Natural Cures for Depression and Mental Health

it’s a cold wet and windy day here today
in Devon up on the black down hills and I was seeing a home in front of the fire
I’m gonna cuddle with the dogs and the thought of coming out running today in
this was appalling I was not out for it at all
they made me reflect on a time when I wrote down on a piece of paper the
things that make me happy and someone suggested to me that I’ve been running
on that list I remember at the time feeling this resistance to doing that
because I’m not always up for running I don’t really want to go and do it and
then I thought about how I feel after I’ve been running well I feel great I
feel energized I feel alive I feel fulfilled well then I should probably
put running on that list of things that make me happy so what is the lesson in
this for me the listening this is that sometimes the things that make me happy
don’t give them instant gratification I know so I find it difficult sometimes to
do the things that make me happy I’d much rather indulge in behaviors
that make me unhappy so I just wanted to share this with you guys if you’re going
for a similar dilemma I feel your pain and I’ve got your backs and I encourage
you to gift that to yourself do something today that makes you happy
even if you feel resistance to it god bless

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