New 2e Schools Are Opening in Long Island, New York (Twice Exceptional, Gifted Children with Autism)

Did you know that there is a new school
on Long Island, New York, for kids with Autism, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, emotional
disorders and more; it’s a 2e school called the “Long Island Whole Child
Academy” and it’s in Melville or South Huntington, and we are about to open up a second school on the East End of Long Island, so what is 2e… 2e is twice
exceptional, or a child that has gifts and talents but also a learning
disability. It’s important because educational approaches to a 2e child
are very different than for a child that has a label of autism or ADD or
dyslexia, it takes a strength-based approach with one-on-one academic
instruction, for part or all of the day with lots of time for social interaction
with other students. It’s an entirely new way of educating these kids and it
really opens up doors and takes the individuality of the child into heart. If
you’re interested in learning if your child is 2e, CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW, you can download the free report is my child 2e you’ll also be kept in the loop then
about the new school opening in the fall of 2019 on Long Island, and we want to
hear from you about where you live and whether you are interested in having a
school like this in your city. Thanks for listening, I’m Dr. Andrea Libutti, I am
here growing a community of like-minded individuals so we can redefine autism so
these kids can get every opportunity to live up to their full potential and
thrive. Thank you for listening

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