get your stuff out. – [Asa] Here, look kiddo,
I meant to clear this off for you earlier. Watch, come up with the bag. Good job. Look. Take this and put it right there. Perfect! Now look, now you can unload your bag. (Abigail groaning)
Get your stuff. Yeah, you’re gonna get your stuff out. How was school? – [Woman] They said she
was a little riled up. – [Asa] Oh yeah? – [Woman] But she had a good day. – [Asa] Go ahead, pull your stuff out. What’s in there? Your cup, all right, let’s
set that right there. Good job. Nice job. Where’s the lid? Oh, it’s in it. Okay, we gotta get the rest of the stuff. (Abigail groaning) Put that over there. Look, you can set everything down. Watch, now put it there. Keep going, you got your folder? Nope, you got your folder? There you go. Put that over there. Okay. And then zip your bag up. Right on! That goes in there, remember? (Abigail graoning) Do you remember where it goes? I’m not gonna prompt you. Look, sweetheart. Remember that one? There you go! – [Woman] Good job, Ab. – [Asa] Oh, that’s old. That’s probably old. We’ll get you, you
thirsty, you want a drink? We’ll get you another drink, okay? Could you close that? (Abigail groaning) Hey, get your shoes, though. (Abigail groaning) Pick ’em up. Pick ’em up. Put ’em where they go. Nicely. Good job! Okay, let’s get your stuff. (Abigail groaning) Nope, we’re gonna take it with us. Take that. Hold on, and that. Hold on. One more. And that, and that all
goes up to the kitchen. That’ll be easier for you, huh? (Abigail groaning) Go ahead. There you go! Now you’re done! Hey, guess what? Wait a sec. Bathroom, remember? Yep, bathroom first. (Abigail groaning) I have to get approval from the boss. Okay, so she comes in, this area is hers. So we’re gonna leave
that open, nothing on it, because we tried to get
her to put it on a hook, and then empty it, and she
was like, she’d lift stuff out and the bag would fall off. – Yeah, that’s true, we’ve
always done it on a counter. – Yeah, so, and actually
the subscribers said that, you need a table or something, I’m like, well that’s perfect. So I just had to get
my crap out of the way. So that’s her spot, unload,
she unloads everything, and then her backpack goes here. – [Woman] Awesome. – So we put the hooks up for her for that, and then she comes back
over, gets all her stuff, and it just goes on the island. – Okay. – And then she has to go to the bathroom, but after that, she’s like – Free time?
– Couch, snack, whatever. – Okay. – Just to kind of give
her that quick incentive, oh, and the shoes have to go
– I was gonna say, shoes. – Pretty close to underneath,
’cause she’s just walking in and slamming ’em on the ground. – Yeah.
– So, and that’s it. But I think it’s quick enough
once she gets the hang of it. – You guys come in right here too, right? – Yeah, it’ll only take
like maybe 60 seconds, she’ll have to go through this stuff, and she’s good to go. – I like that. – That reinforces.
– And it’s right here, it’s not like we have to drag
her back away from the couch. – [Asa] Carrots and water. It’s what you want, huh? Okie dokie.
– It’s good for a hot day. – Yep. Yeah, so then after her snack, after her break, stuff
like that, she does have to empty her lunch bag. Unless, she initiated
it yesterday on her own, she just started emptying it, so, and then the other thing is, we have the glass – Tupperware.
tupperware, so we’re making sure every time it’s like, “Gentle, gentle!” – Yeah, she got me the
first thing after school. – [Asa] Yeah, ’cause she used to just– – She set it down, it was
like, dink, I was like, “Ooh, you have glass today.” (laughs) – [Asa] Yeah, she used to
just chuck ’em in there. – Yeah. You can tell her, are you
all done with the carrots? – [Computer Voice] Popcorn. – Okay.
– Carbs! – Yeah. You can say, I’m all done, right here. I’m all done with the carrots, okay? – [Computer Voice] Cupcake. – You don’t really care, as
long as it’s some kind of (women talking at the same time) So we’re gonna put these
dishes in the dishwasher. Thanks for getting it open. Good job. What do you wanna start with, pick one. Yep. Good choice, a spoon! Do you need some help? Yeah? Let’s try that again. Ready? They go down in this little basket. (Abigail groaning) Good job, good, Ab! So this is the first time,
so I’m not gonna make a big deal of it. A bowl, yeah, that’s a good choice! – [Asa] As far as perfection? – Right. Yeah, Ab, very cool! All right, let’s pick another one. A cup, cool! You’re doing so good,
I’m, yes, that’s hot. – [Asa] Priscilla and I
were talking about how we didn’t take into
consideration how different everything was, and how much
of a challenge that is for her, just like with the silverware.
– Look at that, that was awesome! – [Asa] Being in the
opposite side, everything in the house is like that, the
location of the trash cans, and the dirty clothes hamper. – A little drippy? That’s okay, we’ll live
with it so it’s just water. Look at this, look how few you have left, you’re almost done! (Abigail groaning) Gentle. It stands up, like this. So cool, Abbie. And then let’s do those last silverware. Here, I’ll get one and show you. You do one and I’ll do two. Watch. Like this. Can you try? Yeah, go ahead. It might be easier with this hand. Look at that! That was so cool, give me big high fives! Guess what, Abbie? That was so good, you can
skip the lunchbox too. That was perfect. (Abigail groaning) Eat, okay. Do you wanna tell us on
your iPad what you want? Or do you wanna just go look? Sometimes it’s fun to browse, huh? Car ride, that’s right,
that’s car ride, I think. – [Computer Voice] Cereal. – [Brunette Woman] Is
cereal what you want? Yeah, okay, let’s see what’s in there? (Abigail grunting excitedly) Ooh, careful. – [Asa] We are gonna go
pick up a piece of furniture that Nanny bought us! (Abigail cheering excitedly) So excited. Priscilla’s mom got us
a housewarming gift. Hey! Bye, kiddo. I love you. I’ll see you in a little bit, okay? All right? You wanna close it out? Say bye. What, you gonna say bye first? Bye. – (growls) All the time! – No, not like that.
(Priscilla laughing) No, no. I’m just like, “Hey, hey, hey.” I’m quick on things, and quick to correct, and it’s like I have this constant. Priscilla’s like, “It’s okay, it’s okay, “it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. “It’s not okay!” – It’s like everything in my life. – Yeah, that’s her personality. But we balance each other out pretty well. – We do.

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