My Weight Loss Cured My Depression | BRAND NEW ME

Lidia: At my heaviest I weighed 201 pounds. I was depressed, I would say to myself,
“I look like trash.” I had no self-love. I felt like I could
never lose the weight. Until one day I decided to start doing something about it. I have lost over 60 pounds. I am currently weighing 142 pounds. After my weight loss journey, I was left with excess skin. I don’t like it, but I’m proud. Today I will be meeting
my friend Jessica, and for the first time ever, she is going to
see my loose skin. Jessica: I’m ready… Lidia: I was never really
overweight growing up. Until I got married and I had my first kid, that’s when my weight started going up. I was a couch potato all I did was eat, watch TV, take care of my kids. That was pretty much
my daily routine. I was depressed, I was sad all the time I never wanted to go out because… I always had trouble
finding what to wear because this didn’t look good or that didn’t look good. I didn’t like what
I saw in the mirror and
I felt like I could never lose the weight. So that made me more depressed, I would always say to myself, “Oh I’m not worth it,” “I look like trash.” I had no self-love. My life back then always consisted of two words. And that was, “I wish.” “I wish I was fit,” “I wish I was healthy,” “I wish I could look like that girl,” “I wish I could wear those jeans,” “I wish I could wear that top.” It was so much wishing that I, never did anything about it. Until one day I said,
“stop wishing for it,” you know? “And get to it,” “like start doing something about it.” I started by counting my calories, I did portion control, I eliminated all the foods that were bad and I exercised daily. At my heaviest I
weighed 201 pounds, and I’m currently
weighing 142 pounds. I have lost over 60 pounds. After my weight loss journey I was left with excess skin. I don’t like it but I’m proud because it tells a story that I was able to lose the weight. Today, I will be meeting my friend Jessica and for the first time ever she is going to see my loose skin. I have decided to embrace my loose skin, so I can send a message
to other girls that it’s okay. That nobody’s perfect. Jessica: Hey Girl? Lidia: Come in. Lidia: Are you ready to see me, in a sports bra?
For the first time? Jessica: I ‘m ready. Lidia: Let me show you, Jessica: I’m ready. Lidia: Don’t get scared, Jessica: I’m not. Lidia: And this is what
my loose skin looks like. I know, I know it looks bad. Jessica: Girl, no. No. Lidia: What do you think? Jessica: That’s your
journey right there. Lidia: I know,
I know it’s just … Lidia: Its just you know hard. Jessica: Thank you for
sharing that with me. Lidia: You’re my best friend so I wanted you to see you know, the real me. Jessica: Her
transformation is amazing. Knowing her from
years back you know, the way that she
looked back then to how she’s changed. I mean, she inspires me. Lidia: I have so
much more confidence I’m no longer depressed, I’m proud of myself, I feel great. Gadiel: My mom looks really different, she looks stronger, and she looks more beautiful. Lidia: He approves. Lidia: I would tell people who are trying to lose weight to just go for it. To… stop wishing, and do something about it. If loose skin is what’s holding them back, like don’t let that be an excuse, you know, not to start your journey.

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  1. Literally she could be a model. In so many ways. She’s so beautiful inside and out. And what an amazing role model for her son! Great job lovely! All it takes is the first step… no diets. Just changing your food and portions and exercising. Even if it’s just walking and sitting in a chair with a 5lb weight until you can do more. Don’t skip. Don’t cheat. Get creative with food. Learn to make it a project. Start with a week. Try it for a week at a time. Or a day at a time. Whatever works. And don’t get upset when you don’t meet your goal that day. Try again tomorrow but try. Don’t give up. No matter if it’s weight or anxiety or hoarding. Whatever it is the road to success is one step at a time.

  2. I gained a lot of weight after having my first baby. I had a rough pregnancy mostly because my baby's dady was never there like I had to go through all of it alone and I guess thats where it all started. My baby is ten months now and I am carrying more weight than I can even carry. I guess what's holding me back is the fact that I don't even know how to start I really don't 😨😰 what do I do???

  3. It's so refreshing to see a story similar to mine. Lots of other stories people were overweight as children, but hearing of someone who lost herself, became depressed, and overcame her depression and to control of her life is so motivating and inspiring! Makes me feel like I can continue doing my best and I'll see results 😊

  4. Your loose skin is really not that bad… I thought it would be shocking but it's totally not 😉
    Good job! I wish you all the best.

  5. Take a pill of Cod liver oil (in pill to avoid the taste 🤢)
    A friend was afraid of stretch marks for her second pregnancy (cause the first one was devastating)…
    She took pill of cod liver oil and didn't get any stretch marks!!
    Why not to try?

  6. Lol 😂 I looked at the first picture and I said hell nahh and I looked at the second picture and was like damn I’d bang for real

  7. Darling you look so beautiful wow what a transformation! Congratulations your loose skin isn’t bad! You look amazing congratulations! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  8. Wow! She looks a lot like Jennifer Lopez now. I am recovering from reconstructive surgery on my right foot. Watching this it gives me an idea of what I can do after my foot heals.

  9. I feel this story 10000% I currently lost 30lbs and I can’t wait to lose more 🙏🏼 You inspire me ! Thanks you.

  10. Dermarolling your lose skin might help. Check this video out:

    Also, I wish the video told us when she started and when she reached her goal (how long it took to lose the 60 lbs.), how often she worked out and a rough idea of what her daily diet was.

  11. Thanks for the vid. I've found that mindfulness helps with depression. "30 Days to Reduce Depression" by Harper Daniels has some good lessons as well. Keep up the good work.

  12. WOW, fantastic! And if the lose skin is what’s left you are very, very lucky. You look amazing! I have lose skin on my stomach but I’ve never been one to show my stomach even when I was tiny. I have great arms and legs like you and that’s what I show in my clothes when I want to. Keep pumping the iron and getting stronger, 😊🇬🇧

  13. I am crying because i am her but in the past😢😢😭😭😭😭😭 depressed sad antisocial 211lbs highest weight 175cm

  14. wowwww Lidia has lost so much weight. She’s changed a lot ever since I last saw her ❤️. She’s much stronger and happier! She has such a Beautiful family.

  15. You obviously have very good genetics girl cause I’ve seen way worse looking loose skin, congratulations on losing the weight 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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  17. Congrats girl! You are so inspiring. You look great and your hard work has paid off. Continue to be the new stronger version of yourself.

  18. Her body is amazing!!! I know the skin may bother her…but She looks phenomenal to me…. If I saw her I would say, "Congrats on your new lifestyle, Girl… you are beautiful!"🥰🎉🎉🎉

  19. Even with the “loose” skin she looks amazing. Plus after giving birth it happens even to so called skinny people. Also great roll model for her children❤️

  20. I used to be overweight as well, i used to be 67kg and now im 53kg, like her i kept saying "i wish"

  21. Love her energy and determination. A lot of times, for me, I get in my head about not knowing how to work out. I get fixated on not being a technique-savvy person so I just decide to skip working out when I'd love to be able to do multiple routines to keep it interesting. Love these types of videos!

  22. She's so beautiful! You rock, way to wear your battle "wounds" like a champion. The real you is amazzzing. Thanks for sharing your story 💗

  23. That loose skin isn’t much compared to most people that lose that amount of weight. She looks super good. No matter what how much she weighed she was always pretty

  24. This is the best weight loss journey I have ever seen hands down! I start my weight loss journey and will watch this video every time I am ready to give up

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  26. This made me cry. My stomach looks the exact same as hers and she has the confidence to rock midriffs!! How inspiring. 😅

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