My Aspergers Experience

[Music] [Music] today I want to tell you a story it starts with a kid who lived his life through obstacles that others did not see and that gives with me since I was a child I was clearly different from the rest my parents thought I might have a problem hearing since I did not interact with a real world as I grew up others seemed to take notice yet naturally like all humans do they were afraid of what they couldn’t understand I did not have the same interests as other kids and so I felt better playing alone I never tried to follow other kids or get anyone’s approval and they thought it was thought I saw patterns in everything and this distracted me I would loose time go away in my mind and come back to see everybody has moved on I always had a different opinion and it was very difficult to change my mind it was like my brain was stuck and currently I had difficulty speaking and would often stutter and I could not put my ideas in order or write very well therefore I did not have much social interaction even if I did I would often be rejected at every opportunity they did not feel bad exactly I just supposed of how everybody acted with everybody else as time went by I created my own reality where I would be happy and enjoy life some took notice and detested my optimism I never got to know what was the cause of their anger I just thought that everybody had their issues and they just needed to let it out somehow I knew what was right and what was wrong but I preferred to exchange my pain for others happiness no matter how twisted it was there were those few moments where I could just not retrieved in my perfect world because my reality was too hard to ignore around fifth grade came a dark night my thoughts were tormented by the bully facts there was no light for me to see in such a horrible situation after a couple of minutes I shot those thoughts from my mind now allowing them to get the best of me but they would come back again and again I desperately wished for a way out that night I had made a very bold and maybe regrettable decision I had seen too much suffer too much fell too much after that night I put a blindfold on since then I can see reality but through the logical sight this protects me but also makes me colder in other people’s perspectives I shut down my fake reality but I also shut down what little connection I had to people I began to notice all the conflicts and fights everywhere in the news I saw that the world was shattered and I realized that fights were about winning only if the other lost they were about dissension about isolation about fear of differences and about intolerance I knew how that felt I wish to do something about it I wanted to help first I thought about green energy but it I did not have the Cape the capacity yet I joined Neos and accion to help others in need I’ve realized my efforts were not enough a year ago I began to dream on what I could become in order to make a difference I thought of becoming a soldier when I knew I would just join one side of the conflict rather than solving it I thought of becoming a politician but I knew the immense odds I would have to face and it was still a long time off finally I knew what I had to become in order to actually make a difference I will have to become what I already was I will have to become a voice I just have to be brave enough to face openly what I have gone through and communicate the message for others like me who current I couldn’t catch people’s attention so I would have to go to the spotlight I’m a guy with the first part but usana movie was so real I do not do this to make you feel sorry for me I did it because of the perspective I hope it was demon but this I hope that you notice why I might seem odd but I really just like all you just a little bit different I hope my small differences can travel I see [Music] [Music]

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  1. Great well done video, remember Fernando, the definition of a saint is "someone that has a great ability to control others but refuses to."  Your right, service to others forgiving those that wrong you is Christ's sole message and the health care professions are the best places for ASD folk to enter because the encounters with patients are brief yet meaningful and best of all short plus science rocks!  Dealing with fellow employees is another challenge altogether lad, but doable if upfront with them   ~~  Good luck ~~

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