My Child With Down Syndrome is Stimming, Are They Becoming Autistic? With Bob Doman of NACD

Probably not but, possibly yes. All
children with developmental problems and in truth all little kids, babies, stim to
some degree. So, stimming by itself is not necessarily meaning that child’s going
to become autistic, however until children are neurodevelopmentally at
about 3, it’s important that we make sure we stimulate them well, give them lots of
input and don’t let them stim too much. We kind of want to redirect that
whenever we see it. Is it possible for a child with Down syndrome to become
autistic as well? Yes it is, but, generally if we’re providing them a lot of
stimulation a lot of input, moving them along neurodevelopmentally, we’re fine but, we want to be aware of it.

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