Najlepsze emulatory ZX Spectrum na Androida

Hi, my name is Marcin and i’m 40 years old when i was 11 and that was… … about bazillion years ago i got my first computer Timex 2048 never heard of it? it was just a ZX Spectrum 48 clone, pretty popular in Poland this machine can handle graphics in huge resolution 256 x 192 pixels in 15 colours i did’t care about colours anyway because i had a monochromatic monitor there were more powerfull home computers at that moment and i’m talking about Atari 800 XL or Commodore 64 but of course my first digital love was Speccy, which was called by Poles “Spectrumna” (“Specoffin”) or “Gumiak” (“Rubberly”) because of rubber keyboard talking about data storage… cassette tapes! loading was, well just horrible but except of malfunctions like pulling the tape by the recorder it works pretty fine the loading progress looked and sounded that way… for you it can sounds like some kind of crazy cacophony for me was the most beatiful music it’s not a surprise, that over 30 years emulation od ZX Spectrum is easy we can play ZX Spectrum games even on smartphones and that is today’s topic why emulate it on smartphone? because graphics in this lousy resolution looks terrible on modern monitors and we can play on smartphone everywhere i.e. in shopping centre where your girlfriend found some sales or even in a train i checked four android ZX Spectrum emulators and i want to say something about them and remember some games i played 30 years ago Emulation of this venerable silicon ancestor is easy for modern smarphones The first fire goes… Spectaculator app is simple and easy to use but it comes with just few games update to final version will cost us about 3 US dollars and after that we will get a few other games and we can load other titles which we can find in internet after update among other titles we’ll get Jack The Nipper but there no many which i played as a little shit All right – we get 3D Strike… On The Run… Wizard’s Lair… and finally Avenger but none of these games has won my heart although of course I remember some of them In the settings we can find some graphic options, like aspect ratio joystick sensitivity controls or virtual buttons and external keyboard controls you can use Dropbox to store saves we can play with virtual pad and buttons and with horizontal or vertical orientation the last update is dated 2015 so unfortunalety the project probably has been abandoned USP is much more extensive just check the settings we can choose various types of joystick the model of audio chip (AY etc.) a lot of graphic and save options even the speed of emulation we can play with virtual pad or keyboard best way to change settings is with vertical screen orientation just move the finger at the bottom of the screen The biggest adventage of USP is access to huge ZX Spectrum programs library online You can find EVERYTHING but be ready to do controller configuration in some titles USP version is still below 1.0 and last update is from april 2018 let’s hope the author will not abandon this project By the way i checked some Ultimate games Knight Lore, which i did’nt know how to play as a child and Gunfright which i played for days and weeks today we can say, that these games work on the same engine for dessert – Saboteur! oh mama. that was good! the player is set in the role of a ninja tasked with getting into a warehouse to steal a floppy disk well it was’nt Splinter Cell but it was f#@[email protected]#$ fun Xpectroid is an abandoned project (last update 2015) but well… it’s free Emulation is fast there is an AY audio emulation and it can show FPS counter during gameplay the number of options is not overwhelming after the installation we can find just few games, but i remember any it is not strange because theye are modern games, made after 2000 but of course we can download games by ourselves in the horizontal mode all virtual buttons are on the left side which is uncomfortable when game does not support joysticks you have to change to vertical mode because of comfortable acces to virtual keyboard A great example will be Thanatos a game that worked incredibly on my imagination, but which I never finished and yess… The Barbarian which allowed us to play the role of Conan decapitation of the enemy brings some crazy joy like many games from that period it was short It’s strange that many people think that in the past the game took more time to complete You can download Speccy for free – with commercials and you can buy it (commercials free) for about 4 US dollars the last update is dated november 2018, so there is hope that it will continue to be developed i have to say, that Speccy has extensive settings we can emulate even Sam Coupe the last ZX Spectrum clone which as supposed to theoretically compete with Amiga we can look through WOS library but we can’t download them from the app just check if they are available we can store games on Dropbox as part of the test i run Ikari Warrios you can play Ikari in 2 players mode and I found that I’m pretty lame gamer virtual pad controller is’nt perfect (but you can say that about all these emulators) and… Rifle Range! The very first game i played on my Timex 2048 what were these emotions! and this unforgettable music… I have remembered about ZX Spectrum lately thanks to Netflix and i’m talking about “Black Mirror” series even more so “The Bandersnatch” interactive episode the series takes place in the 1980s and the programmers are working on ZX Spectrum the game which one of the characters presents in the series is real (Nohzdyve) you can download it and play on ZX Spectrum emulator. Good move Netflix! and that would be it if you like it, get subscribed and hit the like button if this video sucked you know what to do so thanks for watching guys and cu

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